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Communism, Nazism And Barack Obama

Just a few months ago New York magazine favorably compared Mr. Obama to Lincoln, Gandhi, Cicero and Jesus — based solely on his “soaring rhetoric.” Which is almost as exaggerated as his accomplishments.

But what about Mr. Obama’s political philosophy? What do we know of that even after two years of his political campaign?

Like the rest of the Obama story, we know very little. But what little we do know suggests that he is the fruit of two of the most poisonous political doctrines of the modern world: class warfare and racism.

The most powerful political theory of the modern world for better or worse (and it’s been mostly for worse) has been George Friedrich Hegel’s Dialectical Materialism.

In a nutshell, Dialectical Materialism contends that history itself is merely the evolution of an essential struggle between fundamental forces.

Karl Marx’s contribution to this theory was to identify the forces as the “haves” and “have nots.” Marx therefore saw all history, indeed everything, as a war between the classes — the bourgeoisie “haves” and the proletarian “have nots.”

A couple of generations later, Adolf Hitler also looked to the great Hegelian motor of history for answers.

But he believed his great discovery was that Marx was badly mistaken.

There was an ongoing war evident in all things. But it was not between economic classes — it was between peoples, between races.

Needless to say, these two theories have left their terrible mark upon the last two centuries. Indeed, it has been argued that World War Two was ultimately a war between rightwing Hegelians (Nazis) and leftwing Hegelians (the Communists/socialists).

This, of course, is all very interesting. But what does it have to do with Mr. Obama?

Well, Mr. Obama is himself the product of these two dangerous strains of political theory.

As he himself proudly admits, Obama is a follower of Saul Alinsky and a faithful practitioner of Alinsky’s methods. (As his campaign shows all too well.)

Saul Alinsky was for all intents and purposes a Marxist. His teachings were all bent towards helping the “have nots” get their just desserts from the “haves.”

Alinsky taught that this could be accomplished through organizing and demanding their piece of the pie.

As we know, Mr. Obama has followed and taught Alinsky’s theories and practices all of his adult life.

But what about racism?

Well, Mr. Obama’s “spiritual mentor” for more than twenty years was the now notorious Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Reverend Wright is proud to be the foremost proponent of James Cone’s theory of Black Liberation. And Black Liberation, like Hitler’s Nazism, ultimately contends that the history of the world is the history of the struggle between peoples, between races.

Ironically, in messrs Cone and Wright’s theory of Black Liberation, blacks are the new Jews, forever oppressed and prosecuted by the “hooked nosed” Romans — who represent whites.

Of course Black Liberation is also larded with the Marxism of the “haves” versus the “have nots.” But just like in Nazism (where the Jews “had” and the Aryans “had not”), this is ultimately blamed on the war between the races.

As Mr. Obama himself put it in his first autobiography, Dreams From My Father, “white folks’ greed runs a world in need.”

Granted, Mr. Obama usually hides any such expressions of class or race warfare. Indeed, his second autobiography, “The Audacity Of Hope,” and his political speeches since he has been on the national stage have sought to convey the opposite impression.

Indeed, Mr. Obama claims to be a modern, post-racial candidate, who wants to get beyond the divisions of the past. But in reality the mask has slipped — with Joe The Plumber and elsewhere.

In fact, even the title “Audacity To Hope” was based upon one of Mr. Wright’s more belligerently race-warfare baiting sermons.

In the final analysis we really don’t know what Mr. Obama’s true political philosophy is.

All we know is that he is one of the most radically leftwing politicians in the US Congress. And that he is running for President on the most radically leftwing platform in history.

And we know that the two most significant political influences on his life, Saul Alinsky and Reverend Wright believed in class and race warfare. The very two concepts that have bedeviled our world for so long.

Which begs the question — do we really want such a man to be President?

This article was posted by Steve on Tuesday, November 4th, 2008. Comments are currently closed.

19 Responses to “Communism, Nazism And Barack Obama”

  1. Byrd says:

    Ears that can not hear do not know regardless of how sweet or sour the music.

  2. 1sttofight says:

    All you have to do to be elected POTUS is to fool(promise them money) 50.1% of the voters.

  3. Helena says:

    Beautifully said, SG. You ought to write “think pieces” more often.

  4. BannedbytheTaliban says:

    “All you have to do to be elected POTUS is to fool(promise them money) 50.1% of the voters.”

    Unfortunately 1st it isn’t that hard. Clinton never had 50%. I hope Nixon/Regan are right and the “silent majority” vote in droves today.

  5. Lah says:

    “George Friedrich Hegel’s Dialectical Materialism. ”

    Dialectical Materialism was the term first used by Marx. In fact, Hegel’s dialectical idealism was in a way completely opposite to dialectical materialism.

  6. Nimblicity says:

    Completely opposite? I thought it was Marx’s thesis was antithetical. (jk)

    Regardless, Obama is the Synthetic Messiah of the two philosophies. Ain’t it a proud day.

  7. Steve says:

    “Dialectical Materialism was the term first used by Marx. In fact, Hegel’s dialectical idealism was in a way completely opposite to dialectical materialism.”

    Actually it was coined by a friend of Marx’s — who was a tanner.

    Don’t get confused by our understanding of “idealism” versus “materialism.”

    Hegel meant “idealism” in the way Plato did — as the ultimate reality. “The thing in and for itself” — as Hegel would so famously put it.

    Hegel believed “ideals” are the basis of all true science. The only real thing.

    Similarly, the Marxists called Hegel’s dialectic “materialism” because they wanted it to sound more real — and subject to the study of science.

    But that just shows they didn’t entirely grasp what Hegel was talking about in the first place.

  8. Gladius et Scutum says:

    But the very basis of the dialectic, that division of class (caused by the division of labor) was antithetical to human nature has proved completely wrong. Even today, you find Fredick Engles’ (co-author of the Communist Manifesto) ideas regarding man’s inate “primitive communism” and dismissal of the family quoted obliquely – “It Takes A Village to Raise a Child”. Most “feminist” authors start from this premise.

    Better scholarship reveals that neolithic societies, although never identical, are strongly family and kinship based, and that leadership and “status” is more earned than inherited. Not that Marx cared much for family. Two of his children starved to death while he was researching and running around with intellectuals like the wealthy Engles.

    Fight the Future!

  9. Steve says:

    “Not that Marx cared much for family. Two of his children starved to death while he was researching and running around with intellectuals like the wealthy Engles.”

    Which sounds like a certain candidate currently running for President, does it not?

  10. BatK says:

    Communism. Nazism. Islam. All go very well together. The theory of the “haves” and “have nots” plays into what I call an “entitlement spirit.” People have this entitlement attitude that if they WANT something and YOU have it, it’s therefore OWED to them. Not because they earned it, or even necessarily have a legitimate right to it, but since they WANT it, and you HAVE it, wah wah piss moan, it’s MINE. What’s worse, is that these type of people will outright lie, manipulate, connive, and use violence to get what they want. The only thing that works is “spanking” the spoiled brats of the world. Appeasement doesn’t work. Didn’t work with Hitler, and we’ve seen it fail countless times in Israel and the “land for peace” malarkey going on. If you give these whiny, petulant little bullies any kind of slack, and they will eat you alive (or rain katyusha rockets on you). Black “liberation” theology is tantamount to nothing more than being eaten alive with bitterness and blaming everyone BUT YOURSELF for your own problems, to shift the blame rather than take ANY responsibility for yourself, because after all, that might require you to get off your derierre and DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE rather than expecting people to do it for you. It’s also why I believe the Palestinians are such a beloved cause of Obama and why Hamas totally supports that clown.

  11. Helena says:

    A little off the point (but still relevant) – more to do with fighting Fascism of any stripe (left-right-Arab) than internal politics.

    On appeasement:

    “If you will not fight when you can win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly, you may come to a time when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of victory. There may be a worse case; you may have to fight when there is no chance of victory because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

    Winston Churchill

  12. DGA says:

    Also off point: Overheard two businessmen talking this morning. One asks: “What are you going to do if obama wins?” The other: “I figure if he wins I’ll have to lay off about eight people. But no problem, I’ve got them picked out already. All those who ran around work with obama pins and literature, they’re gone!”

  13. Consilience says:

    DGA—I love it. I’ve a sense this thing may go the right way…

  14. Consilience says:

    SG: “Which sounds like a certain candidate currently running for President, does it not?”

    Dangerously…yes, it is the thug messiah’s duplicity of “being our brother’s keeper” and having relatives living in squalor…this reveals much about about this charlatan.

    Keep the faith!!!

  15. DEZ says:

    SG, that was truly impressive.
    Thank you sir may I have another?

  16. Steve says:

    “Thank you sir may I have another?”

    Be careful what you wish for.

    (But thanks!)

  17. Anonymoose says:

    Listening to people talking and reading comments on weblogs it’s unreal what some of the Libs/Dems are willing to believe; that McCain was a war collaborator, Palin’s Troopergate makes her a career criminal and so on. Yet Obama and Ayers? The responses range from “So what, it’s some guy who blew up a toilet when Obama was like 8” to “Obama’s only problem was not being honest in that Ayers was more than an acquaintance.”

    I still believe that whatever Obama really thinks is irrelevant, that we’re watching a real life version of Wag The Dog and the people to worry about are the ones who put him up there. He is the dream of liberal ideology, a black man who is also suitably multicultural, who will lead “us” into the promised age of political correctness. I have a few friends who think he is the greatest thing that ever happened, I could stand and argue with them all day long about who and what Obama really is, and they’ll just dismiss it.

    Some people I think need an idealized father/religious figure in their lives, and when they find someone that fits the pattern and they can invest their hopes in, it all flies out the window. By making himself a nearly blank slate, his followers are reading in anything they want to see. The only way they’ll ever open their eyes if they literally do a Wizard of Oz and see the man behind the curtain.

    I have no problem criticizing McCain, Bush, or any other Republican or Libertarian, that’s how I assess if they’re worth voting for or at least the lesser of two evils. But these people only see the good things they want to see in their candidate.

    As we’re all expecting, if he gets in office things will get ugly quick, as his backers and managers start playing out their plans. I think two things will also happen, that Obama will start believing he is the wonder behind it all, and begin going off script/teleprompter. (I think he’s there already). The other is that his plan for success will have worked too well, no one can live up to the expectations he’s raised, and the people thinking Obama will solve all their problems and put them on Easy Street will begin venting their disappointment.

    The question then is if the Obama crowds will look behind the curtain, or start doing like they did with Clinton, and blaming everything on the evil Republicans and right wing conspiracies. With a Republican party that’s likely to be thorough weakened I hope for enlightenment, but one thing I learned never to underestimate is the stupidity of the average liberal.

  18. DEZ says:

    Anonymoose, That was a very lucid and well thought out post, and spot on.

  19. BitterTN says:

    I agree with you Anonymoose, I think they will blame everything that goes wrong from this point on on the past administration and take no blame for any of their actions. To expand further on that I believe that we have been fed almost nothing but negativity for at least the last 4 years from most every form of media, and now we will here nothing but good news. The world will be full of rainbows and puppy dogs.
    Anything that can’t be written off or hidden from the public will be put out as an affimation of why we needed obama. See this is what the rebublicans left behind!

    I also believe that while we are being fed this positive image we will slowly see our country transformed. Unfortunatly, I believe the masses will accept the changes even though they don’t agree with them because they will constantly be reminded that things are getting better.

    However, the one hope I think we have is that they accept that everyone will fall for this scheme and they can transform this country to their whims.

    I obviosly can not speak for the country, but I think can speak to the general sentiment here in Tennessee and perhaps the rest of the South. We will not become San Fransico. We will not tolerate the leftist value system (or lack there of) being forced down our throats.

    I hope and pray for our great country and that the wrongs will still be able to be righted.

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