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CNN, NPR, Fox Top ‘Believability Survey’

A telling excerpt from the latest news media survey by Pew Research Center for the People & the Press:

Americans Spending More Time Following the News

Ideological News Sources: Who Watches and Why

September 12, 2010


The public continues to take a skeptical view of reporting from the major news outlets. No more than a third says they can believe all or most of the reporting by 14 major news organizations.

There has been little change in public views of media credibility since 2008. Since the late 1990’s, however, there has been significant erosion in the believability ratings of several news organizations.

For example, since 1998 ABC News, CBS News and NBC News have all seen substantial declines in the percentages saying they believe all or most of what they say (among those who say they can rate those organizations). Currently, about two-in-ten say they believe all or most information from ABC News (21%), CBS News (21%) and NBC News (20%) – down from about three-in-ten in 1998.

The longer-term declines can be seen across different media groups as well. Since 1998, CNN and the Wall Street Journal, for example, have experienced double-digit declines in the percentages saying they can believe all or most of their reporting (a rating of four on a scale of one to four). Currently, 29% say they can believe all or most of the reporting of CNN and 25% say the same about the Wall Street Journal.

The credibility ratings for Fox News (27% today) and 60 Minutes (33%) have shown less change over the past decade. And NPR is the only news organization whose credibility rating has improved since 1998 – 28% now give it the top rating compared with 19% a dozen years ago.

National newspapers fare relatively poorly when it comes to public perceptions of media credibility. Just two-in-ten (20%) of those who offer a rating for the New York Times say they can believe all or most of what it says and just 17% say the same about USA Today. Those numbers have fluctuated only slightly since 2004. Local daily news newspapers are seen in largely the same way (21% get the highest credibility rating)….

Of course the bizarre thing is that they had a separate category for 60 Minutes, as if it isn’t part of CBS News.

But who can argue with the low results for the New York Times?

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One Response to “CNN, NPR, Fox Top ‘Believability Survey’”

  1. jimreport says:

    How would you not believe CSPAN? A stationary camera and a mic? They don’t have a writer and director of the content.

    Yeah that 60 minutes, their word is GOLD! And the things Andy Rooney discovers near his chair like how its always his favorite tie that gets chip dip on it, or his opinion on the hustle and bustle are 100% unimpeachable fact. But those live uncut broadcasts on cspan need to be better sourced.

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