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Competitive Dutch Healthcare Best In Europe

From the European news outlet, EurActiv:

The Netherlands has the best healthcare in the EU: Survey

November 29, 2013

The Netherlands has retained its position at the top of the annual Euro Health Consumer Index (EHCI) which compares healthcare systems in Europe.

On 48 indicators such as patient rights and information, accessibility, prevention and outcomes, the Netherlands secured its top position among 35 European countries for the fourth year in a row, scoring 870 of a maximum 1,000 points.

In the EU, the Netherlands was followed by Denmark, Belgium and Germany as the countries with the best healthcare, while Romania, Portugal and Latvia scored the lowest.

The EHCI is compiled using a combination of public statistics, patient polls and independent research conducted by Swedish NGO Health Consumer Powerhouse (HCP).

Speaking at the launch of the EHCI 2013 in Brussels on Thursday (28 November), Arne Björnberg of the HCP said the EU could learn a lot from the Dutch on healthcare.

"The Netherlands has what we call ‘a chaos system’, meaning patients have a great degree of freedom from where to buy their health insurance to where they get their healthcare service. The difference between The Netherlands and other countries is that the chaos is managed. Healthcare decisions are being made in a dialogue between the patients and the healthcare professionals," Björnberg said…

What? You mean to say that the Dutch government doesn’t just tell the doctors and hospitals who they should treat and what they should do, and how much they should charge? That does sound chaotic.

But here is a little more clarification on what the Dutch mean by ‘chaos,’ via the Netherlands Times:

Dutch Health Care Best In Europe

By Audrey Graanoogst | November 29, 2013

Netherlands has the best functioning health care system, according to the European Healthcare Index 2013 by a Swedish research institute, presented in Brussels on Thursday. The researchers assessed and rated health care systems in 35 countries. Netherlands scores 870 points of the maximum of 1,000, surpassing Switzerland (851), Iceland (818), Denmark (815), and Norway (813). Serbia, Romania, Latvia, and Poland scored lowest.

The study praises the Dutch system, partly because of the high number of independent insurers and health care providers that compete for the favor of the patient. The high patient involvement and limited political interference characterizes the Dutch system.

Competition? Limited political interference? What crazy ideas!

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  1. Helena says:

    Holy jumping wooden shoes. All I can do is shake my head at our mess.

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