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Congress To Get ‘Jobs Bill’ Monday Evening

From a sitting on their edge of their seat Politico:

Congress to get jobs bill Monday

By: Jennifer Epstein
September 11, 2011

At a Rose Garden ceremony Monday, the president plans to announce that he will send the American Jobs Act to Congress at the end of the day, after both houses come back into session.

Hallelujah. We are saved now.

He will call on Congress to pass the bill, which contains the kinds of proposals to grow the economy and create jobs that have been supported by both parties in the past,” the official said.

We thought we heard Mr. Obama demand at least a dozen times in his speech that Congress pass the bill even before it was written.

In the Rose Garden, he will be joined by people who would benefit from the legislation, the official said, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, small business owners and veterans

You can bet they will all be union members, except perhaps the small business owners, who are probably from the bustling ‘green industry.’

On Friday afternoon, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Cantor and other House Republican leaders wrote to the president asking for “legislative text for any of your ideas in a manner that can be scored by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.”

But notice how those small-minded Republicans Boehner and Cantor had to beg for the legislative text on Friday. These are the kind of people who used to be called ‘wreckers’ in the Soviet Union. They are what the Democrats of today call ‘saboteurs.’

Even so, it is still not clear whether Mr. Obama is going to send them something that can actually be ‘scored.’ Since, according to other reports, Obama is not going to tell Congress how he intends to pay for this $450 billion in new stimulus spending until sometime in the next two weeks.

Obama is set to continue his tour to sell his jobs plan in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday, and the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina on Wednesday.

What a handy way to campaign on the taxpayers’ dime.

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4 Responses to “Congress To Get ‘Jobs Bill’ Monday Evening”

  1. proreason says:

    If the bill’s grammar is correct we will know that the Boy King didn’t write a single sentene.

  2. merkelerk says:

    It may even be a relatively decent bill, however it is almost certain to contain one or two items that cannot be accepted by the Republicans. The bill will then have to be rejected by said Republicans and thus, set the stage for finger pointing and blame when the economy finally crumbles.

  3. BillK says:

    Let’s hope he doesn’t visit any businesses, or those companies’ employees should file for unemployment now. ;-)

  4. Mithrandir says:

    VERY LOW STANDARDS for himself.

    ~no actual unemployment numbers, no projections, no way to verify success or outcomes, no back-up plan if it doesn’t work, no way to reverse it if it doesn’t. The plan is so bad, that he doesn’t want any actual numbers debate now, or when it doesn’t work. Just vague nonsense.

    I wonder if ANY of the pages of the bill have print on them. Look at the bill he is holding! 3/4 ream of paper and a cover clipped to the front! What white paper coming off a printer is so white, neatly stacked on top of one another? Usually the paper has a CURL to it, it is not straight and perfectly even. It’s not even bound! –people are such fools, there is no bill, just a pile of paper! Dem Congressman on rules: “We make ’em up, as we go along…” –just like this bill.

    The plan is as phony as the crowd behind him. ~chinese guy, native-American woman, black men/women, white woman, statesmen-like white men on the periphery. No where in America would you get such random diversity. They must have these people on paid stand-by.

    It’s as if sucking $400 billion more out of the economy is based solely on ‘HOPE’, and possibly ‘CHANGE’. (the two words most widely used in Rules for Radicals)

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