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Contract On The American Dream = CPUSA

Behold the latest push for another round of stimulus, from the usual Soros fronts and their union thug pals:

The Contract for the American Dream

Our transcription:

The Contract for the American Dream has…

Ten Points!

Point number one: Invest in America’s infrastructure.

Public sector unions. Check!

Point number two: Create 21st Century energy jobs. We need more green jobs in America.

GE and the SEIU. Check!

Three: Invest in public education.

Teachers unions. Check!

Four: Medicare for all. When everyone has healthcare, we’re all healthier and we spend less. Let’s expand Medicare so it’s available for all Americans, just like in every other advanced country.

The SEIU. Check! (Besides, isn’t that the ultimate goal of Obama-care? And isn’t there a slight problem with paying for Medicare as it is?)

Five: Make work pay. Americans should have the right to a fair living wage, the right to organize, and equal opportunity for all.

Card check. Check! (Kids are just crazy for ‘card check.’)

Six: Secure Social Security. Let’s make sure our seniors have a secure and safe retirement. And let’s pay for it by removing the cap on the Social Security tax.

Tax the rich. Check!

Seven: Return to fairer tax rates. If the rich don’t pay their taxes, we’ll have to. So end the Bush-tax-cuts-for-the-rich, and add new tax brackets for people making more than one million dollars.

Class warfare. Check! (Besides, Mr. Obama’s constituents should never have to pay taxes.)

Eight: Tax Wall Street. If Wall Street pays a teensy tiny fee on every trade they make, we could raise more than a hundred billion every year.

Kill capitalism. Check!

Nine: End wars and invest at home. Out troops have done everything we asked. It’s time to bring them home to good jobs here.

Slash national defense. Check!

Ten: Restore, protect and renew democracy. We’ve got to close the revolving door between Washington and high-priced lobbyists. Elections should be financed by Americans, not companies. We’ve got to protect voting rights and give immigrants a clear path to become citizens.

Continue to subsidize crackpot groups like MoveOn.org. End freedom of speech. Prevent campaign contributions to the GOP. Give illegal aliens amnesty. Check! Check! Check! Check!

And finally, we’ve got to stop letting corporations be recognized as people. We’re the people, they’re not!

That is, they want corporations to be taxed like people. As if corporate shareholders and employees aren’t already taxed. (They are also pushing up their Marxism ‘to eleven.’ But, to be fair, you really can’t expect kids today to be able to count to ten accurately.)

(Waving flags) Yeah! (They all dance.)

As we have noted, this ad was paid for by the usual suspects. But, oddly enough, their ten eleven points are practically identical to the current list of demands from the old guard at the Communist Party USA:

Save the nation! Tax corporations! Tax the rich!

by: CPUSA Political Action Commission
June 25 2011

We Say Enough is Enough!

  • End the Bush-era tax giveaways to banks, corporations and wealthy individuals.
  • Close corporate tax loopholes, especially billions in tax subsidies for the oil companies.
  • Raise new revenues by restoring 70% tax rate on incomes over $1 million.
  • Raise $150 billion a year by imposing a financial transaction tax on Wall Street speculation.
  • Cut the military budget by half. Bring troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Create jobs in a major public works program to repair our nation’s infrastructure and to make our nation number one in “green industry.” Target the jobs to hard-hit inner city communities and the rural poor.
  • Fully fund a national health care program and drastically increase federal aid to education, Pell Grants, and other vital human needs programs.
  • Remove the cap on the Social Security payroll tax, so that CEOs and hedge fund managers pay the same rate as the rest of us.

But that is probably just a coincidence.

This article was posted by Steve on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011. Comments are currently closed.

8 Responses to “Contract On The American Dream = CPUSA”

  1. GetBackJack says:

    Isn’t “Communism” that utterly failed disaster of a political ideology that murdered over 100,000,000 of it’s own people in the disastrous attempt to make water flow uphill, the Sun to rise in the West and repeal the laws of gravity?

    There are some dumb ideas out there, a Super Congress headed by Patty Murray being chief front runner, but c’mon … Communism? Again?

    What kind of Stupid Liquor are these yokels drinking>

  2. TerryAnne says:

    Well, at least they’re not hiding the fact that they indoctrinate their children any longer.

    Actually…isn’t it quite telling that they had to get a kid to do this…?

  3. untrainable says:

    Isn’t it interesting that on the Youtube page with this drivel, adding comments has been disabled? What’s the matter MoveOn? Afraid to hear the other side’s comments? Can’t stand up to scrutiny? Can’t handle criticism? As much as you dish out, you can’t take even comments from us whacky conservative folks?

    The people who allow their children to be involved in this propoganda should be imprisoned for child abuse. And the balls these people have to use Martin Luther King, Jr.’s name on the front page of the “contract” homepage? I am sickened.

  4. JohnMG says:

    That picture is of a forty-year-old woman but the makeers of this ad have to gear it to the eight-year-old mind, so why not make the old hag look like a kid too!

  5. tranquil.night says:

    So this is what Soros meant about keeping his business “in the family” when he closed his hedge to avoid SEC scrutiny.

    The Global Workers’ Family.

    Hey kids! Who wants to make a video for the Big Daddy and his pet President Precious?

    • JohnMG says:

      Second grade teacher to little girl student: Why are you a Republican?

      Little girl student: Well, my Mom and Dad are Republicans so I’m a Republican too.

      Secong grade teacher (now irate): If your Mom and Dad were idiots, would you be an idiot too?!

      Smart little girl student: No. In that case I’d be a Democrat.

  6. canary says:

    Good thing 6 & 7 had teleprompters to pronounce those difficult words.

    Check for a “Waste Water fee” on your utility bill. Don’t let the term fool you.

    EPA says it’s for “volunteers” to search for areas of water that might have a piece of trash floating in them.
    So, with federal taxes, property taxes, and paying a fee, why can’t they pay children for hunting for trash.

  7. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Wow. Pretty scary, the corruption of such young minds. Not a one of these points do I agree with. Especially more taxes on the rich. Once I was old enough to enter the workforce, I already knew that the more I made, the more taxes I’d have to pay. Basic economics. To the kid in the video who said that if we don’t tax the rich then we’ll have to pay for it I call bull****. Hell, half the U.S. including me, don’t make enough money to pay taxes anyway so how can they cry foul?

    I seriously hope these kids don’t believe the drivel they’re reciting.

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