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Code Pink To Occupy Congressional Offices

From Code Pink’s website:

Occupation Project

In the beginning of February 2007, the White House will most likely submit a new supplemental spending bill to Congress, and CODEPINK will join with Voices for Creative Nonviolence to launch Occupation Project, a campaign of sustained nonviolent civil disobedience to end war funding.

The campaign begins on February 5, 2007 with occupations at the offices of Representatives and Senators who refuse to pledge to vote against additional war funding. See list of Key Dates here!

Kathy Kelly, currently in Amman, Jordan writes:

"Although we have paltry financial means compared to the weapons makers who wield so much influence on Capitol Hill, we do have resources. We have our bodies. We have our determination. We have our compassion for Iraqi people and for U.S. soldiers… Now is the time for seriously strategizing about the best ways, in our hometowns, to engage in sustained civil disobedience at the offices of elected representatives, demanding that they vote against the supplemental spending bill."

Of course like every other one of their overly hyped events, this one will amount to nothing. At best they will get some more photos of Medea Benjamin (née Susan) and Cindy Sheehan being manhandled by the police.

But why aren’t these people in jail? They have broken innumerable laws, including traveling illegally to Cuba. And yet they are still at large.

They are nothing short of domestic terrorists. And yet their operations are all taxpayer supported.

Are we at war or not?

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