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Code Pink Women Rescued By Shell Oil

This story is a week old now, but it is just too rich to pass up. From an irony-proof Oregonian:

Portland woman lands in midst of chaos in Cairo enroute to Gaza

By Lynne Terry, The Oregonian
Monday, January 31, 2011

On Friday, amid the chaos of looting, mass protests and burning buildings, with police in full riot gear standing ready and tear gas hanging in the air, Donna Boyd arrived at Cairo’s airport.

The Northeast Portland resident, a nurse at Providence Portland Medical Center, left Oregon on Thursday bound for the Egyptian capital just as hordes of Americans and other foreigners were desperate to get out.

But Boyd, 55, was on a mission. With a girlfriend from Seattle, she planned to meet up in Cairo with members of Code Pink, a U.S.-based peace group, and then travel to Gaza to support Palestinian rights.

Their plane landed at 9 p.m. after a nearly 15-hour journey, and they found people camped out at the airport, hoping for flights out. They were told no taxis were available, but they managed to find one and communicate to the driver, who didn’t speak English, that they wanted to go to their hotel near Tahrir Square, a hotbed of protests…

"We really wanted to get into the situation and find out what was going on," Boyd said. So they hopped into another taxi and headed toward the square. "We were going into the epicenter of where the burning was going on," Boyd said.

They were on a bridge crossing the Nile near the heart of the protests when the taxi suddenly stopped. They got out, looking toward the National Democratic Party building. "There was smoke and tear gas in the air," Boyd said. "The building was on fire. People were chanting. The building was coming down. There were lots of people. Men and women. Police were everywhere, in full riot gear. They were just standing there."

What exactly did she want the police to do?

They were close to Tahrir Square, but there was no way they were going to make it to their hotel amid the fiery demonstrations. So, the driver took them to the Marriott on the other side of the Nile.

They watched the bedlam from afar and decided they wanted to go back. "We got our anxiety under control, and our blood pressure dropped," Boyd said. "We said we’ve got to get closer."

The next day, Boyd learned that the trip to Gaza was off — the Egyptian government had canceled the travel permits — so they went to see the pyramids. They were closed, but they enjoyed a camel ride

In case you haven’t gathered by now that these women are uninformed nitwits who were merely out for a joy ride.

They decided to leave on Sunday.

Their early morning taxi ride to the airport took them past tanks barricading their streets, leading to a massive traffic jam at the airport, with cars honking and trying to jockey forward. The 8:40 a.m. British Airways flight they had hoped to catch was delayed until 3:30 p.m. The situation was not looking good.

"My anxiety was getting out of control," Boyd said. "It was so packed — a smash of humanity. You could feel all the tension, with all these people trying to get out of Egypt."

They found a group of other Westerners and stayed with them. Turned out they were a group of Shell Oil employees who had chartered a flight out of Egypt.

In the end, the two women left Cairo on that flight to Amsterdam. "We were treated like royalty," Boyd said.

Shell put the two women up in a hotel in the Netherlands, where they plan to stay until Wednesday when they have a flight home

And yet Ms. Boyd will probably be joining her Code Pink friends out on the streets protesting evil ‘Big Oil,’ as soon as she gets back home, safe and sound.

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4 Responses to “Code Pink Women Rescued By Shell Oil”

  1. Rusty Shackleford says:

    What I get from all this is, once again the hippie uptake of people slightly older than I. This 55 year old, perhaps really wanting to “prove herself” worthy of the hippie party, desperately goes out on a limb to risk her life and others’ only to find herself in a trap of her own making. But such logic would never reveal itself to her. She was most likely imagining the days ahead when she could tell her grandkids about her “activism” in Egypt in 2011 and how she and people like herself were able to “turn the tide of government to peace and a Haight/Ashbury-like movement”.

    Such people are mildly to seriously deranged. Misguided at the very least. Not knowing anything about a foreign lant savce for Rudy Maxa’s or Rick Steves’ trips on PBS, such people are in great danger, assuming everyone is friendly and “likes everbody” and thinks like they do. I am pleased by her awakening but sadly fear it will do no use. In the hippie’s mind, all such violence clearly stems from an (understandable) hatred of “American Imperialism” and all they wanted to do was “be free”.

    There have been studies done on riots and civil unrest and very often, the most violent operators are the least politically motivated. In fact, they look upon it as an opportunity to act criminally insane and get away with it. For example, the Watts riots. Yup, it makes a great statement to destroy the local businesses and infrastructure as the newspapers claim that they were about “discrimination”.

    Aide to Mubarak: “Sir, the people are revolting”

    Mubarak: “I’ve been saying that for years but…have the mullahs install more showers”.

  2. Liberals Demise says:

    No wonder why they hate us……..Code Stink in Pink!

  3. canary says:

    and to think Code Pink bragged on the Muslim Brotherhood website, that the Hamas would protect them on their trip to cleanse the world. Code Pink makes the world ugly.

  4. wardmama4 says:

    Whose paying for all this crappola? Why don’t these idiots ‘redistribute’ the wealth to people like us – unemployed, desperately seeking a job – but unable to collect unemployment because of a ‘technicality’ – you know, some of those people who slip through the cracks of the stupid, vapid and all-so-‘victim’ specific socialist agenda.

    When I think of how little we need to be able to sit tight until the adults get back into office (although now that I hear that the GOP is moving toward ‘fixing’ Obamacare and not ‘exactly’ deleting it from the new ‘budget’ – I’m not so sure that there ever were any adults nor ever will be in DC) and how much idiots like the Pinkos, sports players and of course the hollyweird ‘look at me, look at me’ waste – it brings me to tears.

    But when I hear every leftist and liberal screeding on about the pension plans and ‘promises’ made (turned me off Sarah Palin so I guess everyone has their sacred cow) – and to find out that our War Widows can’t get their survivors benefits AND their insurance payments – at the same time, it makes me want to go to DC and b*tch slap each and every one of these crapweasels in DC. Using the same damn line that they used for denying Tricare for life – we never promised you that?!? You pay for something while alive – You expect your survivors to get it when you give your life for your Country.

    But apparently there are some promises that are more equal than other promises.

    May they all rot in hell.

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