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Cloture Vote Looms On ‘Stopgap Spending’ Bill

From the Associated Press:

House GOP considers options on possible shutdown

ANDREW TAYLOR | September 26, 2013

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pressure is building on fractious House Republicans over legislation to prevent a partial government shutdown, as the Democratic-led Senate is expected to strip a tea party-backed plan to defund Obamacare from the bill.

As the Senate telegraphed its moves, House Republicans deliberated an array of imperfect options on both a temporary spending bill required to avert a shutdown and a separate measure to permit the government to borrow almost $1 trillion to keep paying its bills.

The headline doesn’t match this story, which is actually about how the Republicans are trying to avoid a government shutdown. But, as usual, the AP is counting on the low information crowd to only read the headline.

Lawmakers face a midnight Monday deadline to complete a stopgap spending bill to avoid a partial government shutdown that would keep hundreds of thousands of federal workers off the job, close national parks and generate damaging headlines for whichever side the public holds responsible.

As we have said before, there numerous and lengthy government shutdowns under Carter and Reagan and nobody even noticed. The news media has turned government shutdowns into a bogyman, to take away one more tool from anyone who wants to try to curb government spending.

Besides, none of this would be necessary if the Democrats in the Senate would offer up a budget, as they are required to do by the Constitution. (By the way, the evil obstreperous House Republicans always come up with a budget.)

The timeline is daunting since House GOP leaders appear all but certain to reject the Senate’s attempt at a simple, straightforward stopgap spending bill like those routinely passed since the 1995-96 government shutdowns that bruised Republicans and strengthened President Bill Clinton.

Gosh, the GOP are evil and the ‘straightforward’ Democrats are noble. And never mind that since there is no longer a real budget, the continuing resolutions are the only place where the GOP has the chance to change the funding for anything.

A 21-hour talkathon by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, whipped up the GOP’s tea party wing even as it complicated efforts by House GOP leaders to assemble rank-and-file support for a temporary spending measure.

Cruz wants to derail the spending bill to deny Democrats the ability to strip out the anti-Obamacare provision, a strategy that has put him at odds with other Republicans who say the move won’t work and fear it would spark a shutdown.

How wicked of Ted Cruz, wanting to keep the Democrats from cutting out a provision that Senators just voted for.

Many GOP senators, including the Senate’s top two Republicans, have said they’ll vote to advance the measure rather than filibuster it to death, a vote that promises to give Democrats controlling the chamber a procedural edge in a subsequent vote to kill the tea party’s effort to use the must-pass bill to derail Obamacare.

That is the cloture vote. And they are going to vote for cloture because they are so afraid of being accused to shutting down the government. And never mind that none of this would be necessary if the Democrat Senate would ever offer up a budget, as they are required to do by law and the Constitution. And which they have not done for more than four years.

By the way, the supposedly obstreperous House Republicans always manage to come up with a budget.

Wednesday evening, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., unveiled his version of the stopgap spending bill, which would keep the government running through Nov. 15. It also contains, for now, the anti-Obamacare provision sought by Republicans.

He set in motion a key vote on Friday that promises to expose the divide between Cruz and more pragmatic Republicans.

There is nothing pragmatic about allowing yourself to be rolled by such a sham.

Senate passage of the spending bill — stripped of the Obamacare provision — was expected no later than Saturday.

"Any senator who votes with Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats … has made the decision to allow Obamacare to be funded," Cruz told reporters after his marathon speech ended Wednesday at noon. Cruz himself has predicted that is exactly what the Senate will do, and he’s already called on House Republicans to reject the bill when it comes back to them.

And he is exactly right.

The simplest thing for Republicans to do would be to accept the Senate bill and send it to the White House for Obama’s signature, a prospect that’s unappealing to Republicans because it would make them look like they’re surrendering.

Maybe because they would be surrendering.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, originally preferred a plan to deliver to Obama a stopgap funding bill without the Obamacare provisions.

But, as usual, he folded like a cheap suit.

Now, GOP leaders are exploring adding face-saving options — like the repeal of a tax on medical devices, which many Democrats also oppose — to the stopgap spending bill. There’s also sentiment to take away the health insurance subsidy awarded lawmakers now that they’ll be required to purchase health care on Obamacare exchanges…

How typical. The first is something the Democrats want, as well. And the second will never happen.

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2 Responses to “Cloture Vote Looms On ‘Stopgap Spending’ Bill”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    I heard Ted Cruz speak on this.

    As optimistic as I am, usually, the Republican Old Guard will use a left handed screw on us all, exempt themselves and go home to Margaritas and hookers.

    Which we will pay for.

    • Noyzmakr says:

      C’mon everybody, Sen. Menendez has procured us a jet plane full of hookers and we’re off to the Dominican Republic to par-tay at his buddy’s place. C’mon John and Lindsey, that mean ole Ted can’t go. Damn Cuban! He’s ruining everything.

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