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Coakley Is Poised For An Historic Loss

From the shameless propagandists at the Associated Press:

Coakley hopes for historic win in Kennedy seat bid

By Steve Leblanc, Associated Press Writer Sat Jan 16

BOSTON – For much of her campaign, Martha Coakley steered clear of the Kennedy mystique, methodically crafting a low-key campaign to fill the late Edward Kennedy’s U.S. Senate seat the way the seasoned prosecutor would build a case in court.

But with the wheels threatening to come off the campaign and a double-digit lead eroding to a dead heat in the polls, Coakley, the state’s attorney general, is banking that a deep-seated loyalty to Kennedy among Massachusetts Democrats will be enough to propel her to victory.

Coakley has publicly accepted the endorsement of Kennedy’s widow, Vicki Kennedy, and nephew, the former U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy. Vicki Kennedy has also made a fundraising appeal and cut a television ad on Coakley’s behalf.

Some Democrats are worried Coakley has been too methodical in the six-week sprint to Tuesday’s special election

“Too methodical”? Sure, that’s her problem.

Not that she is too liberal, and too much of a tool of the Democrat machine.

Coakley, hoping to become the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts, said she always expected a tough election.

Ah, now we see what is so historic about this election.

We thought that it was historic because of the Democrats’ unprecedented chicanery and thuggery and mendacity.

But come to think of it, that probably isn’t so unprecedented.

"Scott’s come after me. I’m going to respond and voters will choose," Coakley said after a recent debate. "I’m not going to let anyone distort my record." …

Nobody has to. And the voters seem to be choosing, at least in the polls.

The only question is how many votes the ACORN/SEIU and DNC/New Black Panther poll workers can steal for her.

Coakley also has benefited from a strong fundraising effort and the endorsement of Vicki Kennedy. But critics have faulted her for mounting a low-key effort and largely disappearing from the campaign over the holidays.

Ms. Coakley didn’t disappear. She was in Washington raising money from the K Street lobbyists.

She knows what’s important.

Coakley said she’s been working hard since wrapping up a decisive win in a four-way primary, claiming 47 percent of the vote. Coakley said she’s bringing the same passion to the campaign that she’s put into her work

Her work as one of the worst prosecutors and Attorneys General in the country?

Her work inventing and prosecuting “Shaken Baby Syndrome” cases?

It’s a drive Coakley said she learned early on, growing up one of five children in western Massachusetts and pursuing a legal career at a time when women still faced significant hurdles.

"I come from a big family. My mother was youngest of 10," Coakley said. "My dad owned his own insurance agency and actually didn’t have much use for politics, but I think he’d be proud of the work I’ve done."

She went to nearby Williams College, graduating cum laude in 1975. In 1979, she received her law degree from Boston University. Coakley began her career in civil litigation at two Boston law firms before joining the Middlesex District Attorney’s office in 1986.

After working for the U.S. Justice Department in its Boston Organized Crime Strike Force, she returned to the DA’s office and became head of its child abuse prosecution unit in 1991.

In 1998, she was elected district attorney in Middlesex County. She made her first statewide run in 2006 and became the first woman elected attorney general.

The race to fill Kennedy’s seat is the culmination of a decade’s long quest for Coakley, 56, who grabbed the public’s attention with the high-profile prosecution of Louise Woodward, a British nanny charged with shaking to death a Newton couple’s infant son in 1997.

Deborah Eappen, whose son Matthew died, said she appreciated Coakley’s work on her family’s behalf.

"I felt like we couldn’t have been in better hands," she said of Coakley, then head of the Middlesex District Attorney’s child abuse unit…

"I love to cook. I love to downhill ski," [Coakley] said. "I really feel very blessed that I get to work every day on behalf of the public and have a great personal life with a husband who loves me."

Shouldn’t there be an announcement somewhere along here about how this is a paid campaign advertisement on behalf of Martha Coakley?

Or does that just go without saying with any article from the Associated Press about Ms. Coakley?

Just imagine how far ahead Mr. Brown would be if he got this kind of press from our watchdog media.

This article was posted by Steve on Saturday, January 16th, 2010. Comments are currently closed.

18 Responses to “Coakley Is Poised For An Historic Loss”

  1. JohnMG says:

    “…..After working for the U.S. Justice Department in its Boston Organized Crime Strike Force……”

    Makes perfectly good sense to me. Here she has all the inside information she needs, and a built-in constitituency who will buy her all the influence she needs in exchange for immunity from prosecution. I mean, if “Justice” can throw out a slam-dunk conviction in the Black Panther voter intimidation case, and ACORN continues getting federal money in the face if incontrovertable evidence of voter-fraud, tax-fraud, etc, why wouldn’t ‘Organized Crime’ pull out all the stops and elect one of their own in exchange for immunity?

    If Brown even comes close, or, heaven forbid wins, by a narrow margin, he’ll lose in the re-count. After all, this is, in the words of David Gergen, “Ted Kennedy’s seat”. How dare the will of the people prevail??!!!!

    Oh, God, how I despise these arrogant, self-serving, pompous, thieving, morally-bankrupt bastards!!!

  2. proreason says:

    Martha sealed her fate last night. In a radio interview, she declared Curt Shilling to be a Yankee fan. And when pressed about the bloody sock episode, she remained silent, apparently being unfamiliar with it.

    The Catholic thing is a pretty obscure point. Her other gaffes can also get lost in the shuffle.

    But the ignorance about Shilling cannot be more clear. She doesn’t know or relate to the people of Massachusetts. Even some of the Acorn and Union thugs will vote against her for that alone. Granted it isn’t an important policy matter, but it is a cultural matter of supreme importance in New England.

    Assuming that the Red Sox gaffe gets widely publicized, it’s over for her. She could lose by double digits.

    • jobeth says:


      As usual, since if I am not familiar with a topic/person I Google it and edify myself.

      I am not familiar with Coakley/Shilling/ bloody sock issue so I Googled that.

      After scanning my choices randomly I clicked on a site and promptly got a “YOU HAVE A VIRUS” window.

      Since I have an excellent virus protector my husband informed me it was one of those stealth programs that embeds itself very quickly on your computer in hopes that you will have to buy their product to get rid of it.

      It’s a real b**** to get rid of if you aren’t really computer savvy. Fortunately for me he is and I am now in the process of getting rid of it on my desk top.

      Since I just randomly clicked on a site I can’t remember just which one I clicked on. I can only tell you it was within the top 10 sites.

      Anyone researching the Coakley/bloody socks interview story might want to go past the first ten sites…Just be careful.

      Just a warning. Good luck!

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      jobeth, the bloody sock had to do with Curt pitching in the series with severe tendinitis in his right ankle. They even sutured it back together. He soldiered on and was a hero.

      Coakley’s ignorance of the event simply states she’s not a follower of baseball.

      No crime in that. But she should just say as much. Instead, she uses her mouth shovel whenever she can.

    • jobeth says:

      Thanks Rusty…I was a bit afraid to go searching again…:-D

      And yes…I don’t follow baseball either…lol

    • Steve says:

      Curt Shilling is a conservative.

      In fact, he’s a big fan of Ann Coulter’s.

      No wonder Coakley knows nothing about him.

    • proreason says:

      It’s more than Coakley not being a follower of baseball.

      Maybe there are two native New England’ers who aren’t aware of the bloody sock incident, but the other would have to be John Kerry.

      Not knowing about it is the equivalent of a Texan not knowing there is something called the Alamo, or thinking that the Dallas Cowboys are a country band.

  3. canary says:

    Why is there so little on Coakely’s statement that people with religious beliefs should not work in hospitals because of those beliefs.?

    It is religious organizations that built hospitals.

    Namely the Catholic church is get’s credit for building the first hospitals in America. Baptists, Presbyterians. Don’t let some of the hospitals bought and renamed fool you. Just wait til the government trys force all the hospitals churches beginning with Saint and other religious words be forced to change.
    One of the oldest best hospitals was formed by nuns.

    And it is was the Catholic churches that started the creation of churches sending missionaries all over the world to provide aid to the poor.

    Even Obama start in organizing was working with Catholic churches who of course weren’t radical enough sending him on the path to muslims and or muslims converted to Christianity.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Catholics to our stupid secular public sectors will always have that image of anti-science/anti-medicine and its probably pointless for our media to waste their time stirring up the issue by defending it. Most mystic religions have some variant story that God killed Imhotep/Asclepius – the first doctor – because of his arrogance for trying to cure death. That story translates into this modern argument athiestic and paganistic Liberals make about how the Christian Right is anti-health (and a great clue about why the legislative endgame for Liberals is Universal control over HealthCare). It’s just an all out smear to try and paint the great portion of America as fundamentalist lunatics.

      Sometimes I wonder if Pope Benedict’s odd association with the ideas of the Pagan Climate Zealots, particularly the “modest lifestyles” proposal, is more akin to Barack’s “apologizing for America” strategy. Then again, sometimes I also wonder if Benedict is Illuminatus.

    • canary says:

      TIME’s legacy of Ted Kennedy a Tribute – birth to 2009 hardback book has already bit the dust. What other than sordid details would there be to tell.

      He liked watching the first body sink into a body of water, so much
      he had our taxes pay so he could sink his nephew into the very body of water that took his life.

      Yet, Ted whose favorite past time was to sail and drink, was buried on land.
      An excuse for his wife to visit DC.

  4. Jesusland says:

    Shameless. What a blatantly in the tank article by the AP.

  5. misanthropicus says:

    […] Coakley has been too methodical in the six-week sprint to Tuesday’s special election […]

    Too methodical? You can tell this to the bald who call themselves “less ostentatiously hirsute” –

  6. puhiawa says:

    I have no idea who will win. But I do know that Obamacare will destroy Massachusetts. And Coakley is on board. She simply does not care. Power is more important. And impoverished people will beg.

  7. BillK says:

    Sorry, it will never happen.

    Unless she loses by 40% or more (which would be investigated for years as “widespread voter fraud” causing the Democrats to demand that the state appoint someone until the “investigation has been completed”), enough “absentee ballots,” “undercounts” and “voting machine errors” will be found to give her the victory.

    It worked in Washington State and in Minnesota, certainly the political machine in Maryland already has the mechanisms in place and the infinite recount lawsuits sitting in envelopes, ready to send out.

    It’s cute to see conservatives get all excited about the possibility, though.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    Waiting for another stolen moment by the cowardice DNC and the vote stealing Gestapo!

  9. lanahi says:

    Volunteers are being called for:

    “Next week, Massachusetts’s citizens will head to the polls to vote in a historical election. Close elections draw intense scrutiny, and ensuring the accuracy and credibility of the process is crucial. For that reason, the Scott Brown campaign is assembling a volunteer team to ensure that every legally cast ballot is accurately counted. The citizens of Massachusetts deserve a fair and honest election.
    He concludes: “Please do not wait, Election Day is January 19th!”
    There will be attempted vote fraud by some Democrats in the Brown/Coakley Senate race. There is a lot at stake. A defeat which takes away Ted Kennedy’s old seat, and loses their super-majority, will be a humiliation and a political disaster for the Democrats. They will have every incentive to use all means available to them to prevent that defeat.

    If you are lawyer who can volunteer in Massachusetts on January 19, go to the link and sign up now, or please forward this link if you know a lawyer who lives in Massachusetts or can be there on election day.”

  10. artboyusa says:

    Well, they’re welcome to scrutinize my absentee ballot, which I’ve completed and which is going in the mail in about half an hour. My idiot cousin is an active Coakley supporter (because she’s a “progressive” he says. I’m not because I remember the Louise “Butterfingers” Woodward show trial, I remember that she tried to keep Tookie Amirault in jail when he was innocent -better to be on the safe side, huh Martha? – and because we have enough female politicians already with those tight little faces and those concentration camp guard haircuts) so my vote for Brown will cancel his and help a little to restore the balance of the universe.

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