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Communists Succeed In Stealing Italian Elections

Is there a pattern? When the left (Communists) win, there is never a re-count. It's sort of the Brezhnev doctrine for elections.

From the Financial Times:

Supporters wave their flags for Italian center-left leader Romano Prodi at a post election rally in his hometown Bologna, northern Italy, Wednesday April 12, 2006.

Italian judges crush Berlusconi’s recount hopes

By Tony Barber in Rome

April 14 2006

Silvio Berlusconi, Italy’s centre-right premier, faced defeat on Friday in his bid to overturn the election result that gave a slender victory to Romano Prodi and the centre-left opposition.

Interior ministry officials said judges were inspecting only 5,266 contested ballot papers in the elections for the two houses of parliament, rather than 82,850 as anticipated immediately after the April 9-10 vote.

Such a small-scale review all but ruled out the possibility that Mr Berlusconi’s government might be declared the winner instead of the opposition, whose margin of victory in the lower house was 25,000 votes.

Mr Prodi, speaking in his home town of Bologna, said the judges’ review showed his victory was not in dispute. “They are continuing their checks, as is their duty. And as was obvious, the review isn’t leading to any change. Victory is confirmed,” Mr Prodi said.

Mr Berlusconi, who has mostly kept out of sight since the election, continued to avoid making a formal concession of defeat. Instead, his office released a statement denouncing speculation that Forza Italia, the party he created out of his business empire in 1993-94 as a vehicle for his political ambitions, would be dissolved.

“Forza Italia is and will remain for the future the first and absolute bulwark of democracy and freedom in Italy. Any other hypothesis is unacceptable, absolutely incorrect and totally unrealistic,” the statement said.

Mr Berlusconi’s responses to his election defeat have ranged from an angry allegation of fraud to an offer of a “grand coalition” with the centre-left, couched in conciliatory language but regarded as an attempt to sow confusion and disrupt the transfer of power to the opposition.

Apart from diehard Forza Italia loyalists, many of his coalition allies are urging him to step down and go into opposition. Roberto Maroni, labour minister and a senior figure in the populist Northern League, said: “We have told Berlusconi clearly – the left has won, so it should govern.”

Massimo D’Alema, a former centre-left premier, described Mr Berlusconi’s refusal to accept defeat as a “strategy of tension” – a highly loaded phrase, since it normally refers to the efforts between 1969 and 1980 of neo-fascists and right-wing elements in the security services to destabilise Italy with acts of terrorism.

The first tests of Mr Berlusconi’s attitude in the new climate created by Mr Prodi’s victory will come. In the next four weeks, when the new speakers of each house of parliament and Italy’s new head of state must be chosen. In spite of its narrow victory,. The centre-left wants both speakers to come from its ranks. Giuliano Amato, a former socialist premier, is widely tipped as the next head of state.

Apart from the travesty of the obvious election theft, it is hilarious to see Prodi described as center-left. If Communists are center-left, what is the "left"?

And why are the Communists and our one party media so reluctant to call a spade a spade?

It's even likely Prodi doesn't just represent the Communist Party in Italy. According to many reports, such as this one from the EU Reporter, he is the KGB's "man in Italy":

Prodi Accused Of Being Former Soviet Agent

Cillian Donnelly
Apr 03, 2006

As an Italian Commission is investigating communist activity in Italy during the cold war, former European Commission President Romano Prodi has been accused of being a former KGB agent.

The allegations come at a time when Prodi is leading the polls in the Italian elections, where he is running for Prime Minister against main rival, incumbent Premier Silvio Berlusconi.

In his one-minute speech during Strasbourg plenary, Gerard Batten (UK, IN/DEM) told how Alexander Litvinenko, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the FSB, the successor to the KGB, and currently living under political asylum in the UK, was informed by FSB deputy chief, General Anatole Trofimov of the high amount of communist activity operating in Italy. With reference to the KGB, Litvinenko was told, “Romano Prodi is our man there”.

Another high-level source, a former KGB operative in London, has confirmed the story.

Communist activity is currently under investigation in Italy, where Senator Paolo Guzzanti is leading a parliamentary commission into Soviet infiltration during the cold war. Guzzanti’s investigations have already alleged a joint Soviet-Bulgarian conspiracy behind the 1981 assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II.

These new allegations could not be worse timed for Prodi who is currently the frontrunner in the Italian election.

The full conclusions of the Guzzanti inquiry are due to be released alter this week.

But how can anyone think a KGB agent would steal an election?

By the way, the "Guzzanti inquiry" is the commission which found that indeed the Ruskies were behind the attempt to kill Pope John-Paul II.

I don't believe it's been reported what they found out about Prodi.

But why would our one party media be interested in such minor details as that?

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