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What To Do About Post-Election Blues?

In the rush of events we almost missed this highly useful article from the DNC’s CNN:

David Kronmiller will focus on writing and filmmaking now that he doesn’t have election polls to check.

What do you do about post-election blues?

By Elizabeth Landau

Fri November 7, 2008

(CNN) — When David Kronmiller wakes up and sits down at his computer in the morning, he usually checks the Huffington Post, the Drudge Report, Politico and the polls on RealClearPolitics. But the day after the election, he realized he didn’t need to check those polls. There weren’t any.

“There is some sadness to that,” said Kronmiller, a North Hollywood, California, resident who frequently contributes his views to [CNN’s] iReport.com.

Although he supported President-elect Barack Obama since the primaries, the end of the presidential election means he won’t have a race to follow anymore.

“I expect serious withdrawal, like, tonight or tomorrow,” he said Wednesday.

After two intense years of campaign ups and downs for both major U.S. political parties, the nation has finally settled on a president. Although initially, Obama’s victory brings celebrations for supporters, experts say the let-down that voters of each side may feel after the campaign is akin to postpartum depression.

“There’s this run-up: OK, it’s nine months, and then the baby is delivered,” said Rosalind Dorlen, a clinical psychologist in Summit, New Jersey. “All of the waiting is over, and the focus of the attention is no longer on the pregnant woman, but there’s all kinds of feelings about the loss of the pregnancy.

“Maybe we will have some people who will have post-election depression because they have been expectantly looking forward to this blessed event that they participated in,” she said.

Nancy Molitor, a clinical psychologist Wilmette, Illinois, started seeing some post-election despair even before the final results came in. Some of her patients wondered what they would do with their time in the absence of polls and campaign coverage.

“This lady is in her 80s, and she told me she’s never in her life been excited about a campaign as she is about this campaign, and she knows it’s filled this void in her life,” she said.

Supporters of the winning candidate may feel as if they are going through withdrawal from a drug, Molitor said. They may also develop anxiety over what will change with the new president or become cynical about anything changing at all

For some, the excitement will continue for a couple of weeks, until the reality sets in that the candidates they elected won’t be able to do anything until January, said Jana N. Martin, a licensed psychologist in Long Beach, California.

Anyone who feels depressed, hopeless or powerless after the election should realize that they as individuals have the ultimate control over their everyday lives, she said.

“The president is not going to find you a job; the president is not the one who manages your individual budgets,” she said. “If people want changes, they can do that in their day-to-day lives. They don’t need a candidate to do that.”

Those who feel truly overwhelmed should see a psychologist who can help them think out loud, she said…

With more free time in the absence of campaign-following, Kronmiller said he’s going to get focused on his own writing and filmmaking. iReport.com: ‘Obama won — now maybe we can move forward’

“As (Obama) said (Tuesday) night, it’s time to get to work, and get things moving forward again, instead of all this fighting, all this resistance that we’ve had,” he said.

As we posted previously, from The Onion:

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Once again, life imitates comedy.

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11 Responses to “What To Do About Post-Election Blues?”

  1. curvyred says:

    “As (Obama) said (Tuesday) night, it’s time to get to work, and get things moving forward again, instead of all this fighting, all this resistance that we’ve had,” he said.

    Translation: “we have shown not one ounce of respect to the current President, but we fully expect you to get in line behind us and fully support our choice.”

  2. bill says:

    Let’s start off with an apology …

    I apologize for the ignorant American people who voted this Obama travesty upon an unsuspecting world. I’m truly sorry, there weren’t enough of us smart American people to save America and the world from the horror of Obamunism.

  3. texaspsue says:

    I love that video. Return of the zombies, “BRAINS, WE MUST EAT EVERYONES BRAINS”. LOL

    There was a funny guest on Redeye last night that said go hunting. She said that it is no coincidence that hunting season starts right after the elections. It gets you out in the country, you have to use quiet voices, it relieves stress. (I guess you had to be there.) lol

  4. Steve says:

    “There was a funny guest on Redeye last night that said go hunting.”

    Not to brag, but the (great) guys at Redeye are readers of this site.

    I don’t understand why Fox does not do more to promote them. It is a great show.

    And (whispering) very conservative.

  5. JohnMG says:

    texaspsue; …..”you have to use quiet voices, it relieves stress…..”

    Also you get to take a gun and go shoot something! ;-}

  6. rocketman says:

    My fellow S/L’s..food for thought:
    Obamba Family Values

    1) Obambi’s mother was dying – he was too busy on his book tour to visit her.
    2) His “White Grandmother” died last Monday.. HAS ANYONE ASKED IF HE IS GOING TO THE FUNERAL? Or is he too busy recruiting the Clintion staff? So much for “Change”.

    3) His Aunt is an illegal living on OUR dole….Why is she still in the country?
    4) His Step-Grandmother lives in a shack.
    5) His Half Brother lives in a hut…

    The answer my friends is that he could care less about his family, white or black. It is all about Barack!

  7. loneconservative says:

    I have a couple of suggestions for those who find more time on their hands now that the campaign is over- get a job or two or three. You will need the extra income to cover the extra taxes. If that doesn’t work, Obama will have half a dozen Corpses (Rush’s sp) to join and plenty of required (oops, “called on”) hours of community service to serve. Notice, the O never uses the word volunteer, it is always serve.

  8. wardmama4 says:

    See here is my problem – while I am disappointed about the election results – I am not depressed, worried or even scared. Yes I do believe that B. Hussein Obama will attempt and perhaps get some terrible legislation through.

    So, what?!? To take it as the end of the World gives this petty, immature, socialist empty suit more control and power than he ever will have. And that is what he wants – if you are subserviant to him (as in his mindless supporters), you won’t get too upset when he reneges on ‘promises’ and if you are afraid of him – he can work to eliminate you from the equation.

    He is just a politician – as he moves on into the POTUS – we (and should have) will see that he is just a Typical Political Person – nothing more, nothing less. He will screw up and probably pass some bad legislation and make mistakes. He will probably po both sides (take a look, GWB wasn’t the conservative I expected him to be) – but America can and will overcome him.

    If we group together and not get bogged down in a petty point argument, join forces and work toward removing him and all the liberal, anti-American/Constitution Ds/Is/& Rs from office and get back to common sense American standards and actually make this trip into darkness an opportunity.

    Don’t care if the entire World’s gone ‘universal’ healthcare, or sharia law or to the euro – We shouldn’t want to destroy exactly what the World has looked up to and fled to – just to be like them?!? The insanity of that ‘belief’ is beyond the pale.

    And we should hold our Representatives, Senators and the POTUS feet to the fire – keep the phone, email and snail mail working overtime to let them know that Shamnesty, ‘Universal’ healthcare, Higher Taxes and cut and run from the GWOT (or making it a ‘crime’ not an act of war) are not what the Majority of Americans (you know We The People – Your bosses and pay check) – want.

    And work hard for not a Listen to my Words RHINO or Dem-lite but a true, conservative Republican to run in ’12. . .And then support her or him.

    McCain is the reason we lost – but we lost that way back in Feb 7 ’08 when Mitt withdrew – it deflated and destroyed the true value of the primary season. The Dems and msm knew they selected the right guy to lose this election. McShamnesty almost pulled it out by selecting Palin – and if he had just hammered home (in plain simple terms) the real gut issues (and stomped on the msm for going after his VP as quickly and clearly as he did those who supposedly ‘attacked’ BHO) we could have won. It wasn’t the landslide and blowout that the Dems and msm wanted/expected.

    We can win – and will again. The msm lies, dems lie, liberals have to lie – so why buy into their lies?

    Head up and work for 4 years toward the future.

  9. jc in rb says:

    OK here’s how we win. ron paul /sara palin… nuff said

  10. Nimblicity says:

    Obama’s face and voice have become to cable news as Antabuse is to beer.

    I’m unplugged and enjoying the final 76 days of American liberty.

  11. Lipstick on a PIAPS says:

    We had to suffer 4 years with Jimmy Carter to get 8 years of Ronald Reagan. We will have to suffer 4 years of Barack Obama to get 8 years of Sarah Palin. See how things repeat themselves. ;-)

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