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Condoms For Katrina – VFP’s Emergency Call

Sure the heroes of Veterans For Peace have called it quits after almost a week of back-breaking non-stop Katrina relief, and have resumed their regularly scheduled jihad against the United States and its elected representatives — already in progress.

But that doesn’t mean important work isn’t still going on in those worthy centers they helped establish.

Witness this call and answer from that source of endless merriment, the VFP’s Katrina relief message board:

Veterans for Peace Hurricane Relief

Sexual Health and Contraception Needs??

Post Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2005 9:27 pm      Post subject: Sexual Health and Contraception Needs??

I haven’t seen any mention of these issues on the boards … have survivors mentioned any of these issues to volunteers on the ground?

Do survivors have access to condoms and other forms of contraception?

Are there women who are missing birth control prescriptions?

These issues may be delicate for some folks, but the need could be there.

Thanks in advance for any information you have to share!!

Smile ) Beth

Prof. Elizabeth Barnett
College of Public Health
University of South Florida


Post Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 9:52 am      Post subject: Condoms needed

Algiers clinic in NO has asked for boxes of condoms. Plan to take 10 boxes per truck if you can


Post Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 11:24 am      Post subject: can we ship/mail condoms directly to Algiers clinic?

Hi Margaret,

If we get some condom donations together, can we ship/mail directly to Algiers clinic?

What is the address?

Or is there another ship to address, from which they could be delivered to clinic?

Cool Beth


Post Posted: Sun Sep 18, 2005 11:28 am      Post subject: Address for Clinic in Algiers

This is the address for the mosque which has been converted to a clinic and food distribution site, etc in Algiers:

Masjid Bilal
1401 Teche St.
New Orleans LA 70114


Please check with Fe ex, UPS USmail, DHL and whoever else and let me know asap if they are delivering there yet.

Thanks and blessings

This is a priority on a board where they elsewhere claim people are still dying by the thousands from lack of food and water due to federal government neglect.

This "clinic" designated as the place to receive these emergency supplies is of course Cindy Sheehan’s " one bright spot in Bush’s world " — an operation run by felony ex-con, former Black Panther and current racist radical Moslem, Rastafarian, Green Party candidate, Malik Rahim. (Neé Donald Guyton.)

Of course tomorrow people will be returning to Rahim’s Algiers neighborhood in New Orleans, which was hardly touched by Katrina or the subsequent flooding.

Algiers has had water and phone service all along. Probably many if not most stores will re-open within the next day or so.

But never mind all that. People still have needs. Like Malik Rahim’s need for a flat-bottomed boat.

From Mother Sheehan: "Malik would dearly love someone to give him a flat bottomed boat so he can go to the flood drenched poor communities that still have not been helped and bring them food, supplies, and medical attention."

As you can see, Malik’s already gotten quite a windfall of supplies pilfered from the Red Cross and probably elsewhere. Supplies intended for the victims of Katrina, not parasites who are feeding off the tragedy.

But probably, like their political ally Zarqawi, these noble souls are concerned lest the local women receive the demon seed of the occupying US troops.

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