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‘Community Organizers’ Dealing Heroin

From the Baltimore Sun:

Black Guerrilla Family indictees (clockwise from top left) Avon Freeman, Darien Scipio, Darryl Taylor, Deitra Davenport, Marlow Bates, Nelson Robinson, Randolph Edison, Roosevelt Drummond, Ray Olivis, and Zachary Norman

Outreach center employees arrested, accused of gang ties

Federal indictment says gang outreach was front for drug distribution, killings

By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun

April 12, 2010

Baltimore officials suspended more than $1 million in city funds for anti-violence programs Monday after workers at a West Baltimore community center that has received taxpayer dollars were accused of operating a front for gang activities.

Federal authorities indicted 13 people on heroin distribution charges, including at least two who were employees of Communities Organized to Improve Life Inc., or COIL, a nonprofit organization that runs adult literacy programs and other outreach services, according to court records and officials.

We are not sure whether this is one of the ACORN’s newly rebadged fronts or not. But a rose by any other name…

The employees, Todd Duncan and Ronald Scott, were key players in a heroin distribution ring, and their work as youth counselors with the nonprofit group was part of a continuing effort by a notorious gang, the Black Guerrilla Family, to extend its reach and create the appearance of legitimacy, authorities allege.

For the record, the Black Guerrilla Family is an ideologically-based, African-American Marxist revolutionary organization founded in 1966. Its stated goals are the eradicating racism, maintaining dignity in prison, and overthrowing the United States government.

The BGF was originally associated with a number of ‘revolutionary’ groups, including the Black Liberation Army, Symbionese Liberation Army, and the Weather Underground.

Duncan is described in an affidavit supporting the indictment as a ruthless commander who controlled BGF’s Baltimore-area activities.

While working with children and young men in West Baltimore, authorities say, Duncan was also dealing heroin, conducting gang "trials" and meting out punishment from an East Baltimore rowhouse

Hoping to replicate the success of similar public health-oriented programs in Chicago and Boston, Baltimore identified three neighborhoods for an initiative called Safe Streets. The city Health Department selected COIL, a group founded in 1973 that runs the Learning Bank, at 1200 W. Baltimore St., to oversee efforts in West Baltimore.

The city gave COIL $383,000 in federal grant money to hire ex-offenders and former gang members to mediate disputes and reduce shootings. But a year later, the city terminated the contract, contending that protocols were not being followed. Smith said COIL’s gang intervention efforts continued, with a focus on diversion programs.

Late Monday, hours after the indictment was unsealed, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie C. Rawlings Blake said she was suspending funding for all Safe Streets programs "pending further review and investigation." Less than a month ago, on March 22, Rawlings-Blake announced $1 million in funding for the city’s East Baltimore Safe Streets, and the Board of Estimates approved $72,000 last week to have Johns Hopkins University researchers study the program’s effects

Also indicted was Kimberly McIntosh, described as an employee of the West Baltimore Total Healthcare health center. McIntosh is captured on lengthy phone calls and recorded conversations with informants describing the gang’s activities and outlining drug transactions. She is described as a "field marshal" who oversees the gang’s finances

How many billions of taxpayer dollars have been going to “public health-oriented programs” like this?

And how many more billions will get now pumped into similarly noble “public health-oriented programs” under Obama-care?

(Thanks to BillK for the heads up.)

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11 Responses to “‘Community Organizers’ Dealing Heroin”

  1. BillK says:

    You’ve gotta love those liberal organizations in liberal states.

    From the Baltimore Sun:

    Outreach center employees arrested, accused of gang ties

    By Justin Fenton

    Employees of a West Baltimore outreach center were among 13 people arrested Monday as part of a federal indictment that alleges the center’s gang outreach work was used as a front to carry out gang activities, including heroin distribution and killings.

    At least two of those arrested worked for Communities Organized to Improve Life, Inc., or COIL, a non-profit that runs adult literacy programs and provides other community outreach services. Todd Duncan and Ronald Scott were specifically employed to work with a gang outreach program, kickstarted in 2007 with nearly $400,000 in city funds.

    But federal authorities say gang members exploited the program and used it as cover to carry out directives for the Black Guerrilla Family gang, which operates largely out of the state’s prisons.

    In an affidavit filed in support of Monday’s indictment, federal authorities say Duncan “works at COIL as a way of legitimizing himself in the eyes of law enforcement and the public.

    Duncan gives the appearance of working with at risk youth while maintaining his role as leader of the BGF,” Drug Enforcement Administration agent William Nickoles wrote.

    COIL’s chief executive officer, Stacy A. Smith, said in a phone interview that she was “blindsided” by the accusations against Duncan and could not comment, but said such risks come with working with the ex-offender population.

    “These are the nuances you have to deal with,” Smith said. “Once you’re a gang member, you’re always affiliated. It’s a fine line they walk.”

    The arrests come nearly a year after authorities indicted 24 people involved with the Black Guerrilla Family gang — including four state prison officers — who authorities said helped imprisoned gang members direct drug deals, extort other prisoners, and carry out hits. Court records read like a scene out of Goodfellas, detailing how gang members enjoyed vodka, salmon, shrimp and cigars while behind bars.


  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    “I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

  3. proreason says:

    Many thousands of black men are in jail for dealing drugs.

    That makes it a lifestyle, not a crime.

    This country is sooo racist.

  4. GetBackJack says:

    This is a shocking turn of events.

    I blame the CIA.

  5. Liberals Demise says:

    Dispensing pharmaceuticals without a proper license?
    Obama Care “In Da Hood”.

    Somehow, I have the feeling that some one will pull the race card
    on this. According to the photo (above) racial profiling
    is afoot.

  6. confucius says:

    “Black Guerilla”?

  7. jobeth says:

    Come on…it’s got to warm the cockles of your heart to know it’s family oriented. Says so right there in their name…”Black Guerrilla Family” (/sarc)

    ““These are the nuances you have to deal with,” Smith said. “Once you’re a gang member, you’re always affiliated. It’s a fine line they walk.””

    Nuances? Dealing drugs…a nuance? I would hate to see what she calls a “big” thing to deal with.

  8. Mithrandir says:

    Well well, it looks like the dump-truck full of money designed to keep black folks busy, e.g. community centers, midnight basketball camps etc, actually DO keep them busy…..selling drugs—D’oh!

    What did you expect? A crime-ridden community full of dealers and addicts are NOT going to sell & buy if you give them a title, a pay check, and put them in a cubicle? Pffft!

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