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Code Pink Tells Protesters How To Act

From the Zsa Zsa’s Huffington Post:

Pelosi Is an Expert at ‘Drowning Out Opposing Views’

Jodie Evans, CODEPINK Co-Founder
August 12, 2009

Disruption of the health care town hall meetings has triggered some rich debate about free speech in the U.S. In these discussions, CODEPINK has been referenced several times as the group that has most often tested the boundaries of free speech. Over the years, we’ve been chided and insulted by the media, Members of Congress, former Press Secretaries, and even President Bush himself. However, when Nancy Pelosi weighed in recently on the town hall "mobs," saying that "drowning out opposing views is un-American," I was compelled to respond.

While the frequent mentions of CODEPINK in these discussions do not surprise me, it saddens me that there are so few groups from the past decade to reference when talking about pushing the edge of healthy debate. Congress has been failing the people in so many ways for so long that there should have been be a non-stop primal scream from the people to wake the our representatives up from their corporate-funded stupor.

But who would have heard them? For far too long, the American people have been cut off from and out of the political process without any real avenues of letting their voices be heard. So when Speaker Pelosi — no stranger to drowning out opposing views — talks about "drowning out opposing views is un-American," the statement is steeped in irony.

For example, CODEPINK attended Nancy Pelosi’s last town hall meeting in January of 2006. Let me be clear — these town halls are one of very few ways for the people to voice their opinions, and CODEPINK does not disrupt healthy debate at these events, as some of the protesters have done at recent health care town halls. At this event, Medea Benjamin was the first in line to ask a question. After her question was ignored (no answer was given), CODEPINK members stood quietly in the front of the room with their banner. No screaming, no verbal attacks or threats of violence, no disruption of the other voices in the room.

At the time of the meeting, Pelosi had announced she’d taken the impeachment of George Bush "off the table" — choosing her popularity and chances at reelection over her constitutional duty. Millions of Americans were not happy — but Pelosi refused to have any other town halls for the rest of Bush’s term — effectively "drowning out opposing views." Today — over three years later — she continues to work at locking out debate about single payer in the Congressional hearings on health care.

In the media surrounding the health care town halls, protesters disruptions have been compared to CODEPINK’s presence in Congress. This is comparing the proverbial apples to oranges and doesn’t distinguish Congressional hearings from the public-centered town halls. In Congressional hearings, the discussion is all too often one-sided, with the voice of the people woefully absent. We seek to expand the conversation and introduce the elephants in the room — most often we’ve delivered our message with our choice of costume or the messaging on our signs and t-shirts. We do this after we have exhausted every other remedy to express our opinions — after we’ve called, written letters, delivered petitions, brought activists to DC from around the country and met with our representatives. We resort to non-violent direct actions when there is no other way to get the message across.

We’ve understood, regrettably, when we go to a hearing that if we stand up and deliver the message that it is quite probable that we will be arrested. Our ‘outbursts’ are not meant to shut-down conversation; they’re meant to join it where we have been shut out. This does not seem to be the motive of the health care protesters, who appear upset that the topic is even being visited.

However, what is most sobering about this conversation about how to hold national debates is that here, in this country that considers itself to be the most democratic in the world, dissent is so rare and so frightening. We need dissent now more than ever – our representatives have just forked over $10 trillion to Wall Street and another $100 billion for wars. We should all be attending town halls right now and asking the hard questions, demanding accountability. Our representatives need to feel our anger at the selling out of everything we value. But this can only happen when we have all the facts and when we respect the other voices in the room. We absolutely must demand to be heard — but never through violence, and not at the expense of silencing others.

This is quite wonderful, coming as it does from a top Obama bundler. and Code Pink’s sugar-mommy.

Lest we forget, Ms. Evans was secreted into the Republican National Convention by our objective watchdog media. And, while there, she sought to shout down Governor Sarah Palin, who was giving a speech accepting the party’s nomination as Vice President.

In contradistinction to Ms. Evans’ claimed excoriation of Code Pink by our watchdog media, almost no reports mentioned her or her group by name, nor did they note her background with Code Pink or even that she was a top Obama fundraiser.

But, as regular readers will attest, this is the rule rather than the exception. Our media masters regularly attribute every Code Pink stunt to ‘grass roots’ protesters.

As we have also regularly noted, Code Pink is a near constant disrupting presence in Congress and in Congressional hearings, where they are given access by John Conyers and other like-minded Democrats.

And once again media reports of this actions almost never bother to mention the group by name or the minor fact that they are a small band of professional protesters.

In actual fact Code Pink is just another ‘astroturf’ group that is paid for by Democrat (and even Hugo Chavez) money. They are in the tradition of ACORN, ANSWER and countless other professional America-hating groups.

And they are the molecular opposite of those who are raising objections at various healthcare townhalls across the nation.

They only and always seek to drown out every voice but their own.

And it is laughable for the harridan, Ms. Evans, to pretend otherwise.

This article was posted by Steve on Sunday, August 16th, 2009. Comments are currently closed.

5 Responses to “Code Pink Tells Protesters How To Act”

  1. Kilmeny says:

    Now that’s rich.

    • JohnMG says:

      You were much too kind, Steve. These folks are, by their very presense, disruptive. This is borne out by their dealings here and abroad, always accompanied by their particular brand of obnoxious behaviors. For this moron to hold Code Pink up as some paragon of virtue in the free speech arena is laughable.

      I appreciate the expression, Kilmeny, but Code Pink’s weighing in with their opinion on civil discourse is nothing short of bankrupt.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    Nothing Un- American here.
    I guess I’ll move on to something more pertinent.

  3. wirenut says:

    I only wish codepink would get a dose of their own medicine. Civil people debate with facts and logic. Neither of which pinkers seem accustomed to or care about. Spoiled children pretending to be adults. The only thing grass roots about pinkers and the rest of the lefties is their collective I.Q.’s equals a potted houseplant.

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