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Comedy Video On YouTube Mocks 9/11 Attacks

At the risk of giving "Andy" the attention he so obviously craves, I am posting a link to his video spoof about the investment possibilities involved in creating a World Trade Center replica.

Complete with "all the mourning opportunities of the original Ground Zero," "jet fuel eternal flame" and "110 story bungee jump":

YouTube caption: A self-described “Los Angeles real estate magnate” tries to weasel investors into a horribly exploitive 9/11 themed investment opportunity… in category Comedy Tags 911 9/11 tasteless spoof comedy funny ground1 ground zero

Of course "Andy" thinks he is being wickedly funny. But there really are some things that you just don’t joke about.

I walk past a firehouse every day that lost 14 of its 19 man crew on 9/11. They wouldn’t find it funny.

But I’m sure they would like to give "Andy" their opinions — first hand.

(Thanks to Janet for the heads up.)

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