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Leftist Drug Gangs Kill More Than 80 In Brazil

Of course you would never know their political leanings from this piece from France’s AFP:

Brazilian boys pull wires from one of three public buses torched by gangsters, as violence continued in the worst wave of crime-related violence in memory, in a Sao Paulo slum May 14, 2006. Heavily armed gangsters attacked police posts in Sao Paulo State for a second night, as the death toll rose to 52, the state security office said on Sunday.

Brazilian gang ‘war’ leaves more than 80 dead

By Uncas Fernandez

SAO PAULO (AFP) – Gangs torched buses and attacked Sao Paulo banks in a new wave of attacks that authorities say has left 81 dead in three days.

Carrying out orders which authorities say were given by gang bosses from their prison cells, armed men forced passengers out of buses before burning the vehicles.

They also attacked banks, while prison rebellions spread across Sao Paulo state and beyond.

A police car was shot at outside the Sao Paulo home of former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

Police sought to shut down some cell phone towers near affected jails, in a bid to stop gang bosses communicating with their underlings.

Bus services came to a halt Sao Paulo as public transport became the latest target in the conflict between the First Capital Command (PCC) gang and the authorities, which has brought terror to the streets of the city.

At least 23 people were killed Monday and, according to an official toll, 81 people have been killed over the three days of what some police have called a "war" declared by the PCC.

The dead include 39 police, 38 of the presumed attackers and four members of the public who got caught in crossfire, said a statement released by the Sao Paulo state government. At least 48 police and passers-by were wounded.

Giving indications of the scale of the assault, the government said there had been 180 attacks on police stations and civilian buildings, including four banks, and that 56 buses had been destroyed.

Media reports have said many more banks and other public buildings have been shot at by PCC gunmen.

Justice Minister Marcio Thomaz Bastos said he would go to Sao Paulo on Monday to reaffirm an offer to send federal troops made at the weekend by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. "This crisis has to be choked," said Bastos.

Sao Paulo state Governor Claudio Lembo declined the offer Sunday, saying that the violence could be controlled.

But life in Sao Paulo and other cities in the state has been badly hit by the unrest.

Six out of nine Sao Paulo bus companies halted their services Monday because of the latest attacks and four Sao Paulo city bus terminals were also closed.

Some of the new killings were in the port city of Santos and new prison uprisings were reported. Officials said there were riots in at least 45 prisons across the state and that some 195 people had been taken hostage in the disturbances.

They said unrest had been quelled in 26 prisons and some 165 hostages rescued.

But rebellions broke out in six prisons in the southern states of Parana and Mato Grosso do Sul, with 100 hostages held, according to media reports.

The PCC is the largest criminal gang in Sao Paulo state and has a massive base in prisons.

The gang ordered the violence after 765 members were moved to high security facilities. Those moved include Marcos Wilian Herbas Camacho, also known as "Marcola", who is considered the PCC chief.

Police suspect gang bosses are using cell phones from inside the prisons to oversee the unrest.

"A cell phone is more dangerous than a gun," Godofredo Bittencourt, the chief of an anti-organized crime unit, told reporters.

"If we don’t stop such communications between prisons, the unrest could last a lot longer and more people could die," Bittencourt warned.

First Capital Command first emerged in prisons in the 1990s and was responsible for uprisings in 20 prisons in February 2001. In November 2003, they launched attacks on security forces that left 11 officers and seven gang members dead.

First Capital Command "has the clear objective of challenging the state," said Emilio Henrique Dellazoppa, the director of a program studying violence at the State University of Rio de Janeiro.

Even Wikipedia has more on the PCC:

Primeiro Comando da Capital

Primeiro Comando da Capital or PCC (meaning First Command of the Capital) is a Brazilian criminal organization founded in 1993 by prisoners at the Taubate Penitentiary in São Paulo. It has a declaration of principles loosely based on radical leftist ideology and, since its foundation at early 90’s, has been responsible for several criminal activities such as prison breaks, prison riots, drug trafficking, highway robbery and even terrorist attempts.

The PCC are narco-terrorist leftist thugs.

But the AFP didn’t see fit to mention that.


A kind reader has forwarded this link to a book on the subject at Amazon:

The amazing thing is how little this has been reported anywhere.

But I suppose our one party media doesn’t want to make their side look bad.

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