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Columbia University ‘Magazine’ Mocks 9/11

From the "Tragedy Issue" of the Columbia University humor magazine, Jester:


Here is more on the "Jester of Columbia," from Wikipedia:

Jester of Columbia

The Jester of Columbia, or simply the Jester, is a humor magazine at Columbia University in New York City. Founded on April Fool’s Day, 1901, it is one of the oldest such publications in the United States. Printed continuously at least through 1997. It was revived in 2001 after a short lapse in publication and again in 2005 after another, shorter one. Jester now produces magazines and sponsors comedy events on Columbia’s campus.

Excluding brief lapses in publication, the Jester has always produced issues. Jester publishes four or five times per year, with articles loosely centered around a broad theme. These have recently included "Justice," "Liquid," and "Technology." Issues contain a wide array of articles and jokes, such as narratives, dialogues, and articles composed of short paragraphs discussing a theme. To heighten the effect of period pieces or specific jokes, articles appear as fake documents found and scanned into the issue. Illustrations are a significant part of the magazine, with visual gags and fake ads bringing greater variety.

Granted college humor is normally juvenile and often in bad taste. But this is somewhat beyond that.

Of course what can one expect of a magazine that employed the despicable Ted Rall.

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