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Clinton Better For The Dems Than Obama

From Gallup:

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Bill Clinton’s Impact More Positive for Democrats Than Obama’s

Obama’s impact significantly more negative among independents

by Frank Newport
October 19, 2010

PRINCETON, NJ — Former President Bill Clinton has the potential to do more good for Democratic candidates on whose behalf he campaigns than does President Barack Obama. The net positive impact of Clinton’s campaigning among Democratic registered voters is +48, while the number is a slightly lower +42 for Obama. Clinton, however, has a significantly more positive impact than Obama does among independents — and among Republicans.

Voters were asked in Gallup’s Oct. 14-17 poll to indicate whether Clinton’s or Obama’s campaigning in their area on behalf of a local candidate would be a plus, would be a minus, or would make no difference. The "net impact" score is based on subtracting the percentage who said such campaigning would make them less likely to vote for the candidate in question from the percentage who said it would make them more likely to vote for that candidate.

While Clinton does modestly better than Obama among Democrats, his net positive impact becomes comparatively larger compared with Obama’s among independents and Republicans. This almost certainly reflects the fact that Clinton has been out of office for 10 years, and thus has become a more benign figure to those who are independent or who identify with the Republican Party

Is it his world famous integrity that makes William Jefferson Blythe Clinton so popular? Or is it that he wasn’t able to ram Hillary-care through? — Or is it that people now associate him with the policies that the GOP controlled Congress forced on him?

In any case, what does it say when a man who was more of a punchline than a President is more respected than the current occupant of the White House?

Even so, for all of his supposed popularity, we can’t help but notice that Mr. Clinton hasn’t been doing too much campaigning for Democrat candidates of late. Now that the party has decided to take the bizarre route of castigating foreign donors to the GOP.

But wouldn’t it be great to see Mr. Clinton out on the hustings giving the Republicans hell for accepting foreign money? And there is no doubt he would be shameless enough to do it.

After all, he is a Democrat.

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8 Responses to “Clinton Better For The Dems Than Obama”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I characterize this as the minimalist difference between Mephistopheles and Cardinal Richelieu

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    —A distinction without a difference.

    However, I will say this. If I had to choose, who would I rather sit at the table with, obama or bill-jeff and the answer would have to be bill-jeff clinton. He could probably carry on an enjoyable conversation and he might even know a thing or two. obama, on the other hand…the conversation would be strained, tense, uncomfortable. Bill-Jeff is like an old pair of sneakers that are full of holes, ratty, outlived their usefulness, but you would wear them if you had to. obama is the expensive but poorly made shoes that were sent to you by Aunt Selma that don’t fit, are extremely uncomfortable though they look very nice but….you don’t like them and the last time you wore them, you swore people were staring at them and laughing.

    • Right of the People says:


      I had a pair of shoes like the Bamster once all shiny but impractical as hell. I threw them out because they kept making me walk to the left.

    • jambon says:

      Bill is the embodiment of the aged-50+ democrat populace – Obama represents the heart and soul of the aged-25-through-45 democrat populace.

      Within Bill and people of his age group I would say the majority of the “hippy” crowd likes peace, joy, happiness, guitars and songs sung around warm campfires and love… sure, there’s plenty of nuts like Bill Ayers on the edges but the mainstream hippies seem to be fairly decent people, they just can’t handle pressure or strife. Lying politicians boast a means to put the voting public at ease and get weak-minded adults to vote for them. These guys are essentially hawking a verbal “Soma” – vote for me, i’ll do things to make your pain go away and calm your nerves.

      Bill played the part perfectly because he was able to tap into the laid-back lifestyle that he and people of his age lived through. His fans and followers “connect” and identify with his mannerisms and charm – Bill is a manly man who knows how to speak to people. Oh yeah, did I forget to say “charm” – the guy knows how to connect with people.

      In sharp contrast, we have Obama… Obama represents the hippies’ offspring – the antithesis of peace, love and happiness… These people are rotten to the core, full of unhappiness, envy, rage and a never-ending quest for anarchy. These people are athiests, devout ideologues, educated for the purpose of being better than others, devoid of morals and a disdain for ethics. Their parents were too lazy to take their kids to church and make sure their kids’ friends were decent people… their parents were too busy trying to cling to their youth and let their kids grow up without any parental guidance… and look what we got. Selfish, spoiled brats concerned only with themselves who would vote for the abolishment of their parents’ Medicare for the sake of getting it for themselves. Of course, they’re too blind to understand that Obamacare will cause a rapid decline in the quality of care they hope to receive in their later years, but hey, that’s tomorrow, who cares about tomorrow?

      For as far out as the hippies diverged from their moderate or conservative parents, the Obama supporters went just as far out from their hippy parents (who were already way off center) – there’s not a real big distance between a mainstream conservative and a mainstream moderate/70s hippy (they know that their behavior is shameful and take prozac to suppress their shame), but there’s a giant chasm between a mainstream conservative and the 25-45 year old crowd that lives to breathe Obama’s exhaled breath. Many of these people are beyond repair and external influences. They will have to fail on their own and rebuild their lives by themselves – once they hit rock bottom they will be humble enough to look at the Gideon bible at the hotel where they were cooking meth…

      Until that happens the solution is waiting for us at the ballot box. Conservatives have got to get out and vote.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I’m sure you’re right about the hippie generation and their kids, jambon, but for the sake of argument, I was born the same year and month as “Der Uber Zero” and to parents who were kids during the depression and came of age during the Korean War.

      If you’ve ever seen “That 70’s Show”, Red Foreman is my dad. The values he and my mom had were so clear, so absolutely without mystery that they were easy role models. But, unlike Eric, I never smoked dope and certainly never had a girlfriend like Donna.

      But I digress.

      My point is that wee barry and I, though perhaps products of the same time-line, but not the same climate. The way I see it, he was not raised by anyone of any influence but negative. He was allowed to manipulate people and get his ways by being a crafty little s__t. If he didnt’ get his way he would whine and blame and accuse. And, because his guardians felt guilty about his mere presence, they caved. His mother abandoned him. His father abandoned him. He had few, if any friends. His story is a sad testimony to how things go horribly wrong with upbringing. And now as an adult, he’s responsible for his own actions. The prisons are full of people just like him. However, there are many productive, positive, contributing people just like him as well and so it comes down to choices. He chose to be a victim and play that card for his life (what we know of it) thus far. Others in his shoes who are more positive and productive have had some influence in their lives and perhaps even someone who got in their face and told them to quit being a rotten little whiner and go out and DO something..and yes, you might FAIL…but keep at it…and DON’T EVER QUIT.

      Obama has obviously never had anything but negative mentorship and he rides that wave everywhere he goes. You can see it in everything he does. Spiteful, egotistical, ungracious, arrogant, petulant. Thus we come to — narcissist. But the fact that it’s not his fault doesn’t mean that it’s not his responsibility. At some point, one has to recognize the problem. But one of the closed-end loop programs of narcissism is that they cannot see the problem and everything is always someone else’s fault.

      His upbringing was flighty at best and downright negative at worst. I think it was probably fortunate for him that he was relegated to the care of his grandparents because watching his mother whore around and do drugs would most likely have put him in the state of mind that many kids who see that regularly have.

      His defense mechanism is probably that very narcissism. It shields him from having to be self-critical, objective and humble. His core feelings are that of inadequacy, not being loved, in fact, he probably doesn’t like himself very much at all. We only see the show….but we get glimpses of the angry little boy often enough. “Who’s ass to kick” and “Boot on the neck” and “I won” to name just s few.

      I think he is a severely damaged person. I think also that years of therapy could possibly help him. But, like Nero, Caligula and a few other nasty heads of state, we’re stuck with him for now. Smart people know how to de-power people like him. The thought that popped into my mind as I wrote that immediately made me think of Dick Cheney’s glacial stare at him after the immaculation.

      Obama is clearly dysfunctional and I think, somewhat psychopathic. He’s obviously a pathological liar and I’m sure in his own mind he comes up with a reason for everything that makes him “not the bad guy”. In any president, I would first require a certain humility. All Obama has is anger and hatred. It was in his bottle formula from birth on.

  3. proreason says:

    There’s nothing wrong with Obamy that 10 years out of office can’t cure.

    But if Obamy would just humiliate this evil country by having his ‘liasons’ in an Oval Office closet, then he could skip about 9.9 years and go straight to revered status right now.

  4. P. Aaron says:

    Perjury is still regarded better than socialism. Public Schools are still getting it 1/2-right.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    At the very least……….bubba likes the babes.

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