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CNN’s ‘Truth Squad’ Tells Lies About Palin

Here is a all too typical lie from CNN’s preposterously named “Truth Squad,” via YouTube:

Governor Palin’s statement in question is [at 35 seconds into the clip]:

I do have more executive experience than Barack Obama does. You know he had served for his 300 days before he became a Presidential candidate.

Hilariously, CNN goes on to quibble about how many days Mr. Obama has actually served in the US Senate. And they claim it was more than 300 days.

We asked the Secretary Of The Senate how many days the Senate was in session between [the date Obama was sworn in as a Senator and when he filed to run for the Presidency]. The answers: 304 days.

But Senators also work when the Senate is not in session. If you count all of Obama’s time as a Senator before he announced his candidacy for President — that adds up to 768 days.

And the “Truth Squad’s” verdict on this is: MISLEADING.

Mrs. Palin does not give credit to Obama for the work he did while the Senate was not in session…

This is would be hilarious if it were not so typical.

Of course Mr. Obama’s number of days in the Senate was not quite the point of Mrs. Palin’s oft-repeated observation that she has more executive experience than he does.

Indeed, no matter how many days Mr. Obama has served in the US Senate, Mrs. Palin’s statement is still undeniably true.

Since being one of a hundred Senators affords you no executive experience whatsoever — no matter how many days you have served.

In fact, Governor Palin has more executive experience than Senator Byrd. (Not counting Byrd’s executive experience as a Grand Kleagle in the Ku Klux Klan, of course.)

Alas, so much for CNN’s “Truth Squad.”

(But isn’t irony ironic?)

This article was posted by Steve on Thursday, October 23rd, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

17 Responses to “CNN’s ‘Truth Squad’ Tells Lies About Palin”

  1. 1sttofight says:

    His mother was an american citizen, therefore he is an american citizen .

    Unless she renounced her citizenship, this is a moot point.

  2. GuppyNblue says:

    Any experience as a governor is worth much more than a senator’s today. A governor is far more accountable where senators hide in their numbers and typically when they screw up can share the blame with others. While senators may sit on their laurels and vote present on important issues it would be very difficult for a governor to do so. Most important is that a governor is an executive officer and the head of a state which is just what POTUS is. Senators are behind the scenes dealers and back scratchers who often get away with less than honorable business. Governors, like POTUS, are under the microscope and even take the heat for things legislatures are responsible for (like Bush with gas prices).

    Now putting the experience thing aside, Gov. Palin loves this country and has genuine character. Obama, despite his election year rhetoric, is dishonest and spiteful (to put it mildly).

  3. wardmama4 says:

    1st – not quite exactly – if Ann gave birth to Barrack in any place than one of the 50 (not 57) states, BHO would not be an American citizen (automatically) since she was 18 (she would turn 19 in Nov, BHO born in Aug) years old – therefore had not lived in the US for 19 years (which is how the law read, in regards to the situation of a US citizen and a foreign citizen giving birth to a child in 1961). Further complicating it would be that in Africa, BHO would automatically be a citizen and muslim – simply by virtue of his father, BHO Sr.

    This is the major problem and underlying concern – as there is no record in HA of a marriage – even BHO said in Dreams – he did not want to ‘explore’ that issue at all. There is however a divorce decree (which of course everyone has massaged into a HA marriage prior to BHO’s birth). Nor are there records of Ann giving birth in a HA hospital –

    And the end – which Berg’s lawsuit was gunning for – a simple birth certificate would end all of the questions. So why not produce it?

    And I for one do believe that it is of importance that a candidate for POTUS does prove he/she is eligible to be POTUS – given from the start that BHO’s father and step-father were not American citizens and were not even seeking to become citizens – it is a valid question that does deserve an honest and provable response.

  4. yonason says:

    See also Powerline’s “The End Of Journalism As We Knew It”.

  5. 1sttofight says:

    My appoligies wm4.

    Write this down because I give very few of these . ;)

  6. Steve says:

    “Berg suit bears some fruit….”

    Berg is a nut job. He is a “truther.”

    He is also suing President Bush for his involvement in 9/11.

    Please don’t post his nonsense here.

  7. VMAN says:

    Conservative makes a statement commie press picks it apart. Commie makes a statement commie press bends over backwards to say how much they love it. As to the Berg link let’s say for the sake of argument that what this Berg says is true (and I am not endorsing it. He does sound like a nut job). It could set a Precedent that might trump the constitution at some future time. And we do know that the left is all about destroying the constitution.

  8. Lurkin_no_mo says:

    The Lurker… always a day late and a dollar short.
    I agree with you SG that Berg is not the greatest “investigator” we could cite.
    However, remember awhile back when the liberals were saying John McCain wasn’t qualified to be President because he was born in the Canal Zone while his father was on active duty? If my memory serves me correctly didn’t the House or Senate (maybe both) vote on a statement that John McCain is an American citizen?
    Okay, so now the shoe is on the donkey. Does Obama show a birth certificate? Nope. He shows a certificate of live birth which basically states that, yep, this dude was actually born. I would think that he running for President would kind of prove that since, well, yeah, ya gotta be alive to be Prez.
    So why is Obambi so hesitant to produce a birth certificate? Should be an easy thing to do. I can do it. I’m sure most of the S&Lers can do it. Why can’t the Annointed One do it?

  9. sheehanjihad says:

    Why can’t the Annointed One do it? LNM!! for the simple reason that he doesnt have to! The MSM is helping him on this as with everything else. He just doesnt have to prove anything about himself. But Sarah Palin can be accused of committing an axe murder two years ago killing babies in their incubators at a hospital, and Palin will have to painstakingly explain to our ever gullible public that no, in fact she was not responsible for any attacks on children anywhere, while Obama points at his shoes, and slathering reporters knock each other in the head to lick them clean.

    This time…this time people will actually regret voting for him. This time, it will finally show everyone the folly of voting for the suit, and not the person under it. They will get exactly what they deserve too, and for the next four years we, meaning us, not “them” will have to suffer along until we can see if the GOP grows two things. Brains…and Balls. without a comprehensive strategy for 2012….well, it will be 8 years and a totally ruined nation.

    But! I will take the time to pimp slap anyone who brings up obama’s name to me for the next four years. I am so effing sick of hearing anything about anything concerning this corrupt fraud being explained away as an election. I just cant stand anymore. I think I will go spelunking so I can say I have been in a cave for the next three weeks. I’ve had all I can stands, and I cant stands no more! Till this afternoon that is…..posters here make it worthwhile to stay out of caves…

  10. ptat says:

    I empathize sheehanjihad—I, too, am experiencing overwhelming Obama fatigue. He is such an exquisite liar I can’t stand to see his lips move anymore. I am just trying to prepare for the Democratic juggernaut that may be inflicted upon us. I am expecting to say to my fellow decieved Americans, over and over again, well, look who is in charge. Everything is going to get better, right? No more war, no more hatred, a vastly improved and universal health care system. No more corruption, no more financial crises. Yes, he did promise those higher taxes and gas prices, but that is such a small price to pay, is it not? What’s that—you say he can’t do it all in 4 years? He needs eight, maybe 12 (we can change the Constitution…)? Soo….maybe in 12 years they will admit they were wrong……and I will be sitting in the Gulag…..

  11. ptat says:

    one other thing–I can’t resist—“my Grandmother is deathly ill and I urgently need to get to her bedside in Hawaii, right away—I will be leaving in 4 days after an appearance on some morning show to show everyone how much I care…..” PHONEY,PHONEY,PHONEY!

  12. If George Orwell could see us now….

  13. Liberals Demise says:

    CNN…….TRUTH SQUAD? What better OXYMORON?

  14. wardmama4 says:

    1st – I am truly humbled, and I graciously accept your apology.

    Here is my point 1) Berg is not the only person looking into/questioning BHO’s birth.
    Berg just filed a lawsuit. Truther or not – he is not the only one.
    2) Since Obama has had two passports (known left the country at age 6 and again in 1981), he obviously has a birth certificate to obtain such –
    and that ends with
    3) why the reluctance to provide it – most especially since the left attempted such with John McCain.

    Is it only the left who gets to question and be provided with the answers? Both of McCain’s parents were American citizens – such is not the case with Obama – and recently Michelle Obama (to African Press International) stated that he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro which would cause another problematic situation as to his eligibility to be POTUS.

    I don’t know of Berg and tend to agree that most Truthers are nut cases. It is a shame, as I personally feel that this question should be answered before Obama even gets the chance to be elected. . .

    As VMAN stated – what better way to absolutely destroy the Constitution than by electing a non-citizen as POTUS. Especially a socialist one.

    Man, during the primaries I worried that Her Royal Clinton would get into office and on the day after she was sworn in her second term set about to undo the 22nd Amendment – never did I imagine that the Left would put forth such a candidate who’s simple election would destroy the entire Constitution in one fell swoop. Don’t think it’s possible? Just look to NYC who just vetoed the voters and opened the door to Bloomberg serving a third term.

  15. take_no_prisoners says:

    I’d be surprised if the Clintons didn’t look into the question of BO’s citizenship very closely during the primary season. If he was, indeed, ineligible to be POTUS I’m quite confident the Clintons would have brought this to everybodies attention, one way or another.

  16. Liberals Demise says:

    How can you have a birth certificate if you were hatched?

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