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Clinton Announces $500M In Pakistan Aid

From an approving Associated Press:

Clinton reveals new aid projects in Pakistan visit

By Matthew Lee, Associated Press Writer

July 19, 2010

ISLAMABAD – U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton sought Monday to convince skeptical Pakistanis that American interest in their country extends beyond the fight against Islamist militants by announcing a raft of new aid projects worth $500 million.

The projects, which include hospitals and new dams for badly needed electricity, are part of a $7.5 billion aid effort to win over Pakistanis suspicious about Washington’s goals here and in neighboring Afghanistan, where U.S. troops are being killed in ever greater numbers in an insurgency with roots in Pakistan…

"Of course there is a legacy of suspicion that we inherited. It is not going to be eliminated overnight," said Clinton following talks in Islamabad.

There must be a strict rule that no one in the Obama administration may speak without first blaming the Bush administration. Of course, Mrs. Clinton’s husband never did anything to make Pakistan distrust the US.

But exactly why does Pakistan need to build dams when they have already all of those nuclear reactors? With more to come, thanks to the Chinese. (See below.)

"It is however our goal to slowly but surely demonstrate that the United States is concerned about Pakistan for the long term and that our partnership goes far beyond security against our common enemies," she said.

Clinton said the U.S. will complete two hydroelectric dam projects to supply electricity to more than 300,000 people in areas near the Afghan border, will renovate or build three medical facilities in central and southern Pakistan and will embark on a new initiative to improve access to clean drinking water in the country.

Doesn’t this mean that we will be spending money on the very area of Pakistan that is currently totally under the control of the Taliban?

Are we not, in effect, giving the Taliban this financial aid as well as a wonderful source of power – both literally and figuratively?

That is, won’t the Taliban be in the position to turn off the power from these dams whenever it suits their purposes?

These projects and several others focused on promoting economic growth will cost some $500 million and will be funded by legislation approved by Congress to triple nonmilitary aid to $1.5 billion a year over five years. The initiatives mark the second phase of projects begun under a new and enhanced strategic partnership.

What’s another $1.5 billion dollars? Of course, has been Mr. Obama’s plan all along. To funnel as much money as possible into Pakistan in the hopes that they will learn to like us.

After all, he believes that Muslims only believe in spreading their religion because they don’t have good jobs, nice houses and nice cars.

Clinton acknowledged rebuilding trust between the countries would be difficult, comparing the effort to launching a rocket into space.

"We’re trying to escape the bonds of gravity, leave behind an era of mistrust and launch a new period of cooperation," she said during a town hall meeting attended by several hundred Pakistanis…

How many billions of dollars have we given to our supposed allies in Afghanistan, and what exact good has come of it? (That is, apart from enriching the connected.)

While the United States has encourged [sic] more trade between the two countries, it has expressed concern about a deal with China that would give energy-starved Pakistan two nuclear power plants. Critics say transferring the reactors would violate international nonproliferation agreements.

Only “critics” say this? How can any rational person claim that it isn’t a flagrant violation of the nonproliferation agreements?

Clinton said the U.S. was waiting to receive answers about the deal posed by the Nuclear Suppliers Group before deciding how to proceed. The group restricts nuclear trade with states that have not signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty or don’t have comprehensive safeguards.

Since Mrs. Clinton has already announced this new $500 million aid package, it sounds like she has already “proceeded.” Shouldn’t she have thought about this Chinese situation first, before announcing this new additional aid?

Just kidding, of course. We wouldn’t want to offend the Chinese. After all, we are using their money to try to buy off placate the Taliban Pakistanis.

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6 Responses to “Clinton Announces $500M In Pakistan Aid”

  1. proreason says:

    Obamy throws another of his nickles on the poker table.

  2. Right of the People says:

    “Are we not, in effect, giving the Taliban this financial aid as well as a wonderful source of power – both literally and figuratively?”

    That has been the plan all along. The O-hole is helping out his Muslim bros as much as possible. I personally think he’s doing this just so he can make Thunderbutt wear a burka to hide that ugly mug of hers.

  3. Liberals Demise says:

    What in the hell are those people smoking?
    Ahem………..”Helloooooo? We are broke and without jobs yet turd world countries get help?”

    Jesus…..I’m gonna……never mind!!
    These people MUST GO!!!!!!!

  4. AmericanIPA says:

    Do these people ever tire of spending money we don’t have? How can 10 percent of Americans approve of the job this administration is doing, let alone 50 or whatever it is now? We shouldn’t have to wait for a damned election to get rid of people who are doing such things to this country, they should be thrown out.

  5. beautyofreason says:

    What’s another million? No raindrop wants to believe it is responsible for the flood.

    The White House is starting to resemble Versailles, except this time ’round the peasants are not just footing the bill for the lifestyle of its occupants but financing our enemies abroad.

    • canary says:

      Obama’s mother traveled and worked there for 5 years, and Obama visited. They’d have probably danced in the streets with Pakistan’s children after 9/11 had they been there. Americans are not their people.
      As far as Obama saying we are indebted to muslim countries for their fancy script & math skills (Cairo speech) , and having the new Black Panthers echoing this for him, at what point does Obama feel we’ve paid our debt off. We should just guard Pakistan’s nuclear site. That’s more than enough to try and keep those barbaric muslims countries who only blow their own people & construction up. They enjoy crapping on themselves, just like some people get angry & protest by destroying and looting their own neighborhoods.
      It started out to give Pakistan 3 billion over the next few years, now we have hit 8 billion dollars in one year.

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