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Congressional Dems Promise Class Warfare

From a cheering Los Angeles Times:

Democrats in Congress step up tax-the-rich efforts

They see it not only as a way to reduce the deficit, but also to lay down a populist line in the election battle for Congress and the White House.

By Lisa Mascaro, Washington Bureau
January 30, 2012

Little more than a year ago, Democrats in Congress were hesitant to raise taxes on the wealthy. In the Senate, they could not find enough support for boosting taxes on people making $1 million or more a year, much less on families making $250,000. The pre-2010 House, which had a Democratic majority, barely approved higher rates on investment income.

But after a year in which a tea-party-driven Republican Party proposed steep cuts to Medicare and other mainstays of the federal government, polls show that voters have reacted in part by taking a second look at the alternative: tapping corporations and non-earned income as a way to begin balancing the nation’s debt-ridden books.

Congressional Democrats, more liberal since the 2010 elections thinned out moderates’ ranks, are embracing the populist agenda President Obama outlined in his State of the Union speech. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada is planning votes all spring and summer in an attempt to end the tax breaks that corporations and wealthy individuals like Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney enjoy.

Apparently, the Democrats have forgotten why they were "thinned out" in the midterms. We can only hope they carry through on their threats. As the Gipper said back in March of 1985: "I have only one thing to say to the tax increasers. Go ahead–make my day."

By the way, Harry Reid has not allowed the Senate to take up the more than fifty jobs bills that have been passed by bi-partisan votes in the House. He has also kept Congress from putting up a budget for more than 1,000 days. And now he is going to tie the Senate up with this nonsense while Obama runs against a ‘do nothing Congress’?

That is hypocrisy so rank the news media might not even be able to cover it up.

With the House controlled by Republicans, none of Obama’s tax measures is expected to become law. But the Democrats are etching a sharp contrast with GOP initiatives on Capitol Hill, as Republicans continue to emphasize last year’s proposals to change Medicare, cut regulations and develop the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline

In other words, it is all political theater. Isn’t this worse than doing nothing?

Democrats would prefer to frame this election as a choice between the two parties, using these kinds of contrasts, rather than, as Republicans position the campaign, a referendum on Obama’s policies.

Gee, why would the Democrats want that?

Although the economy has shown signs of an uptick and the president’s approval ratings have begun to climb from their lows, Republicans believe Americans do not want to engage in this type of "class warfare," as they call it.

Congressional Republicans are expected to counter Obama’s populist message with their own tax proposals to overhaul the system. They want lower rates for corporations and households — or at least a continuation of the George W. Bush-era tax breaks for all Americans, including those at the upper end of the income scale, which are due to expire in December

If they do all of this they will win this debate walking away.

Political analysts say the GOP will have the tougher argument to make, however, especially if Romney secures the nomination. He is one of the wealthiest presidential candidates in recent history, and he has personally benefited from the tax code — paying a rate of less than 14% in 2010…

14% is far more than most Americans pay in federal taxes. John Kerry, the richest man to ever run for the Presidency, only paid 12% in taxes.

But, once again, in a debate between producers like Romney and parasites like the Occupy Wall Street crowd, the producers will win. And if they don’t, then maybe the country deserves Obama.

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One Response to “Congressional Dems Promise Class Warfare”

  1. P. Aaron says:

    Hope the GOP doesn’t get all technical. Just say: “We’ll bring jobs back!”

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