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Colin Powell Wants ‘Single-Payer’ Health-Care

From ABC News:

Colin Powell Pitches Single-Payer Health Care in US

By Alex Lazar | December 9, 2013

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has waded into the health care debate with a broad endorsement of the kind of universal health plan found in Europe, Canada and South Korea.

"I am not an expert in health care, or Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, or however you choose to describe it, but I do know this: I have benefited from that kind of universal health care in my 55 years of public life," Powell said, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal, last week at an annual "survivors celebration breakfast" in Seattle for those who, like Powell, have battled prostate cancer. "And I don’t see why we can’t do what Europe is doing, what Canada is doing, what Korea is doing, what all these other places are doing."

Is Mr. Powell talking about the Veterans Administration? If so, he is even more out of touch than we thought. Most (non-General) veterans seem to believe the VA hospitals are total disasters.

Europe, Canada and Korea all have a "single-payer" system, in which the government pays for the costs of health care.

And in many countries in Europe, such as the UK, they are trying to get out from under their single-payer system.

Some Democrats who strongly advocated for, and failed to get, a single-payer system in the 2010 Affordable Care Act, still believe the current law dosn’t [sic] go far enough to reform the US health system.

But Mr. Powell is a ‘Republican.’ In fact, according to the news media, he is the head of the Republican Party. Unless it is Rush Limbaugh.

A retired four-star general and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Powell told the audience about a woman named Anne, who as his firewood supplier, faced a healthcare scare of her own. Anne asked Powell to help pay for her healthcare bills, as her insurance didn’t cover an MRI she needed as a prerequisite to being treated for a growth in her brain. In addition, Powell’s wife Alma recently suffered from three aneurysms and an artery blockage. "After these two events, of Alma and Anne, I’ve been thinking, why is it like this?" said Powell.

Because Anne wasn’t personally responsible enough to take care of her health insurance needs?

"We are a wealthy enough country with the capacity to make sure that every one of our fellow citizens has access to quality health care," Powell. "(Let’s show) the rest of the world what our democratic system is all about and how we take care of all of our citizens."

Mr. Powell must have skipped his Civics classes. Our system of government is not socialism.

Powell, who has taken heat from Republicans for twice endorsing President Obama’s election and reelection bids, said he hopes universal healthcare can one day become a reality in the U.S. "I think universal health care is one of the things we should really be focused on, and I hope that will happen," said Powell. "Whether it’s Obamacare, or son of Obamacare, I don’t care. As long as we get it done."

Shouldn’t the ‘son of Obama-Care’ be called ‘Trayvon-Care’?

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5 Responses to “Colin Powell Wants ‘Single-Payer’ Health-Care”

  1. Petronius says:

    Colon Bowel, my homie g!

    Fo’ shizzle my nizzle.

    Let’s get so’ mo’ dat free stuff fo’ de homies, bro.

    Dem raciss ass crackas gots nuff stuff to do fo’ all us homies, man. Da whole hood gonna get well, bro.

    Ah yes. Colon Bowel [sic]. I mean, really, how can anyone still take this jerk seriously?

    Don’t you just love it when Colon Bowel, who helped engineer the conviction of an innocent man, waxes eloquent on morality, fairness, democracy, and social justice?

    How it must gall him to realize that––if it hadn’t been for Hillary––the media would have crowned him as the greatest Secretary of State in history. Heh-heh.

  2. GetBackJack says:

    I can’t post here my opinion of the colon

  3. canary says:

    Colin Powell asks Romanian diplomat to remove his steamy e-mails to her in summer of 2013
    which started when he met her ten years prior.


    A different article Powell said he’d already had bought a 4 year supply he still had from Anne who he could not resist. Article also said she did other jobs at his home, and it was upon refusal to buy more wood from Anne that led to her request to pay for an MRI. Most likely an MRI was done that found the growth so perhaps Anne wanted a fancier MRI done as the surgery was performed.
    Lot’s of top rate and of the latest medical procedures and surgeries are not available in most insurance.
    The rich such as Powell worth 45 million dollars can afford the best of care. It’s just the way it is. If we could do away with capitalism than Powell would not be able to afford 1st class surgery.

    Powell, who earned a Geography degree with a C average at City College in NY earned a purple heart in Vietnam. While walking along he stepped on a punji stake and the resulting infection led to his tour shortened.

    He can’t be trusted and should not be invited to any Republican events as he is a kiss and tell kind of guy.

  4. JohnMG says:

    …..”a woman named Anne, who as his firewood supplier”………..asked Powel, “Got wood”?

    Another affirmative-action hire demonstrates his gratitude. What an ash-hole!

  5. bousquem25 says:

    I’m sure the VA is a wonderful place for care when you’re a former head of the joint chiefs and have loads of connections. The rest of the people not so good. I don’t see how trying and running a failed system (ask a sick Brit or Canadian how well it works) here is going to make a difference. The whole idea of getting free healthcare is great until people learn that if you doctor is getting paid to see 10 people a day, they’re not going to see 30 people so that all have that wonderful personalized care. If you can get in, its going to be a push you out the door, if you sick go to the ER and wait a few days in the hallway to be seen (maybe Grandma will die waiting for a bed and therefore more money saved on her care). The political elites will get the best care because of their connections but everyone else will be a death by a thousand bureaucrats deciding that someone is too old/young/sick to really benefit from the care so they’ll get shuffled off to die. My uncle was an opthamologist in the 1990’s and he had people coming from Canada for cataract surgery because the goverment told them to wait a few years to get on a waiting list to see if they could be scheduled for surgery. Most were blind in one eye and the other eye was going, by the time they waited for their “free” care they would have been blind in both eyes for years.

    Also how is the single payer going to be paid for? If he says the answer is to tax the rich or some other moonbat idea then he belongs in a looney bin. How long before we are seeing a $10 gallon of milk because of taxes and such added to items to help pay for the healthcare? Of course that will require that the goverment lower the prices for the “poor and middle class” or give them more subsidies paid for by “the rich”. Eventually the rich are going to be the guys in the next mud hut who have an extra potato to eat while they stare at the elite’s in their mansions. Of course the political elites will deserve to have extra because of their hardwork (Animal Farm anyone?).

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