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College Speaker Calls Students Immature, Arrogant

From an amused Associated Press:

College speaker calls students immature, arrogant

May 18, 2014

HAVERFORD, Pa. (AP) — A commencement speaker on Sunday blasted college students as "immature" and "arrogant" for protesting another speaker who then decided to withdraw.

William Bowen, former president of Princeton University, used his commencement speech at Haverford College outside Philadelphia to criticize students who campaigned against Robert Birgeneau, former chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley. Birgeneau is among several commencement speakers who canceled their appearances this spring amid student protests.

More than 40 students and three professors had protested Birgeneau’s invitation to speak, objecting to his handling of a 2011 incident at Berkeley in which police used force at a student protest during the Occupy movement.

Wow, more than 40 students and three professors protested? By the way, we assume the three professors are immature and arrogant, as well.

And bear in mind, their complaint was the guy running Berkeley was not far left enough. Which is probably why he is the ‘former chancellor.’

The group wanted Birgeneau to apologize, support payments for victims and write a letter to Haverford students explaining his position on the events and "what you learned from them."

Is that all? He didn’t have to provide them with police cars to defecate on? Or more women to rape?

Birgeneau, who was also supposed to receive an honorary degree from Haverford, refused those demands and others in a terse email.

Which we would love to read.

Bowen chastised students in his speech for driving Birgeneau away…. "I am disappointed that those who wanted to criticize Birgeneau’s handling of events at Berkeley chose to send him such an intemperate list of ‘demands,’" Bowen said Sunday. "In my view, they should have encouraged him to come and engage in a genuine discussion, not to come, tail between his legs, to respond to an indictment that a self-chosen jury had reached without hearing counterarguments."

Apparently, genuine discussions are no longer permissable at most liberal colleges. Even ones nobody has ever heard of.

Bowen also said Birgeneau had "responded intemperately, failing to make proper allowance for the immature, and, yes, arrogant inclinations of some protesters. Aggravated as he had every right to be, I think he should be with us today."

He called Birgeneau’s withdrawal a defeat for the school. His remarks drew a standing ovation.

Actually, we think he was a little too kind to the protesters and the school for caving in to them. But it’s a start.

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One Response to “College Speaker Calls Students Immature, Arrogant”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    To their credit it was the Faculty who were stoned for this speech .. excuse me, high ..

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