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Cops Know Julian Assange Is In England

From the UK’s Independent:

Wikileaks chief: What will he do next?

By Mark Hughes, Michael Savage and Jerome Taylor
December 2, 2010

As a fresh batch of leaked files gave new urgency to worldwide controversy surrounding the publication of US diplomatic communiqués, there was continued mystery over the motivation, intentions and whereabouts of the man at the heart of the whistle-blowing website Wikileaks.

Despite accusations that Julian Assange is on the run, The Independent has learnt that Scotland Yard has been in contact with his legal team for more than a month but is waiting for further instruction before arresting him. Police forces around the globe have been asked to arrest the enigmatic Wikileaks founder, who is wanted in Sweden to answer a series of sexual allegations against him.

But the 39-year-old Australian supplied the Metropolitan Police with contact details upon arriving in the UK in October. Police sources confirmed that they have a telephone number for Mr Assange and are fully aware of where he is staying.

Britain’s Serious [sic] Organised Crime Agency (Soca) has received the so-called "red notice" – an international arrest warrant – but has so far refused to authorise the arrest of Mr Assange, who is thought to be in South-east England. Until it does, police forces cannot act.

The delay is said to be a technical one, with sources suggesting Soca needed clarifications about the European Arrest Warrant issued by Swedish prosecutors for Mr Assange, a fast-track system for arresting suspects within the EU. His name was added to Interpol’s worldwide wanted list on 20 November, but only publicly revealed on Tuesday night

How complicated can an arrest warrant be? Sheesh.

Mr Assange’s associates refused to reveal his current whereabouts because death threats have been made against him. His lawyer, Mark Stephens, insisted last night Mr Assange was not hiding. He has conducted brief media interviews from his current location…

Isn’t it peculiar that of all the countries to choose from in the world, Mr. Assange would feel safest in the arms of America’s closest ally?

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22 Responses to “Cops Know Julian Assange Is In England”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Much ado about nothing.

    The RULING CLASS got groped, felt-up, proded, exposed in public, embarrassed, had their privacy violated…..by a common man! This is all backwards!

    They get embarrassed, do they answer for it? No! They say, “This is going to hurt our troops!”

    They blow endless money on school lunch programs, you try to cut it, they say, “Why do you want to hurt children!?”

    End welfare? “Why do you hate the poor so much!?”

    Cut taxes, “Why do you want to hurt the poor, and help the rich?”

    Bleech! Assange did us a huge favor…..

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Agreed. While Ass-ange thought he may have been doing harm to the US and other nations, he actually has confirmed what most conservatives already know. One, that the sec of state department is run like a Chinese fire drill and that the people in the current administration are liars, cheats, cowards and fools. None of us here at S&L seem all that surprised by this and one can clearly say that the socialists are angered by the mere fact that they’ve been exposed to the light.

      So, this puftah has actually accomplished something the conservatives could not which is exposing the bad people to other bad people. The real irony being that Hitlery (and other dedicated socialists) are calling for Ass-ange’s head when in the previous release of information, all you heard was crickets. Very telling, that. Matter of security? Well, it all depends on what your definition of “security” is. If it means potentially getting US soldiers killed or those who are helping the US in the middle east, then no…not security. But if it uncovers your back-stabbing ways and acute paranoia of the American people, then…yes…that’s a security issue. To them.

      Yup, he did the conservatives a huge favor. I disagree with his methods and think he should be prosecuted but I’m not one to complain that the rain washed all the dirt off my car, even if the windows were left down.

    • proreason says:

      Don’t be naive.

      Assange is a tool.

      There could be a dozens of underlying reasons for it; a convenient distraction, Obamy gigs Hillary, Hillary gigs Obamy, .Obamy undermines US security, the US undermines some country or process we know nothing about, the intelligence community embarrasses Obamy, cover for some operation that we will never know about, etc., etc., etc.

      But one thing it is NOT is a couple of kids exposing critical national secrets. In the first place, if they were highly secure, they wouldn’t have them. Second, three million 23 year old privates do NOT have access to important secrets of the US, the administration or any other country. Third, nothing has come out that surprises anybody.

      It’s about politics, not national security.

    • tranquil.night says:

      Yeah, you guys need to step back and see it through a wider prism. I’ve heard it stated that Soros’ Open Society is of course a wikileaks backer. People have to understand that very little happens on the world kabuki theatre by accident. A little cultist waif with a website doesn’t just end up with the People’s Magazine of true gossip from inside the world of international diplomacy. International arrest warrants don’t just get magically bogged down in bureaucratic redtape just like someone who really wants to plug a damn oil hole doesn’t let international aid get denied by bureaucratic redtape. It’s just cop-out excuses. Same goes with the war diaries of the the Pentagon and records from big private banks. In fact, if his next hit is Citi or BofA, then it should pretty much confirm that this whole thing has been a Leftist setup from the beginning going back to the Subprime burst.

      Why? War, State, Business – the three mortal banes of the anarchist Transnational Leftist Elites aka the idealistic “philanthropists”. Some Conservatives think the fact that they’ve hit Hillary at State justifies this whole breach. I think there’s the wrong impression that now that nations have had their cards exposed, this is going to amount to a reshuffling of the deck where something might actually be accomplished now. That’s an Assboy-style fantasy. The reality, as Pro said, is political. US State was hit to cripple international communications, cooperation, and stir nationalization and protectionism.

      So yes, this was validation for most of the Conservative viewpoint on current nature of foreign policy. But – as GBJ astutely implied with his question – why would a malignant narcissist transnational Leftist idealist subvert the political power of a regime thats been essentially working for the same goal of a diminished West and unified world order?

      Could it possibly be because the particular Manchurian Leftist they planted in the White House no longer has the political power to complete the world revolution he was hired to spark, and his funders have moved on to their own Plan B, which as Pro put it (paraphrased) – “throwing the game down before it’s finished because you’re losing.”

      There was a news headline for every political viewpoint in that data cache, not just Conservatives. That wasn’t the point of releasing the information at all, it was a message to all world governments that the rules of the game are changing to a point where it isn’t possible to have national secrets – therefore much of a national identity – anymore.

      In other words it was a challenge. A provocation. “You nations couldn’t play nice and settle your differences so now Daddy is stepping in.” Fortunately it doesn’t look like any world leaders are rash enough to fall for it, but as Chumppundit said (gotta give him credit where it’s due) “this will invariably result in even more closed government’s and societies, as governments and corporations only invest more in cyber and informationsl security.”

      The war is just beginning.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Well, sorry. I have a little trouble believing that conspiracy lurks behind everything but you all make very good points. And my cynicism was momentarily deactivated by a passing comet. On the face of it, it does look like a good diversion and I still think that it exposes some of the nastiness in world politics but, you’re both right. If he really let the juicy bits out, he’d be on the other side of the grass.

    • proreason says:

      “I have a little trouble believing that conspiracy lurks behind everything ”

      I used to as well.

      Never bought into Roswell, or aliens, or the assassination conspiracies, or the fake moon landing, or the Truther stuff, or the Bilderbergers, or Bigfoot, or really, anything. I laughed at Dan Brown, and secret societies, and the Masons.

      But then in Sept / Oct 2008 I watched all those impossible things happen just in the nick of time to get the least qualified man in history elected to the most powerful position in the world. The way it played out was one in a billion at least.

      Now we have had two years of alternative reality 24x7x365. If they counldn’t lie, they couldn’t breathe.

      And now I believe that when the moron coughs, it’s part of some kind of plot to takeover the world. In fact, I’m completely convinced of it. I even believe the guy’s voice was created by addicting him to cigarettes. These people won’t stop at anything.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      Sorry, didn’t mean to sound snarky. Limits of the internet. I was actually trying to just be funny and agree that you both had valid points. I can see the argument in support of it. As for the big zer-O, my vote is still that he’s either the stupidest mastermind the world has ever seen or the most clever moron. It is, of course, feasible that the one thing he knows and knows well is the Communist Manifesto. However he requires monumental help from the other complicit marxists currently in power like Mr “I can’t Reid” and Lala-Peloser. Those two are made out of some kind of kryptonite, I swear. And the crap that comes out of their mouths and the things they pull with total disregard for due process and the rules of parliament. Gee, it’s as if they don’t even care and are hell-bent to stay in power by any means necessary. (sarcasm).

      But for the Ass-ange stuff, I’ll chalk it up as a learning moment for myself and I would certainly lose nothing by being suspicious of the real reason why he released all that. But, given that the left is suddenly a-twitter about it, I should also stay in the mind that it therefore deserves ignoring, like anything the left gets excited about. Probably just another huge head-fake. A distraction.

      Sorry if I sounded sarcastic earlier….darn internet just doesn’t carry tone of voice.

    • proreason says:

      I didn’t take offense. I just felt like explaining why I’ve turned into a conspiracy nut, after living a life with unhysterical viewpoints as well as (mostly) conservative principles and habits.

      I’ve definitely given into paranoia when it comes to governments. And the more I learn, the more I think that’s the way they all operate. Their sole purpose seems to be to steal the maximum from the people until they are no longer capable of defending themselves against it.

    • tranquil.night says:

      It is practically impossible to believe without watching it unfold before your very eyes. Even then you have to almost know the signs of what youre looking for across an array of many different and incongruent fields of study.

      That’s why Pro and I have been relentless in trying to build the case that the Subprime crisis was not just the result of the unanticipated consequences of government mischief in the marketplace, but a designed calamity triggered to produce the climate necessary for that enigmatic “change.”

      For on the surface you can chalk each element of this disaster to some different excuse – the government is too incompetent, the speculators were too risky, the Liberal run businesses just needed emergency loans, there just happened to be a 22 year old traitor in charge of incaluably valueable data, the politicians are too pragmatic, idealistic, have no idea what they’re doing – whatever. That is how at the end of the day, even if they have their reputation tarnished, even if they get some slap on the wrist or pay some fine, the damage is done and it endures, the criminality behind the true conspiracy goes unrecognized, and this cult that fancies itself a Ruling Class is free to concoct some new evil scheme to topple the United States Constitution – the most powerful and unique governing document in history that’s ever dared to tell Rulers what they CAN’T do. This goes back way beyond Reagan, although he’s who basically put the final nail in the coffin of their economic and governing philosophies, setting us on the inevitable political course we’ve come to today.

      The easiest way to avoid the fray and get to the heart of the matter is follow the money. Within the vortex of this corrupt muck, at the financial sector, is where the Ruling Class is most exposed, vulnerable, and their definitively anti-American agenda is provable. They are very sensitive and very aware of this weakness, especially as the theory moves beyond the fringe internet and into the powerful voices of Rush and Sarah, who’re all over it now thank God. It’s the Big Lie holding most of the rest together.

      If you were listening to Rush, then you heard the banker who called up, parroting Conservatism, then defending Bernanke’s secret World Bailout. The caller was a plant, trying to throw cold water on Rush’s fire hot streak on the matter.

      “He’s an expert on the Depression, he’s doing the opposite of what the Fed did then, because raising interest rates increased the severity of the Depression.” Word for word Keynesian Revisionist talking point.

    • Rusty Shackleford says:

      I’m getting “Absolute power corrupts, absolutely” and that somehow this whole thing is orchestrated.

      Viewing a disaster is easier sometimes after-the-fact. But to fully understand one may take eyewitness accounting. On the one hand, I’m hard-pressed to think there’s a blueprint unless it’s just a simple guide and that random acts are not only welcome, but can often be manipulated to the benefit of the usurpers.

      But then, on the other hand, I come to the crux of the matter, in my own mind, at least. And that is to ask “Why?” “To what end?” If history has shown that when there are a handful of people in power, the vast majority was miserable. What is it about the middle class that’s so hideous? What is it about our system as designed that’s so disgusting to people like Reid and Soros? Or is it just the love of the game of being part of a project to dismantle the system that has afforded freedom to so many? And, do they have complete disregard for basic human rights while still claiming to defend them? Is that some sort of gamesmanship? One of the tactics of “how to f__it all up without anyone catching on and if they do, ignore them and keep piling it on even thicker?”

      I mean, I see and understand your point. It’s playing the vast majority as saps and when it gains enough momentum it can’t be stopped? Is that it? This smacks of a Blofeld-ish plan to enslave the world and they seem to have their eyes set on the US as first because the rest of the world seems to have a bent towards falling in line with masters anyhow. So they’re counting on pack mentality and Soros as the first “Supreme Ruler of Terra?” Hard to swallow. But I can see how it’s been happening incrementally. Still a hard thing to accept. And although the warm up team had their day, now they see the possibility of really going for it and the US is ripe for the toppling and can be overtaken with just the right manipulations?

      That, of course to me, is the definition of pure evil. But, looking back at world history, many tyrants from tens to thousands of years ago were no less ambitious. I do, however hate it that I, and people like me, may represent what amounts to one of the last generations of free-thinking humans on the face of the Earth for many years to come. I don’t “fall in line” very easily and there is no incentive for me to do so with the likes of Soros, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc.

      Is it that they see themselves as merely operatives in reaching the summit of ruling the world? That’s the hardest part because none of those megalomaniacs strike me as being satisfied to just be a toady to Soros. But then, everyone has their price, so they say. And stranger things have happened, like Marc Antony and Cleopatra for one. In fact, Roman history is riddled with odd things and strange political allies.

      But, even if I don’t live to see the US eventually righted, I know that any empire cannot last. Eventually people get fed up and the desire for freedom overrides the fear of death. I guess this latest slime thinks that they can keep the lid on by keeping the people “just comfortable enough”. Maybe the great experiment in freedom is over. Seems many citizens are used to having the government tell them what to do.

    • proreason says:

      blueprint? no

      strategy? yes

      Strategies are more important. They allow for adjustments on the fly and can last for centuries. Plans and blueprints only succeed for work that can be tightly controlled. We’re talking politics, which is a reflection of life. Plans last about a week, but Strategies can dominate for centuries.

      I’m convinced the leftists have had a basic strategy for 60+ years: control education and the media, balkanize the population, demonize the accepted culture, create chaos, leverage chaos to gain power, chip away the middle class, eliminate freedoms, when the time is right..execute the final coup.

      Everything else fits within that framework.

      Example: in the mid-90’s they demonized banks to effectively takeover the mortgage loan industry with the intent of strenghthening their hold on blacks, one of their key demographics. I doubt they intendend or envisioned that it would be grow into an economic crisis, but by 2007 the economic problems it created were so massive that they then pricked them to create chaos and get their manchurian elected.

      Nobody mapped that out 20, 10, 5 or even 2 years in advance. But they were able to do it because of the strategic elements they put in place 50 years before.

      Many of their tactics are flat-out stupid.

      But strategically, the world hasn’t seen anything like it since the Founding Fathers shook the world.

    • tranquil.night says:

      I really appreciate your open-mindedness to our points Rusty.

      Rest assured, I firmly believe we are winning the war for the soul of this country, and what is actually collapsing before us is world socialism. We’re enduring the strife, the question is whether all the world’s utopians will keep it together as their heavenly dreams meet the hellish reality they’ve created for themselves. Times are tense, not any time to push any buttons. And oh, who happens to pop his fruity little head up on the world kabuki theatre but little Assboy, malignant narcissist clone.

      The Ruling Class with hubris greatly misread their control over the political atmosphere in the country via their power through the 4 corners of deceit and cronyism. But even more critical, the GRAVELY underestimated the “average” Americans that make this country exceptional, mostly because they don’t believe in it. Like Pro said, they really aren’t that smart.

      But we endure, and Sarah Palin smiles and says this is our morning.

      Ah, and on that note I’ve been wanting to post this. It came to me via dictionary.com’s “word of the day” on my phone: (sorry for the length)

      Definition: Rebirth; regeneration.
      Definition: In biology, embryonic development that reproduces the ancestral features of the species.
      Definition: Baptism in the Christian faith.
      Definition: The doctrine of transmigration of souls.
      1. His acquaintance with the family dated from their social palingenesis, when, after obscure prosperity in a southern suburb, they fluttered to the northern heights, and were observed of the paragraphists. — The Whirlpool, George Gissing

      2. A perfect palingenesis was wrought by the restorer of the Persian empire, which pretty nearly re- occupied (and gloried in re-occupying) the very area that had once composed the empire of Cyrus. — The Caesars , Thomas de Quincey

      In any event, asking why wannabe tyrants pursue the impossible so viciously is a lot like asking why Satan rebelled against God.

      Edit: Great points Pro about strategies vs plans. Remember, these super wealthy elites manage funds as their livings. Investment today is all about a mixture of risk managment, economics, sociology, psychology, with a small portion directly relating to the actual business market. They manage their political party with strategies similar to how you manage a fund: a goal and a defined set of guiding rules, never much interest in the substance other than getting the most value out of it. For that matter, the momentum that surrounds political debate can be very similar to that of a stock. And we know how todays beltway loves to use those polls.

  2. proreason says:

    The Pentagon say they could have stopped him. They have always known where he is. They know where he is now.

    So why would anybody think that the Moron is opposed to what he did?

  3. untrainable says:

    Until ass-boy releases information that shows Obama in the light of day, nothing wil be done. The first page of information that confirms Obama’s radical ties and the organized collapse plan for America will instantly turn Assange into a bloody stain on the carpet.

    • proreason says:

      that’s the proof that the Moron knew about this stuff all along, and probably set it all up. Assange would be dead if he had exposed who Obamy really is and it would all be papered over.

    • mr_bill says:

      Good point, Pro. The same goes triple for Hillary. Clinton Inc. has proven that they have no qualms about organizing an “accident” for those who cross them. The fact that Ass-ange hasn’t taken too many sleeping pills and then shot himself in the back of the head several times leads me to believe there was some nerobama/Hillary complicity in this whole thing.

  4. GL0120 says:

    I just read an article about Assange (http://bigpeace.com/driehl/2010/12/01/who-is-julian-assange/), he seems to have had a very disturbing childhood to say the least.
    It sounds as if he’s extremely insecure and very dependent, which would help explain his apparent mission to leak information and gain international attention.
    The article made no mention of any girlfriends or other female companions, could he and the Pfc be butt buddies?

    • tranquil.night says:

      Molestation is a common practice in most cultist family groups, but that usually just scratches the surface of psychological damages.

      Victims of moleststion, especially young males by other males, very often face gender and sexual identity crises all through their social development and become predators themselves in adulthood if never addressed properly.

      And we all know how the Liberal mindset justifies everything from lies to vengeance sevenfold because of moral relativism and narcissistic self-righteousness.

      Assboy’s ego and messianic complex is bigger than even the Moron’s. But every self-righteous move he makes is not one towards Liberty but more control. He is that which he hates, a predator, a destroyer, but too mentally warped to understand it. In his mind he thinks he’s fighting them.

  5. GetBackJack says:

    I’m with Pro 100% on this; Assange is a tool.

    We’ve had a real, hot, murderous internal civil war going on since the first year of Reagan. Ask John Tower about it; or, William Colby, or Danny Casolaro, Vince Foster, Jim Norman or any of hundreds who’ve died in accidents, crashes, explosions and (especially) if you were a Marine One pilot for Bill Clinton. I predict Assange will commit suicide by drowning, shooting himself in his head three times while on fire.

  6. canary says:

    Yes, The U.S. knows exactly where Assange is. They spied 24/7 for a month back when the Iraq release was the issue, and he would not go outside, if you recall.

    They had absolute reasonable cause to have gotten a search warrant (without arresting Assange) based
    just on the fact that a little private with top security clearance passed the information because his fairy wand he kept at his desk and fetching coffee for the officers in Iraq was peeved because he fell in love in love with an older drag queen right before he was deployed and was dumped.
    Obama took his time arresting him too.

    a.m. on FOX was a retired 4 star General that said the U.S. government would have had no problem in shutting down his site at any time.

    They then twice showed Holder bragging in front of our countries telling of some internet #2 thingy they’d were going after those slick DVD & music pirates and companies that sold fake purses. Then they showed the short and long version of a believe a a congresswoman from MI land blasting Holder how he could stand there and talking about stolen (some purse Fox showed a photo of) instead of
    Wiki-Leak. She was one fired up mama scolding the little boy who cares more about soccer.

    Anyways, the retired 4 star general (I forget which global security company he worked for, but many like Wesley Clark, CIA, and FBI all are in private cyber companies and spy companies now) said that it maybe it was a 1st Amendment issue. Not, once Assange made it clear the next batch would make Hillary crack to pieces. So, what ever the reason Obama has chose not to do anything when he had the power for a search warrant when there is a reason that people would be endangered? Of course that speaks for Obama as he’s not concerned about danger when his administration has assured uss, the U.S. can “absorb” another 9/11. And then you have Obama’s first Presidential IT team at the WH ran by that Kundra dude, so, there’s no excuse. Perhaps they are waiting til someone or people are killed and if they can tie it into Assange (good luck proving that) they’ll slap his hand.

    This is Obama’s way of showing the world his loyality for bad bad America is last. It’s to show beyond any doubt that Obama feel’s the world’s pain, from the evil America.

  7. canary says:

    I haven’t read much of Obama’s book, but his decision to be a muslim at 13 after reading Malcome X
    s autobiography he says he related the most to the book, when Malcome wished he could purge the white blood from his veins. This is when he hid in his room reading everything he could, pretending to do homework while living with his grandparents. When his friends made fun of his conversion to muslim, about not able to eat ribs and not able to have a woman (extreme sexist vulgar terms were used) he made his decision to “feverishly hide” his new path. And began keeping secret that his mother was white. At Occidental when he changed his name to “Barack” from Barry. He explained to his friends that it was his father’s name and it’s Arabic meaning. He explained his grandfather was a muslim. His grandfather had legally changed his name to registered Hussien II Onyanogo, the his father (great-grandfather’s last name was Obama.

    I interpret Obama’s statement earlier in the introduction about keeping his mother being “white” a secret, and the muslim bit, and in his intent of seeking muslim friends, preachers & mentors, was hoping that people believed he was a muslim, and not obviously white/black as he looks because of a few things. After he talks of such a great moment in history of being elected the first Black president of
    the Harvard Law Review ( a legal periodical)
    Anyways, he explains he got an advance from a publisher, and he decided to take a year off after graduation to write it.

    excerpts and quotes from the Introduction xiii-xvii of Dreams From My Father Barack Obama 1994 –

    ..”First longings leapt up to brush my heart….Still, I strongly resisted the idea of offering up my past in a book, a past that left me feeling exposed, even slightly ashamed. Not because that past is particularly painful or perverse but because it speaks to those aspects of myself that resist conscious choice and that – on the surface, at least – contradict the world I now occupy.”….

    …”As a result, some people who don’t know me well, black or white, discover my background (and it is usually a discovery, for I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen,…),
    I see the split-second adjustments they have to make, the searching of my eyes for some telltale sign.
    They know longer know who I am……”

    ” …well, I suspect that I sound incurable naive, wedded to lost hopes, like those Communists who peddle their newspapers on the fringes of various towns. Or worse, I sound like I’m trying to hide from myself.
    I don’t fault people their suspicions…It was only many years later, after I had sat at my father’s grave and spoken to him through Africa’s red soil, that I could circle back and evaluate these early stories for myself. ….

    I can’t even hold up my experience (“After all, you don’t come from an underprivileged background,” a Manhattan publisher helpfully points out to me); indeed, learning to accept that particular truth – that I can embrace my black brothers and sisters,….

    Finally, there are the dangers inherent in any autobiographical work: the temptation to color events in ways favorable to the writer, the tendency to overestimate the interest one’s experiences hold for others, selective lapses of memory. Such hazards are only magnified when the writer lacks the wisdom of age; the distance that can cure one of certain vanities. I can’t say that I’ve avoided all, or any, of these hazards successfully….

    When I’ve strayed, I’ve been able to look to my agent, Jane Dystel, for her faith and tenacity; to my editor, Henry Ferris, for his gentle but firm correctives; to Ruth Fecych and the staff at Times Books, for their enthusiasm and attention in shepherding the manuscript through it’s various stages; to my friends, especially Robert Fisher, for their generous readings; and to my wonderful wife, Michelle, …”

    -end of excerpts-

    I like the part where he occupies America, really believes people are surprised to find out he’s not a muslim, but white & black, and his feelings of feeling like a communist.

  8. Laree says:

    Imus In The Morning Fox Business News. Guest Chip Reid, Laura Ingraham and Mike Wallace on what the impact of Wikileaks and Julian Assange’s motivation. I think Mike Wallace nailed Assange, when he compared what he does to pornography.

    Hackers Challenge: Dunk Julian Ass’ange, If You Think You Have The Balls ;

    Weaky Leaky & The Dunking Tank


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