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CNN: O-Care Premiums Only Soar In Red States

From CNN’s Money.com:

Where Obamacare premiums will soar

By Tami Luhby | August 6, 2013

Get ready to shell out more money for individual health insurance under Obamacare … in some states, that is.

While many residents in New York and California may see sizable decreases in their premiums, Americans in many places could face significant increases if they buy insurance through state-based exchanges next year.

And never mind that these claims about New York and California having lower rates under Obama-Care have been pretty much debunked.

That’s because these people live in states where insurers were allowed to sell bare-bones plans and exclude the sick, which has kept costs down.

Under Obamacare, insurers must offer a package of essential benefits — including maternity, mental health and medications — and must cover all who apply. But more comprehensive coverage may lead to more expensive insurance plans…

What utter mendacity. Even for CNN. New York and California’s rates are already through the roof precisely because they already make insurance companies provide a lot of the nonsense that is mandated in Obama-Care.

Some lightly regulated states, including Indiana, Ohio, Florida and South Carolina, have recently released preliminary rate information highlighting steep price increases. Unlike the blue states of California and New York, these are Republican-led states that have strongly opposed the Affordable Care Act, as Obamacare is officially known.

You see? Their rates are going up because they are Republican-led states. Or maybe they aren’t even going to go up. Maybe the Republican governors who run those states are lying with their predictions of higher rates. (Which, oddly enough, is exactly what Kathleen Sebelius has been saying, too.)

In Florida, for instance, officials constructed a hypothetical silver-level plan based on the offerings available today… Florida found premiums will rise between 7.6% and 58.8%, depending on the insurer. The average increase would be 35%…

Ohio, meanwhile, said there would be an average increase of 41% by comparing a trade association’s report of premiums for all plans available today with the average premium expected on the exchange.

Indiana officials said prices would rise an average of 72%…

All of these rate hikes must still be reviewed by the federal government —

And they will stop these evil Republican governors from jacking up these rates for no reason.

And do not take into account the fact that Americans with incomes up to $45,960 for an individual and $94,200 for a family of four will be eligible for federal subsidies…

Err, the premiums are still going up, even if some people do get subsidies — at first.

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4 Responses to “CNN: O-Care Premiums Only Soar In Red States”

  1. untrainable says:

    If you make $45,960 you get a government (taxpayer) subsidy. If you make $45,961 you pay full price. Have we now officially defined $45,961 as “the living wage” I keep hearing about? If feel sick.

  2. Noyzmakr says:

    This ‘jounalist”, Tami Luhby, must have had to take many Yoga classes in order to twist herself into such a pretzel in order to see things from that perspective.

    Will CNN never tire of lying to the few viewers they have left? (rhetorical) The last lib out the door will still be telling themselves how great their business model is.

  3. yadayada says:

    My current premiums would be less than half what it is if i weren’t forced to pay for “coverage” i neither want nor need. most of it forced upon us by special interest groups via our ever knowledgeable government service providers. let me buy my health insurance the way i buy auto insurance. anyone for post-gender- reassignment-surgery hormone-therapy? how about breast reduction surgery? i dont use illicit intravenous drugs or have gay sex, why do i have to pay for hiv drugs and treatment? how expensive do you think hiv/aids drugs would be (currently $1000 – $5000/mo) if they weren’t given free to “the poor” but “subsidized” by those of us with insurance? yes, i know Hetero Drugs (not making that up) wants to sell generic for $30/mo but patent laws currently forbid. still i’m forced to pay for heroin addiction rehab, when i can quit any time i want to!

  4. bousquem25 says:

    California and New York are going to have lower premiums under O-care because more of the people are going to be shifted to medicaid and others forced to buy insurance. Of couse the premiums they pay now are enough for most people to probably die of apoplexy. Of course the new premiums would also probably have people still die after seeing what they were paying for. I live in MA and I’m stuck with a trial run of O-care (Romney-care that was turned into a much more bloated version thanks to the dem controlled state legislature). I really don’t want to pay so that I can go to a chiropracter every couple of weeks or get other holistic health treatments. I basically want some coverage for annual labs from my doc and if I have to go into the hospital. I don’t want to be subsidizing a heroin addict’s detox run #5 or someone’s abortion. I also don’t really want coverage for OB/GYN services or eye care on my plan. I don’t use (eye care) or need (OB/GYN as I lack those parts). Of course I think the state has mandated that sex changes be covered but I’m not sure on that after the whole crap of the guy in prison suing the state over allowing him to have gender reassignment surgery (or as my friend put it “chopadickectomy”).

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