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CNN: Obama Was Not A Factor In Virginia

From CNN:

Exit poll: Obama not a big factor in Virginia

Posted: November 3rd, 2009 05:57 PM ET

(CNN) – There’s been plenty of talk by political pundits that Virginia’s gubernatorial contest was a referendum on President Barack Obama, but voters don’t agree, according to data from CNN exit polls of people voting Tuesday in that state’s gubernatorial contest.

Fifty-five percent of Virgina [sic] voters polled say that Obama was not a factor in how they voted, with 24 percent suggesting that their vote was meant to express opposition to the president, and 18 percent indicating that their vote was meant to express support for Obama.

"What you are seeing is that the president’s coattails didn’t have a lot of durability from last year to this. He certainly pulled in Democrats last year when he was on top of the ticket," says CNN Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley. "When he is not on top of the ticket, I think then it reverts to the person who actually is there and who they are voting on, so this is certainly a lesson for Democrats as to just how far the president’s powers of persuasion can go. Whether or not he can translate that magic on to a different ticket, and I would say that’s sort of not looking as though it does."

Note the time stamp. The polls weren’t even closed yet.

CNN just could not wait to start their rear guard action.

(Indeed, they were so eager they couldn’t even spell Virginia right.)

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4 Responses to “CNN: Obama Was Not A Factor In Virginia”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    Had they won, I wonder what the headline would’ve said. “Voters chime in on Obama Agenda”, perhaps? Or some other equally pedestrian statement.

    On the other hand: “Virgina”…..heh, heh. (laughing in a Beevis sort of way)

  2. Confucius says:

    Obama not a big factor in Virginia


    Obama campaigned for Deeds, and Deeds still lost by a 17-point spread.

    Deeds couldn’t even carry Northern Virginia which is the most liberal part of Virginia that helped carry Obama in 2008.

  3. Petronius says:

    It is fashionable these days to speak of having an epiphany. Nevertheless, I had one yesterday at my neighborhood Episcopal church in Virginia.

    The church serves as the local polling station for our precinct. Upon entering the church with my youngest daughter, we found ourselves greeted by the two Democrat Party women who manned (for want of a better word) the voter registration books. These surly functionaries of the Democrat Party were two immigrant Somali Muslims, each woman dressed in her native garb of black hijab and burqa, noisily chattering away in their native tongue, a hideous jackhammer of a language, both so sure and arrogant in their right to conquer.

    No nuance of symbolism was lost. Was it an accident that this happened in an Episcopal church, the church of our founders and colonial pioneer ancestors? I must admit this experience came as a shock even to dear old Petronius, an inveterate cynic and prophet of the folly of mass immigration and open borders. The encounter certainly took the edge off of yesterday’s overwhelming conservative victory.

    My daughter and I quickly went about doing our civic duty, and cast our votes. But before leaving the church, it occurred to me that those votes were meaningless, that the battle for North America is not going to be won at the ballot box. Nerobama, Pelosi, and Tigellinus-Holder will swiftly overcome yesterday’s temporary setback by the simple expedient of further changing America’s demographic until they get the desired results. They have three more years in which they may increase the rate of immigration, accelerate the naturalization process, enact yet another one-time-only amnesty, create new categories of refugees, and –– if it is possible –– open the borders still wider.

    As mass Third World immigration continues unchecked, conservatives, moderates, Republicans, and independents will continue to shrink in numbers relative to Liberal Democrats. More and more States will become Californicated. Unless indigenous Americans — and particularly indigenous white Americans — become willing to engage in identity politics in competition with other racial and religious groups, they will, within another decade or so, become politically irrelevant and marginalized, except perhaps locally in West Virginia and the Dakota-northern Rocky Mountain States.

    American democracy is finished. It’s all over but the shouting. And Nerobama and the robber gangs in the Congress know it. Romanus orbis ruit.

  4. Snardius says:

    Obama was not a factor in the Virginia election, he was the ONLY FACTOR.

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