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CO DMV Not Passing Out Licenses Fast Enough For ACLU

From Bloomberg:

Colorado Overwhelmed by Immigrant License Requests

By Jennifer Oldham | July 31, 2014

Undocumented immigrants in Colorado may face waits of a year or more to obtain drivers licenses under a program starting tomorrow, as thousands seeking to apply overwhelm an online scheduling system and available staff.  When the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles started accepting appointments from foreign nationals online July 1, it received as many as 107,500 page views an hour, crashing the system for several days. The DMV expects to process 9,551 applicants through September.

Note that the point of this article is not that it is outrageous that so many illegal aliens are getting drivers licenses. No, the outrage is that there is such a demand that some illegals may have to wait for their license.

In fact, the best line from the article is this bit of Orwellian lunacy:

“We are disappointed the department will only give licenses to those who are here unlawfully at five offices and by appointment only,” said Denise Maes, public policy director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado. “They can only take appointments 90 days in advance and all of those are booked.” …

Gosh, that’s rough. Luckily these new Coloradans have their marijuana to help them through this rough patch.

Colorado’s license program is complicated by a constitutional amendment in the state, known as the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, which mandates new programs must pay for themselves through fees… Undocumented immigrants will be required to pay $50.50 for licenses in Colorado, according to the new law…

So that is the real bottleneck. These licenses aren’t free. — Now, who on earth expected these poor illegal aliens to pay for their licenses? That is clearly discrimination. That has to be fixed, PDQ.

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