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Maoists Fire on Crowd in India – Killing 18

From those champions of the proletariat at Reuters:


Soldiers in eastern India’s Jharkhand district.

Maoist Rebels Fire on Crowd in India

October 27, 2007

RANCHI, India (Reuters) – Maoist rebels fired on a crowd of spectators watching a football match and cultural show in a remote village in eastern India, killing 17 people including a former chief minister’s son, police and witnesses said on Saturday.

Around 40 rebels, including some women, disguised themselves as soldiers and police and surrounded a football field in Jharkhand state a few hours before dawn and fired at spectators, said Arun Kumar Singh, a senior police officer…

Maoist rebels operate in a large swathe of India stretching from the east to some southern states, mostly in the countryside, and attack government officials and property.

They say they are fighting for the rights of millions of poor peasants and landless laborers. Thousands of people have been killed in the insurgency which began in the late 1960s.

It is always informative to see how far “social reformers” will go to impose their utopias upon their fellow men.

Of course they only want what is best for us.

Just ask Hillary.

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