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Clintons: “Most Slanted Press In US History”

From the never biased CBS News:

Bill Clinton Blames “Slanted Press Coverage” for Obama’s Delegate Lead

May 20, 2008

Ryan Corsaro

LOUISVILLE, KY. — If it wasn’t the night before the Kentucky and Oregon primaries, it would have been a standard Hillary Clinton speech…

But the only new thing the Clintons had to say on primary eve came from her husband, who accused the press of not caring about the needs of voters and favoring other candidates over his wife.

Bill Clinton echoed statements Hillary herself made in the past few days, verifying that attacking the media has now become a Clinton campaign talking point.

“Every time you turn on the television and you listen one of those people dissing her, they all have a college degree, they’ve all got a new job, they’ve all got healthcare, and they’re not going broke putting filling up their gas tank,” said Bill Clinton…

Around 1,300 supporters – mostly women – came out to see Hillary Clinton speak last night in Lexington on the eve of the Kentucky primary when her husband came out to give her introduction, which he called “the easy job.”

“Just remember, all these people who are telling you it’s over…” instructed the former president as several women began to scream “No!” in protest.

First of all, by their own admission, this has been the most slanted press coverage in American history. Secondly, they declared her dead more times than a cat’s got lives.” …

The Clintons seem to think attacks on the media gave a big boost to Clinton’s double-digit win over Obama in West Virginia, and they’re trying to make the same case in rural parts of Kentucky with the same voters as those who put them way over the top last Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton made similar statements about television critics in Mayfield, Prestonsburg, and Loretto, Ky. – all with large populations of blue-collar, white working families. She also ran a television ad in Kentucky going after members of the media including Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Tim Russert, and one of Bill Clinton’s former staffers, George Stephanopoulos

Isn’t irony ironic?

It’s all starting to sound like an even more vast right-wing conspiracy.

Luckily our watchdog media has always been completely objective and politically neutral until now.

Who knows what has gotten into them?

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