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CPUSA Statement On Honduras Crisis

From the CPUSA Online:

Communist Party Statement on Honduras Crisis

Author: CPUSA

First published 06/28/2009

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) joins with the world in denouncing the coup d’etat this morning against the legally elected president of the Republic of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, by the Honduran military, in which, according to a statement by the president’s wife, Mr. Zelaya was threatened and beaten before being sent into exile in Costa Rica.

• The CPUSA denounces alarming reports of physical attacks by troops against the ambassadors of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua in Tegucigalpa, and calls for protection of all diplomatic personal; and, if the reports of the attacks are confirmed, punishment of all the responsible parties for this gross violation of Honduran and international law.

The CPUSA further:

Demands that president Zelaya and other members of his government be returned to power immediately, and that the troops return to their barracks.

• Demands the immediate release of all labor, community and student leaders who have reportedly been rounded up by the army, and the restoration of freedom of the press.

Recognizes that the Obama administration has repudiated the coup, and insists that President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton hold firm to this position, refusing diplomatic recognition and any military aid to Honduras until President Zelaya is restored to power.

Calls upon unions and other people’s organizations in the United States to actively support our brothers and sisters in Honduras in resisting this brutal military coup d’etat.

[Statement in Spanish]

This sounds like it could have been written by Rahm Emanuel or David Axelrod. Or Hillary Clinton or Hugo Chavez.

Why is that?

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2 Responses to “CPUSA Statement On Honduras Crisis”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Probably was.

  2. dostadawg says:

    didn’t look like a brutal coup to me. look like the military protected the will of the people, too bad the same thing didn’t happen in Iran.

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