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House Passed Bill Before It Was Written

From the Washington Examiner:

The Avaaz Climate Action Factory, the Chesapeake Climate Action ...

On the House floor

By: David Freddoso

By all appearances, the House is about to vote on a very long bill of which it has no completed official copy.

Texas Republican Reps. Joe Barton and Louie Gohmert have just asked the chair whether there exists a complete, updated copy of the Waxman-Markey carbon-cap bill.

"If a bill for which there is no copy were to actually pass this body," Barton asked, "could the bill without a copy be sent to the Senate for its consideration?"

Through a series of parliamentary inquiries, the Republicans learned that the 300-plus page managers’ amendment, added to the bill last night in the House Rules Committee, has not even been been integrated with the official copy of the 1,090-page bill at the House Clerk’s desk, let alone in any other location. The two documents are side-by-side at the desk as the clerk reads through the instructions in the 300 page document for altering the 1,090 page document.

But they cannot be simply combined, because the amendment contains 300 pages of items like this: "Page 15, beginning line 8, strike paragraph (11)…" How many members of Congress do you suppose have gone through it all to see how it changes the bill?

Global Warming is apparently so urgent that we can’t even wait until members of Congress know what they’re voting on.

No wonder we were unable to find a copy of this bill online. Apparently, there is no complete copy anywhere.

Yet it passed anyway.

Which means that Congress is not just passing bills that have not been read by anyone.

They are now passing bills that haven’t even been written.

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10 Responses to “House Passed Bill Before It Was Written”

  1. wirenut says:

    To borrow a great line, Nuts!

  2. Enthalpy says:

    I hope that this alleged, unseen document will elicit a level of rage that has not been seen either. It’s almost too much to hope for, but possibly.

  3. proreason says:

    Why all this work?

    They should just pass a bill that entitles them to steal anything from us whenever they want.

    It would actually be cheaper.

  4. texaspsue says:

    Obama is saying to not believe all of the hype that you hear about the Bill (I’m adlibbing) Do we really even know what’s actually in the Bill? What cracks me up is that he actually has to battle the debate from the New Media even though he has MOST of the MSM, the newspapers and the magazines. Does this mean that more people are starting to trust news from the NM than they do from the old MSM?

    Ron Paul (yea, I never thought I would be quoting RP) claims the Cap and Tr8tors can change their vote if done by July 2. Curious but, unlikely. http://www.dailypaul.com/node/97723

  5. How is that even LEGAL? Two words: Court challenge. There’s got to be SOME law out there that prohibits this sort of insanity.

    Texaspsue: I heard the same thing from one of the Tea Party organization’s websites, about changing votes. Melt their phones, their faxes, flood their inboxes.

    • GL0120 says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!
      I’ve been advocating challenges all along, to every one of TCO’s take-over maneuvers, now if only the Republicans will get the cajones to do what should be done.

  6. Sounds like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

  7. Rusty Shackleford says:

    You know, in a lot of ways, this smacks of those “evil” and “greedy” loan officers “forcing” people to sign loans they could not afford, is it not?

    Yet somehow it seems ok when they do it.

    I mean, who would sign something that not only do they not understand, but haven’t had a chance to read because it doesn’t even exist yet?

    I guess if you have a good double-standard, you stick with it.

  8. WickedWolf says:

    I saddens me that so many in this country were so stupid as to elect these @$$ clowns.

  9. Steve says:

    Mr. Limbaugh has been referencing this article on his program this afternoon.

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