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Code Pink Witches To ‘Cleanse’ The WH

A couple updates on the doings of the professional protesters of Code Pink.

First from the Washington Times:

Medea Benjamin, of Code Pink, and Desiree Fairooz, of Arlington, Texas, hold up their signs as they wait for the inauguration ceremony to begin at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2009.

Code Pink sits up front

By John Ward

January 20 2009

You know things have changed in Washington when Code Pink gets seats up front at the inauguration.

Medea Benjamin, the group’s founder, and Desiree Fairooz, one of the group’s most visible members, are in Section 10, about 100 feet from the stage.

I asked if someone in Congress had given Medea her tickets. She just smiled and said, "We do have friends."

Both women are wearing — what else? — all pink and carrying homemade signs made out of pink sheets.

"Obama, lead us out of Iraq," says Medea’s sign.

Desiree’s says, "Yes we can, can end the wars."

Of course Code Pink’s founder and sugar-mommy (using her lucrative divorce settlement) was one of Mr. Obama’s top bundlers.

And lest we forget who ‘Desiree Fairooz’ is:

And speaking of crazy harridans, we have this from unrepentant Stalinists at The Nation:

The Work Has Begun

By Victor Navasky

January 20, 2009

[A] rally organized by Medea Benjamin, who was joined by witches from CodePink and Kate Clinton, the comedienne, whose object would be to "cleanse the White House."

Don’t Ask.

We always knew they were witches.

But it is nice to see them admit it.

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16 Responses to “Code Pink Witches To ‘Cleanse’ The WH”

  1. DGA says:

    What about “obama, lead us out of Chicago”? There were more deaths there this year than in Iraq. War’s over, get over it, we won, go find something else to get soros to pay you for.

  2. 1sttofight says:

    Lesbians Gone Wild…

  3. JohnMG says:

    Carrying on a theme…..who knew you could spell “bitches” with a “W”?

  4. Alice L. says:

    They need to cleanse their “privates”. Who knows where they have put them.

  5. sheehanjihad says:

    relax, these miserable oxygen thief douchebags have just watched their target fly into the sunset. They have pretty much nothing to protest anymore. Shriveled up scrawny has been activists will be applying for food stamps soon….they are irrelevant now, the left has used them like the attention whores they are, and now they dont matter to anyone. As though they ever did. Useful idiots will have to form a union to survive now.

  6. wardmama4 says:

    Can I laugh when The One ™ doesn’t cut and run from Iraq and/or Afghanistan – and the Code Pinkos turn on him?

    Of course not – he will figure out a way to either cut and run without cutting and running – think Korea or his handlers will figure out a way to silence them. Hopefully, for good.

  7. DEZ says:

    Get code pink out of the USA now.

    I know they wont leave, but I don’t want them to feel comfortable either.
    Not to worry moonbats feed on their own, they will go after Obama now, the kid just found himself at the helm and he has no clue how to pilot this nation, and if he has half a brain he will start listening to people smarter than himself, and the moonbats will not like that at all.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    Uh……..what is with the “RED” stuff on the skanks hands?
    Was the roast beast too rare? Is she pissed that there were no napkins at her table? Or is this beasty of a woman(?) trying to blame the “O”man of deaths on his hands in his first hours as “Head Mandingo” of the Americas’?

  9. sheehanjihad says:

    LD…that skank pulled that on Condoleeza Rice some time ago, as covered by S&L. It’s too bad that blood wasnt from her trying to pop the tater stick dent out of her forehead.

  10. Liberals Demise says:

    Thanks SJ….for a minute there I thought she preformed an abortion ritual as part of the coronation “Song and Dance SheDevil” skit.

    • DEZ says:

      That’s called a moonbat, they decry killing murderers and terrorists, but think killing babies by the millions is great, and they think we are confused!

  11. Liberals Demise says:

    SheDevil Witchdoctor…….Heal thy self!!

  12. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Code Oink is at it again I see. Besides their obvious agenda, they also actively seek to emasculate every male in our society. Blinded by their ideology, they’ll never realize nor accept the fact that most women want their men masculine. Because when push comes to shove in a dire situation most women don’t want the touchy-feely, sensitive guy strumming his guitar while singing kumbayah. No, they want the knuckle dragging, street brawling, I’m gonna’ beat the **** out of you guys for their protection. Yes there are lots of real men still out there and that pisses off these pink moonbats to no end just knowing that.

  13. Barbie says:

    Perhaps what’s really needed is an exorcism performed on Code Pink – I bet crazy bat demons would just come flying out!. .

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