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CNN To Make Hillary Documentary (Campaign Ad)

From the Politico:

CNN to produce Hillary Clinton film

By DYLAN BYERS | July 29, 2013

CNN Films has tapped documentary filmmaker Charles H. Ferguson to direct a feature-length documentary about former Hillary Clinton, POLITICO has learned.

Mr. Ferguson is a radical lefty. His previous works include, ‘No End In Sight: The American Occupation of Iraq (sic) and ‘Inside Job,’ which is about the systemic corruption of the United States by the financial services industry.

"CNN is very pleased to be working with Academy-Award winner Charles Ferguson on the film, which will be released in theaters and air on CNN," Allison Gollust [sic], the network’s senior vice president of communications, told POLITICO on Monday. The release date has yet to be determined.

Is it pronounced ‘go-lust’? But, yeah, we can’t wait to see the box office receipts from this blockbuster.

The film adds yet another installment to the growing list of Hillary-related television projects and books slated for release before the 2016 presidential campaign…

But notice that none of these Clinton movies are actually going to be about the ‘fun stuff.’ The scandals. Even though the networks are claiming they are just doing it for the ratings.

For instance, the director James Ponsoldt plans to release a movie called ‘Rodham’ in 2016. It is supposed to focus on her early years with Bill Clinton and her tenure as a junior counsel on the House Judiciary Committee when President Nixon was impeached.

Gollust told POLITICO, "CNN’s editorial side has no role in the production of the film, just as it has no role in any of the films produced or acquired by CNN Films."

CNN is now all on the ‘editorial side.’ It gave up its ‘news side’ many years ago.

Nevertheless, the project could cause some headaches for CNN as it seeks to ensure both Clinton’s opponents and her supporters that the project will have no bearing on the network’s news reporting. Conservatives will likely criticize CNN for devoting so much airtime to a Democratic candidate, while the Clinton campaign is likely to take issue with the network for dedicating so much reporting to their candidate, rather than to her competitors.

Oh, our sides.

On Monday, CNN’s Jake Tapper noted the editorial risks that NBC Entertainment will have to deal with over its forthcoming Hillary Clinton mini-series, calling it "a lose-lose situation editorially." The mini-series, which will star Diane Lane, will follow Clinton from the Monica Lewinsky scandal through her time as Obama’s Sec. of State, Variety reported on Saturday.

"A lot of people speculating that this is going to be a puff piece, an infomercial for 2016," Tapper said on CNN. "Although there are some people on the Clinton side who remember the ‘Path to 9/11’ mini-series in 2006, which was not particularly flattering to Bill Clinton, and a lot of people thought that was anti-Clinton. So it’s a lose-lose situation editorially, but it could be a win-win for the ratings, and that’s what NBC is banking on, of course."

Very few people who saw ‘Path To 9/11’ thought it was critical of the Clintons. Especially, after ABC edited it to please their Democrat masters.

Anticipating criticism, NBC News political director and chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd responded to Saturday’s Variety report by announcing that NBC News would have no role in the mini-series.

"Just want to get this out of the way now: NBC News has nothing to do w/Clinton mini series on NBC entertainment. So save your complaints," he tweeted…

Absolutely not. The left hand of NBC never knows what its other left hand is doing.

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3 Responses to “CNN To Make Hillary Documentary (Campaign Ad)”

  1. Noyzmakr says:

    I predict that both CNN and NBC campaign films will be greatly lauded by film critics as the greatest works since Citizen Kane, will win Oscars and Emmys, and will go straight to DVD and sit on shelves gathering dust for decades to come.

  2. BillK says:

    Remember, feminist women – your path to power is to hook onto a rising male, marry him, and ignore his infidelities no matter how much they may show a complete lack of respect for you.

    Hooking up with a powerful man is the true route to power.

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