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Coldest Week Since 1938 Kills 45 Across Russia

From the Moscow Times:

Cold Snap Claims Lives Across Russia

19 December 2012

Health officials said Wednesday that record-breaking cold weather caused the deaths of 21 people on Monday.

One hundred and forty-seven people were hospitalized with frost bite and 250 people suffered cold-related injuries the same day, RIA-Novosti reported.

Monday’s fatalities come a week into a period of unseasonable cold.

Overall, 45 people have died and 266 people have been hospitalized since temperatures ranging from minus 18 degrees Celsius in the capital to minus 50 degrees in parts of Siberia gripped the country a week ago.

How come we never hear about how many people die from hypothermia? It is one of the biggest killers in the world. Hypothermia kills far more than heat and hurricanes combined. Not to mention what it does to crops, which in turn causes more deaths.

And yet we never hear about the dangers of cold weather. At least not since the 1970s when we were being warned about ‘the coming ice age.’

RIA-Novosti said the past week’s weather is the coldest to hit Russia since 1938.

And it isn’t even winter yet. Still, if this gets reported in the Western media, some will find a way to pin it on global warming climate change. They always do.

Alongside an increased risk of catching hypothermia, freezing temperatures cause greater fuel consumption that results in fires, the report said, adding that such fires claim the lives of up to 70 Russians daily.

And, worse of all, that increased fuel consumption adds to global warming. Where are the laws to prevent these wreckers from burning fuel?

The current cold snap is expected to last through the middle of next week, according to weather forecasts.

How many more will die? Oh, well. Let them eat carbon.

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One Response to “Coldest Week Since 1938 Kills 45 Across Russia”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Imagine how bad this would be without Global Warming

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