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Code Pink’s Rove Condoms – “Don’t Leak”

From Code Pink’s online store:

Karl Condoms $12.00

SOME THINGS SHOULD NEVER LEAK! Pink Karl Rove condoms- available ONLY through CODEPINK.

1 dozen for $12.

I guess it would be a waste of time to note that not even the DNC’s puppet Patrick Fitzgerald has accused Karl Rove of leaking anything.

It’s just more good clean fun from Code Pink.

The same people who harass the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital every weekend.

Here’s another non-partisan item, from their anarchist allies at the Ruckus Society:

The War Profiteers Card Deck $10.00

Brought to you by the Ruckus Society. Impress your friends with your knowledge!

The creative hellraisers at Ruckus and some of our closest allies have been working around the clock to bring you The War Profiteers Card Deck.

Now you can learn about the world’s inner circle of modern day Conquistadors without missing your Friday night poker game. The War Profiteers deck exposes some of the real war criminals in the US’s endless War of Terror.

Speaking of war profiteers, who is making more money off of this war than America-hating Code Pink?

Despite the fact that they are a 501c3 tax-exempt "charity" that is supposed to be thereby prohibited from engaging in partisan politics.

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