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Clinton: Ethanol Could Spark Food Riots

From an irony proof Associated Press:

Clinton: Too much ethanol could spark food riots

By Mary Clare Jalonick, Associated Press – Fri Feb 25, 2011

WASHINGTON – With global food prices rising and more corn being diverted to the production of ethanol fuel, Bill Clinton is warning of food riots in poor nations.

The former president told farmers and Agriculture Department employees on Thursday that while producing biofuels is important for reducing America’s dependence on foreign oil, farmers should also look beyond domestic production and consider the needs of developing countries.

"I think the best thing to say is we have to become energy independent, but we don’t want to do it at the cost of food riots," Clinton said.

Clinton’s foundation has worked to develop agribusiness in African countries such as Malawi and Rwanda. He said the United States needs to look at the long term, global effects of its farm policy.

"We know that the way we produce and consume energy has to change, yet for farmers there are no simple answers," he said. "There is a way for us to do this and to do it right."

We take it that Mr. Clinton is taking on this new issue after having fixed all the problems in Haiti, as the UN’s special envoy to that Caribbean Nation.

At the department’s annual Agricultural Outlook Forum, chief economist Joseph Glauber said food prices are expected to rise this year and corn use for ethanol will continue to grow. He said 37 percent of all U.S. corn production could be used for ethanol by 2012.

Which is so insane that even Mr. Clinton and his former Vice President are finally noticing.

The ethanol industry long has said that its production does not significantly drive up food prices and that the price of corn contributes to a tiny percentage of every food dollar

Funny, Messrs Clinton and Gore used to say that, too.

After years of subsidizing ethanol production, Congress has taken an increasingly skeptical look at the fuel as food prices have fluctuated and cutting spending has become a legislative priority.

More than $5 billion in ethanol tax credits were extended at the end of last year as a part of an end-of-session tax deal. But the new Republican House passed two amendments to a spending bill last weekend that would attempt to slow ethanol use

Of course when the House Republicans propose such cuts they are called ‘mean spirited.’

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13 Responses to “Clinton: Ethanol Could Spark Food Riots”

  1. Right of the People says:

    There goes my Fritos. I don’t think I’ll be able to afford them with all the ethanol.

    Besides the fact that it’s a bad idea to begin with, a lot of cars and trucks on the road today can’t even use the stuff without voiding the warranty and possibly wrecking the engine. Cadillac has in big bold letters in their owners manual if you use more than 10% ethanol (which is what the put in the “reformulated” gas) you could destroy the fuel injectors and void your warranty.

    Algore and Slick Willie must have sold their corn futures so they’re off the ethanol bandwagon.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Gee, I wonder where he picked up this strange notion.

  3. canary says:

    My first instinct looking at the photo was swinging a baseball bat at the subject.

    I had to examine myself for such a such a thought. However, looking further I notice the man with the sharp shovel appearing ready to scoop the subjects head off. I am sooo relieved it was an instant mix-up in my brain; the cause of a subliminal photo mixed up
    with positioning & a particular subject.

    If I could only get the schools to understand soaking our children’s brains non-stop with books classified “young adult section” that are forcing 4th graders to read. And it’s constant subjection to the violence, profanity, sexual innuendo’s of incest, molestation, worded in such as way the children don’t even know that’s what’s happening in “The Giver”. Imagine they are old enough to watch their parents weigh their twin so see which one weighs less and will be killed. As twins broke the population control laws. Starting in 4th grade and it gets worse every year to what I consider to meet all categories of R rating at the least, most likely X ratings if they’d do it. Young adult means 18 or older. Not 10 years old.

    These poor countries such as in Africa will not work, according to missionaries stories who continue to go over there and do the work in deplorable conditions. The fruit of Spirit of long suffering.

    It’s possible the poppy seed, and not thanks to Obama the new crop of marijuana to entice the farmers for a less dangerous drug is part of the problem in foreign countries.

    Modern Africa on Obama’s first visit. Clinton with the nose bleeds nicknamed vacume cleaner likes these countries too.
    small exerpts from over the top description that your children will be reading in school, after Obama is through with the tedious task on American’s dime to translate to a more moderate level for youth.

    “Dreams of My Father” by Barack Obama 1994

    pg 387)…. He threw the drink down his throat,..I followed suit. I felt my chest explode, raining down shrapnel into my stomach….
    pg388)…. Perhaps it was the effects of the moonshine,…
    But when I try to remember the rest of that evening, it’s as if I’m walking through a dream…
    pg 389)….unrecognizable swirls,.. …the angry voices of my own sodden youth, of Harlem and the South Side; the voices of my father.
    pg 389-….”Those people were too drunk,” Bernard said weakly as we walked across the field. …Sayid nodded and turned to me… “…You, know your father was very popular in these
    pg 390)- parts. … Whenever he came home, he would buy everyone drinks and stay out very late. The people here appreciated this…
    Sayid paused, choosing his words carefully.
    “This is what made my brother such a good man, these things. But I think also that once you are one thing, you cannot pretend that you are something else. …
    pg392)…the trip back…by bus,… …a decision I soon regretted. We had to stand for most of the way,…I’d come down with a case of the runs. My stomach lurched with every bump. …And so it was in a cautious trot that I first appeared to Granny and Auma upon our return, offering them a curt wave before racing across the backyard, around an errant cow, and into the outhouse.
    pg 393) “They’re asleep,” she said, handing me the cup.
    “Here. Drink this.”
    I took a sniff of the steaming green liquid. It smelled
    like a swamp.
    “What is it?”
    “It’s made from a plant that grows here. Trust me…it will firm up your stomach in a jiffy.”… …”That is your grandfather’s recipe,” she said. “I told you he was a herbalist.”

    So, if you think muslims don’t partake….
    Imagine more pages of description over this incident, which may have done permanent brain damage. Imagine pages on Obama’s enjoyment of watching a chicken slaughtered in Indonsia as a 5 year old boy. Pages describing a little boo boo from climbing over a fence and the trauma of getting a few stitches on his arm.

    Sorry, it’s the effect of “things breed things” and being exposed to gutter rats.

    The subject though is it may very well be a case of what’s in the water, and the unknown herbs one intakes.
    It does point out a muslim practicing father and grandfather who were angry and violent. The initiation
    didn’t end there. One moment can change your life forever.

    • canary says:

      and let’s not overlook in the book about dabbing in everything but Heroin. Which, he may have blacked out while doing it, or done in Africa in the green stuff. But, his statement admits to LSD, acid, etc. Might explain the student loans, not able to practice, and ending up a teacher that needs a teleprompter and a team of 300 aids just to be him.

  4. Astravogel says:

    I’ve been watching the commodities prices in
    our Daily Wiper for some time, and noticed
    that ethanol quotes are relatively steady, whilst
    oil and gasoline vary quite a bit. Could that be
    because we produce ethanol here, and don’t
    rely on foreign good-will? Maybe if we could
    produce and refine more of our own oil here
    we could lessen our dependence and prices
    would fall. Worth a try. Pass this idea on to
    the folks in Washington.

    • canary says:

      We are dealing with a president in Washington that has written that over a span of time from 5 yrs old and prior to be electing learned to hate oil from his mother, as it brought in more money and convienance
      that put her out of basket weaving business. After U.S. paid college you did her research on the villages in Indonesia who were short of having the modern things they had. And Obama continued the anger
      of what his mother told, & newspapers articles from Indonesia, which stayed in his mind, and led him to believe prior to his being elected president, that Indonesia’s prosperity from oil, ended up hurting them in the end. And throwing out the evil man who brought the prosperity, only has led to Indonesia being bombed and overtaken by radical muslims. At the same time that childhood bond with Indonesia continues.
      Now as President he’s pushing hard with the green monsters because he sees it as an oppertunity
      to kill 2 birds or chickens with 1 stone.

      Obama is doing great harm to “states that voted against him, whether it be farming, oil, natural gas, he is hitting them hard. California was easy letting crops die do to an overgrowth of minnows.
      We can’t let anything go extinct like what happened to dinosaurs. How on earth have we made it without dinosaurs. Bet millions are going to clone them, just as millions and years to discover a rare worm that lived through the shovel process. It’s been a year, and we’ve heard nothing good come from that worm. Maybe it died.

  5. merkelerk says:

    I spend a good deal of time in the Alberta Tar Sands (actually I spend my time at the refineries there, not so much in the sand). I never fail to notice that the whole operation is self sustaining. In other words, they produce more BTU’s of energy than they consume in the process. This includes the diesel and gasoline used to power the equipment used.

    The same cannot be said for ethanol. This magic fix for dependence on foreign oil actually requires more BTU’s in its production than it produces in energy out.

    If we exchanged all of our fossil fuel use to ethanol, we would actually land up using more fossil fuel producing this ethanol than we would use if we didn’t switch. So why the need to switch to ethanol?

    Someone is making a killing off of this crap.

    • canary says:

      If ethanol is a active ingredient that eats through plastic (auto parts) than how is healthy for the people to breath. Here it costs a little more to buy the “ethanol free” gas, which is growing in popularity.

  6. Liberals Demise says:

    Yet another jackass (who never worked a day in his life) speculating.
    Who gives a damn about other countries when it is here that we need
    to be concerned with.
    I don’t give a rats a$$ about Somalians or Kenyans or Egyptians (for that matter) killing each other over our use of our corn to make fuel.
    I think corn makes for some fine Moonshine.

  7. Tater Salad says:

    Americans are NOT being told the truth about Agenda 21 and here are the facts of what is going on. Please take your time to understand what is being played out…………it is our future!





    • canary says:

      Tater Salad, not sure if you’ve read my posts on Agenda 21, but presently, there is a group in my town fighting it. They deny it, and the newspaper lies about it, denying it though they’ve been showed black white the documents that we are. Recently, on one of our state news they had

      the leader on, saying Obama’s cuts may have an effect on their ability to winterize the homes of the elderly, without explaining. Truth it taking their homes away because they are conducting free thorough audits to tell you how you can go green (knowing these people in poorer older homes can’t buy the new
      technology. They do the ole lead test, and check plumbing pipes too. And they will call a house an not up to habitat standards and they can cut your water off, etc. They are getting prime land in heart for brand new public housing, and then they get federal stimulus. Of course who gets the jobs. Imagine an offer to buy some new thermo heater/cooler thinigies with small loans & interest rates from the city.
      Also, an older farm that had a watering hole for cows or pigs, they will call “wastelands” that must not be disturbed. And I’m talking about little small man made ponds.

    • canary says:

      Agenda 21 is an older communist UN agenda project secretly being implemented in towns. Do expect
      your town or city to hold secret meeting, cancel meetings, and call the police when they are the ones yelling and screaming.

      The key word to look for is “sustainabililty”

      Lets just take a tiny tiny element called “curbside compost”. First impression is making compost and putting it on your curb. no. it’s starts small. This is a small example.

      You will have different containers for”

      uncoated paper napkins
      coated paper napkins
      paper plates, bowls
      waved corrugated cardboard
      wooden/bamoo materialed
      molded tray section paper plates
      plastic clam shelled cups
      plastic clear cups, etc.
      compostable papercups
      paper bags
      bag w/film
      clay-coated paperboard
      PE lining
      that which has compostable lining. I left some out.

      Did you check out Frito’s new composting wrapping, that is “quieter”. It’s has a shining tint to it still, so that will have to be put in with other types of paper that have several components.

      No more grass clippings. At least neighbors can’t complain, but I can imagine if you rake yours up. Sweep up the grassings on sidewalks, curbs and street and sprinkle them all around your lawn.

      Next: The only work Christians allowed to do in Cairo Egypt is recycle several stories high of Cairo’s trash. And not the pigs aside rats they live with, keep them safer from the muslims who consider pork
      cooties & sinful.

      And worse the U.S. teaches a sustainability class at an American University in Cairo Egypt.
      If you don’t think it can happen here, we are helping it happen in Egypt, only with a twist of muslim.

      Christians Recycling job in Cairo Egypt. Part I.


      Agenda 21 in Cairo Egypt back in 2005

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