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Clinton ‘Foundation’ Is Leaving Harlem

From an unquestioning New York Times:

Harlem Is Losing a Piece of Clinton

March 16, 2011

When Bill Clinton officially began his post-presidency in Harlem in 2001, he was greeted with open arms — thousands of them. At a plaza near his new office, at 55 West 125th Street, a crowd of 2,000 residents and civic leaders gathered on a hot July afternoon to celebrate the arrival of a neighbor whose presence, two blocks from the landmark Apollo Theater, seemed to put a presidential stamp of approval on the neighborhood’s revival…

Nearly 10 years later, Mr. Clinton is leaving Harlem. Or, at least part of him is.

The William J. Clinton Foundation is moving most of its offices from Harlem to 77 Water Street in the financial district, in Lower Manhattan. But Mr. Clinton will keep a toehold in Harlem: his office as a former president will remain on the top floor of 55 West 125th Street.

And, as we will later discover in the article, someone has even seen him go into his Harlem office at least once, albeit several years ago.

The nonprofit foundation will occupy space on the 18th floor of 77 Water Street. The move will give the foundation more space — 25,227 square feet downtown versus 18,000 square feet uptown — and will help it cut costs.

The foundation’s rent will be cheaper than the $40 a square foot it pays in the Harlem building, though it is unclear what the exact new rent will be, since the deal is not yet official, said a person familiar with both office locations who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak about the details

Somehow we doubt that the rent in the heart of New York’s financial district — and for almost twice as much space — will be less than the rent in Harlem.

The foundation did not respond to requests for comment. CB Richard Ellis, the real estate brokerage firm representing the foundation, declined to comment…

It remained unclear how Mr. Clinton would divide his time between the two offices. On 125th Street near his office, Harlem residents interviewed on Wednesday said Mr. Clinton had been a positive force in the neighborhood, although not a regularly visible one. Abuk Auk, 35, who works at a hair salon near 55 West 125th Street, said she saw Mr. Clinton walking into the building once years ago

What a lucky break for Ms. Auk. It was probably a once in a lifetime experience.

“We were so happy,” Ms. Auk said of Mr. Clinton’s arrival in Harlem in 2001. “We thought it was going to change everything for us.” She pointed across 125th Street at a row of shuttered storefronts and added: “You see those shops that are closed? It’s too bad he couldn’t do more to help small business here.”

Certainly The Times and the rest of the fawning media expected Mr. Clinton’s presence to work miracles. Just like he has done in Haiti and every other place he has visited.

Harlem had not been the former president’s first choice. In February 2001, Mr. Clinton abandoned his plans to move into a skyscraper in Midtown after he was criticized for his decision to rent office space at one of Manhattan’s most lavish office towers. He had planned to rent the 56th floor of Carnegie Hall Tower for $738,700 a year, compared with the $210,000 asking rent in 2001 for the space in Harlem.

How petty of The Times to bring up such minor details that are best left forgotten.

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4 Responses to “Clinton ‘Foundation’ Is Leaving Harlem”

  1. JohnMG says:

    …….“We thought it was going to change everything for us……..”

    We wuzzunt goin’ta hafta pay rent, or put gas in our car, or…………..

    Funny how this stuff works out in reality, huh?

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Yup, nuttin mo “in yo face” den a cold bee-yatch slap by re-AL-it-TAY. Gnome sayn?

  2. Mithrandir says:


    What more does he have to do? Gore and Obama did nothing, and they got one.

    ☑ 60’s radical.
    ☑ Military loather.
    ☑ First black president.
    ☑ Helped the tsunami in 2004.
    ☑ Helped in relief efforts in Haiti.
    ☑ Has office in BLACK area of N.Y.
    ☑ Has Clinton foundation.
    ☑ Substitutes in for Obama once in a while.

    He will get one…..don’t worry, it’s already forged, they are just waiting for the right time to give it to him. I say in 2012, it will be given, or his name will be entered.

  3. canary says:

    Bill found a new connection for his blow. Things were getting hot. Or his life leader told him he needed a change of scenery.

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