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Clinton Worries Dems Won’t Fix Medicare

From ABC News:

Bill Clinton to Paul Ryan on Medicare Election: ‘Give me a Call’

Jonathan Karl
May 25, 2011

The day after the stunning upset [sic] in the special congressional election in upstate New York, Rep. Paul Ryan is a man under fire.

But ABC News was behind the scenes with the Wisconsin Congressman and GOP Budget Committee Chairman when he got some words of encouragement none other than former President Bill Clinton.

"So anyway, I told them before you got here, I said I’m glad we won this race in New York," Clinton told Ryan, when the two met backstage at a forum on the national debt held by the Pete Peterson Foundation. But he added, “I hope Democrats don’t use this as an excuse to do nothing.”

Ryan told Clinton he fears that now nothing will get done in Washington.

“My guess is it’s going to sink into paralysis is what’s going to happen. And you know the math. It’s just, I mean, we knew we were putting ourselves out there. You gotta start this. You gotta get out there. You gotta get this thing moving,” Ryan said.

Clinton told Ryan that if he ever wanted to talk about it, he should “give me a call.” Ryan said he would

We’re not sure why Bill Clinton’s private comments to Paul Ryan are getting so much attention when he said exactly the same thing in his speech earlier — as this article goes on to note:

"It was about Medicare," Clinton said during a speech to the debt forum minutes before he met Ryan back stage. Clinton was referring to Ryan’s controversial budget plan, passed by the House this year, which would transform Medicare for those under the age of 55.

"You shouldn’t draw the conclusion that the New York race means that nobody can do anything solve the rising Medicare costs,” said during his speech. “I just don’t agree with that. I think you should draw the conclusion that the people made a judgment that this proposal in the Republican is not the right one. I agree with that, but I’m afraid that the Democrats will draw the conclusion that because Congressman Ryan’s proposal, I think, is not the best one, that we shouldn’t do anything and I completely disagree with that."

But, of course, Mr. Clinton is famous for talking out of several sides of his mouth. For instance, even though he has recently been a big proponent of Obama-Care, he had previously expressed the view that healthcare reform should be accomplished by tax credits, instead.

As we first noted back in September 2009, according to Joe Klein’s 2003 book, The Natural, pp 121-2, Mr. Clinton admitted that Hillary-care was the wrong approach to healthcare reform:

The President [Clinton] later admitted, during one of our conversations, that a more elegant, Third Way solution would have been to simply give health care tax credits (or vouchers, in effect) to those who needed them, mostly the working poor (the very poorest receive health care coverage through Medicaid).

This was, essentially, the proposal first made by Stuart Butler of the Heritage Foundation and resurrected, in modified form, by former senator Bill Bradley in the 2000 Democratic presidential primary campaign.

"That’s what you’re going to have to do eventually," the President conceded, "and if I could do it now, that’s what I would offer. The problem was, I couldn’t do it in ‘94, with the deficits the way they were, without a tax increase."

In other words, even Bill Clinton conceded that a far more ‘conservative’ plan of tax credits and vouchers would have been better than what he was pushing with Hillary-Care. And Hillary-Care was just Obama-Care in a pantsuit.

And it’s certainly hard to imagine that approach causing more of a deficit or requiring more of a tax increase than the final Obama-Care monstrosity that was rammed through Congress.

Still, what nice campaign ads Mr. Clinton’s comments to Paul Ryan could make.

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11 Responses to “Clinton Worries Dems Won’t Fix Medicare”

  1. Right of the People says:

    You can tell the wheels are really coming off when even Slick Willy is concerned.

    We need to sweep out all the RINO’s and of course the Dimocraps especially Barry the Bungler in 2012 before we become just another third world country.

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Rub two dimes together or prance a bimbo by and you’ll see where Bubba is concerned!

  2. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What’s most annoying is that former socialist presidents fail to recognize that their time in the sun has passed. Jimmah is often in the news, perhaps as much the MBM’s fault as his own for defying US Law and negotiating with the Norks, etc. Now Bill-Jeff, the “centrist”.

    Shut up already. I noted how republican presidents were content to retire yet continue working in causes and efforts behind the scenes while not making any particular fuss over it. And, the MBM again, though utilizing their images to bolster their own, such as when GHWB would work with Bill-Jeff on a joint-committee, often seeing the photo of the two of them together.

    *Phagh—spit*. I recognized it as a cooperative effort whereas the socialists see it as the former republicans accepting socialist “leadership”.

    But democrat presidents refuse to go quietly. Hambone will be the worst. He will be elected out and tossed into the trash heap of political obscurity, but will find himself at the podium with his trusty ally, Tel E. Prompter, giving evangelical sermons on the evils of capitalism. He will like that because he will never have to be even remotely responsible for anything he says. Not that he is now, but the conservatives will largely not pay any attention to him. Fortunately, he won’t be involved in government in any way, as he will be given another affirmative action job but even those in political power who helped get him elected will dump him at the curb. His calls won’t be returned, nor his correspondence, etc. At first the media will still ogle at the crease in his pants but will come to realize that whenever they put that clown on TV, the remotes are grabbed and channels are changed. In that regard, the Nielsen system is awesome. Because, at the end of the day, the networks gotta eat and it’s about advertising dollars to that end.

    I look forward to his immersion into vagueness.

  3. proreason says:

    bubba must have his eye on one of Ryan’s daughters.

  4. tranquil.night says:

    One man cavalry Marco Rubio rides to the defense of the Ryan Plan, upstaging all Presidential candidates: http://sisu.typepad.com/sisu/2011/05/marco-rubio-a-man-in-a-field-of-mice.html

    • proreason says:

      human being / Rubio wins in 2012

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Sane human being / Rubio wins in 2012

      Sorry pro, I had to add the beginning stipulation. Last thing I want is another ObamaNation.

    • tranquil.night says:

      We got some real potential and the field is really starting to come into focus around them.

      I’m very encouraged, and I do believe they’ll rally around Ryan.

      Whew, Doc0 gave me chills with this one. It’s too good to quote: http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=43741

    • proreason says:

      gotta disagree respectfully with ya on this one LD.

      Spike will be the opponent. I will take anybody over him. ANYBODY.

      But now that I think about it, maybe I should have said Mammal / Rubio

    • Liberals Demise says:

      Mammal / Rubio

  5. JohnMG says:

    …..” Mr. Clinton is famous for talking out of several sides of his mouth……”

    Clinton is most famous for talking out of his ass. In a sense he is worse than Jimmah Cahtah. Carter is a shameless self-applauder…..he wouldn’t get ANY attention if he didn’t draw it to himself. Slick Willie is still regarded as relevant, probably because he continues to triangulate in an effort to bolster the PIAPS’ (remember her) prospects in the future, and to set her apart from the current Clown-in-Chief. He, too, wants to be a player.

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