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Cops Arrest 400 ‘Occupy Oakland’ Protesters

From an outraged (at the police) Reuters:

Arrests in Oakland protests rise to more than 400

By Emmett Berg
January 30, 2012

OAKLAND, Calif (Reuters) – Crews cleaned up Oakland’s historic City Hall on Sunday from damage inflicted overnight during violent anti-Wall Street protests that resulted in about 400 arrests, marking one of the largest mass arrests since nationwide protests began last year.

Just like all those damn Tea Party rallies.

At a press conference on Sunday, Oakland police and city officials said they did not have a final tally of arrests. Earlier in the day, the city’s emergency operations office put the figure at around 400. The skirmishes injured three officers and at least one demonstrator.

Police said a group of protesters burned an American flag in front of City Hall, then entered the building and destroyed a vending machine, light fixtures and a historic scale model of the edifice. The city’s 911 emergency system was overwhelmed during the disturbances

They only did all of this out of their love and concern for the country.

Violence erupted again in Oakland on Saturday afternoon when protesters attempted to take over the apparently empty downtown convention center to establish a new headquarters and draw attention to the problem of homelessness.

Who they refuse to feed and share their shelter with.

Police in riot gear moved in to drive back the crowd, which they estimated at about 500 protesters.

"Officers were pelted with bottles, metal pipe, rocks, spray cans, improvised explosive devices [sic] and burning flares," the Oakland Police Department said in a statement.

This is the face of the Democrat Party. These are Obama’s campaign workers at work.

"The Oakland Police Department deployed smoke, tear gas and beanbag projectiles in response to this activity."

And we thought politics was not beanbag.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan accused a "violent splinter group" of the Occupy movement of fomenting the Saturday protests and using the city as its playground

She’s right. We shouldn’t let 400 bad apples spoil the barrel.

Meanwhile, from ABC News:

Obama, Occupy DC Attend Alfalfa Dinner

By Matthew Larotonda
January 29, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. — President Barack Obama attended the 99th annual Alfalfa Club dinner Saturday evening. Comprised of a who’s who of Washington elite, the social club’s sole purpose is to meet every January for a night of banquet festivities for its roughly 200 members… First Lady Michelle Obama accompanied her husband to the gala, held this year at the Capitol Hilton…

Washington’s elite weren’t the only attendees.

Hundreds of Occupy DC protesters staged a rally outside the event, demonstrating against the perceived injustices of the city’s power brokers and heckling a number as they arrived, including Senator Joseph Lieberman

They also perceived the presence of cameras.

At one point during the rally, female protesters even took their shirts off as a taunt to police.

It’s more likely the female ‘Occupiers’ did this because their hero, Mr. Obama, walked by.

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  1. Reality Bytes says:

    And they call conservatives retarded.

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