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Cops Arrest Osama Impersonator – Guess Party

From Portland Maine's TV station WCSH6:

Attorney Dressed As Osama Arrested In South Portland


Attorney Tom Connolly was arrested by South Portland police Tuesday morning, after motorists reported a man with a gun near Interstate 295. It turns out the gun was part of a Halloween costume, but it looked real enough to passersby and police.

Connolly was dressed in an Osama Bin Laden costume and holding a fake gun and a sign that said "I love TABOR".

Officers raced to the scene and drew their weapons on Connolly. They say Connolly didn't immediately respond to their commands. He was taken into custody a few minutes later.

"The officers ordered him to drop the weapon and lay on the ground. He still walked toward the officers, dropping what appeared to be hand grenades onto the roadway. He finally complied with the request of the officers and laid the weapon down and laid down on the ground himself and he was subsequently arrested," said George Berry from South Portland Police.

Connolly, who's been charged with criminal threatening, is a well-known attorney. He ran an unsuccessful campaign for governor in 1998. In 2000, Connolly tipped the media off to a 1970's DUI arrest by presidential candidates George W. Bush.

In a news conference held by South Portland Police, Chief Ed Googins said Connolly's actions redefine the word 'stupid.' He also displayed the fake gun and the costume Connolly was wearing.

At least the article got around to mentioning that Mr. Connolly is the same party hack "political activist" who trotted out Bush's DUI arrest as the October surprise for the 2000 elections. But note that they still didn't mention his political affiliation.

Maybe they thought it was unnecessary to spell out that Connolly is a rabid Democrat. What else would someone whose "actions redefine the word stupid" be?

There is a video clip of this dramatic arrest at the link.

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2 Responses to “Cops Arrest Osama Impersonator – Guess Party”

  1. mybrotherkeeper says:

    Darn! Thot it was an Obama impersonator!

  2. 12 Gauge Rage says:

    Party City was sold out of Bush and Hitler costumes so he had to pick a lesser evil ensemble. The Cindy Sheehan costumes however are still on a six month back order.

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