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‘Compromising’ Obama To Double His Tax Hike

From a joyous Washington Post:

Obama to open talks with $1.6 trillion plan to raise taxes on corporations, wealthy

By Zachary A. Goldfarb and Lori Montgomery | November 13, 2012

President Obama is taking a hard line with congressional Republicans heading into negotiations over the year-end fiscal cliff, making no opening concessions and calling for far more in new taxes than Republicans have so far been willing to consider.

Obama plans to open talks using his most recent budget proposal, which sought to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthy by $1.6 trillion over the next decade, White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday. That’s double the sum that House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) offered Obama during secret debt negotiations in 2011.

Yes, sir. ‘I WON’ rides again.

Obama has been pressing to let the George W. Bush-era tax cuts expire at the end of the year for the wealthiest 2 percent of the nation’s households, a tax hike adamantly opposed by Republicans. But Carney suggested that even the revenue generated by letting those tax cuts end would not be enough to tame the national debt and reenergize the economy…

Really? That isn’t what they said during the campaign. But it was what we said.

But, once gain, this has nothing to do with gaining more revenue. This is only about punishing the rich.

Democrats said Obama is likely to maintain a tough stance Friday, when Boehner and other congressional leaders are due to gather at the White House for their first face-to-face discussions about how to avoid the fiscal cliff. Fresh off a resounding electoral victory in which they kept the White House and picked up seats in the House and Senate, Democrats said there is no reason to compromise now on a central plank of the president’s platform.

We have never heard the expression "a resounding electoral victory." But that is the Washington Post’s way of trying to make Obama sound like he won in a landslide when he only won by less than a 2% margin.

“It was an intrinsic part of his campaign, and the public supports it. So what more do you want?” said Rep. Sander M. Levin (D-Mich.), the senior Democrat on the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee…

Just wait until the people find out about all the things they supposedly voted for.

[Jay] Carney said Tuesday that Obama would reprise his plan from earlier this year to raise $1.6 trillion in taxes by raising tax rates, imposing a new special tax on millionaires and scaling back deductions and loopholes…

That is sure to make the economy just boom.

Obama’s 2013 budget sought to reduce borrowing over the next 10 years by about $4 trillion, counting $1.1 trillion in agency cuts already in force.

What a laugh. $4 trillion over ten years is a drop in the bucket. (Not that we believe these figures, anyway.)

In addition to raising taxes, Obama proposed to slice $340 billion from health-care programs and to count about $1 trillion in savings from ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Huh. And all during the campaign the ‘fact checkers’ told us that cuts to healthcare programs were a Republican lie. Go figure.

By the way, the $1 trillion dollars in saving from ending the wars is also a lie.

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2 Responses to “‘Compromising’ Obama To Double His Tax Hike”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    COMPROMISE, n. Such an adjustment of conflicting interests as gives each adversary the satisfaction of thinking he has got what he ought not to have, and is deprived of nothing except what was justly his due. Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary.

    COMPROMISE v. Gimme what I want, and no one gets hurt. Barack Hussein Obama, My Own Damn Dictionary

  2. Mithrandir says:

    Someone needs to inform Obama that there were MANY elections this fall, not only his.

    Not one person voted for a dictatorship.

    Not one person elected a president to get HIS agenda through Congress. There is the Senate, the House, and also the states who could propose a Constitutional Convention.

    The greatest cross-section of the American opinion is the House of Representatives, which, coincidentally, is ALSO supposed to be the most powerful part of the U.S. government, “The People.” Why does this guy automatically assume that the world should revolve around him in every way? But that’s what you get when you vote for an activist president with an ax to grind.

    Remember when Obama declared he wasn’t “going to do an end-around Congress” like George Bush supposedly did? –but yet did anyway, and continues to do?

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