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Coakley Did Not ‘Tie Herself’ To Obama

Another columnist from the Boston Globe opines:

For Coakley, ominous sign

By Kevin Cullen, Globe Columnist  |  January 19, 2010

Blue Hill Avenue runs like a vein through the city.

It stretches for 4 miles, from River Street in Mattapan to Dudley Street in Roxbury, and a little more than a year ago there was an Obama sign on every block. There were Obama signs in Mattapan barber shops, in the windows of the apartment buildings opposite Franklin Field and Franklin Park, in the restaurants of Grove Hall, in the bodegas near Jermaine Goffigan Park.

Fourteen months ago, there was a buzz on Blue Hill Ave. and the streets that run off it like caterpillar legs. This is the heart of the biggest minority community in the state, and the energy generated by the prospect of Barack Obama becoming president was palpable.

Yesterday, I drove the length of Blue Hill Ave. and counted exactly two Martha Coakley signs. One of them was on a fence next to the Roxbury Energy Gas station, on the corner of Moreland Street. The sign wasn’t properly fastened. It flapped in the wind, revealing a “Mike Flaherty for Mayor’’ sign underneath.

If Martha Coakley loses today, it won’t be because she didn’t put up enough signs on Blue Hill Ave. It’ll be because she failed to convince enough of the people who put up the Obama signs on Blue Hill Ave. and a lot of other avenues across Massachusetts that Obama’s ability to get anything done depends on her winning the election…

You see, a Coakley loss won’t signal a rejection of the Obama agenda — and specifically a rejection of his ‘healthcare reform’ initiative.

It will only mean that Ms. Coakley didn’t tell the voters how much Obama needs her in order to get his wildly popular programs through Congress.

Besides the sign flapping at the gas station, the only other Martha Coakley sign on Blue Hill Ave. was in the window of Mattapan Family Laundry. Edgar Martinez was behind the counter and he said he knows absolutely nothing about Martha Coakley.

Edgar Martinez is 22 years old, and 14 months ago he voted in his first and so far only election, and he cast his ballot for Obama. “I remember then, when Obama was running, that was all we talked about, my friends, my family. We were excited,’’ he said. “I haven’t heard anybody I know talking about this election.

“All my friends voted for Obama. A lot of them were like me. It was the first time we voted. Even older people in my family, it was the first time they voted. Everybody thought things would get better. But they haven’t. I know a lot of people who have lost their houses this year. It’s sad. All my friends are saying Obama promised a lot but he’s doing nothing. I don’t know if that’s true. But that’s what my friends are saying.’’

These poor benighted dopes.

They don’t realize that unless they vote for Martha Coakley President Obama won’t be able to give them jobs and save their houses.

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3 Responses to “Coakley Did Not ‘Tie Herself’ To Obama”

  1. proreason says:

    “These poor benighted dopes.

    They don’t realize that unless they vote for Martha Coakley President Obama won’t be able to give them jobs and save their houses.”

    – and free health care
    – and Obamy bucks
    – and free cars
    – and give Whitey his just deserts
    – and pay reparations
    – and get those right-wing idealogues off the radio
    – and get those right-wing haters off TV
    – and provide free abortions
    – and release all the prisoners illegally encarcerated (that means “in jail”)
    – and stop persecuting muslim people
    – and stop persecuting Katrina victims
    – and fix the Constitution

    to name just a handful more

  2. Right of the People says:

    Stupid is as stupid does! That should be the motto of the Democraps.

  3. tranquil.night says:

    The Libs have been fond of elemental poetry lately. This one is dedicated to ‘Marcia’ Coakley, the regent of Camelot who lost the throne.

    Mr President, a plee:
    My body aches,
    I’ve lost my strength.
    I’m, tired – Tired. So sleepy.
    Just send me to Washington, Mr. Obama.

    But there’s no one to help; I left them all behind.
    This ship is my doing, the fault is mine;
    Riding the Even Tide.

    To set sail on such enchanted waters may seem the ideal plan,
    Ignoring the warnings, the knowledge, those memories left in the sand;
    Of those who’ve gone before me, -never to come back;
    All those unfortunate statesmen, destroyed in tragic attacks.

    Emotion, the polling killer – blinding mind, mouth, and soul;
    It’s a pirate of the body, assaulting until you’ve lost control.
    Venturing deeper into the blue, it then suddenly takes its leave;
    You’re left lost, alone, and desperate, in a state you can barely believe.

    But no, this is reality, I long for your supportive cry,
    To save me? No, but without me, your radical takeover has little more time.

    But there is no one, they’ve left me all behind,
    The sea is all I have now:
    On the Even Tide.

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