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Costa Rica Elects Right-Wing Woman Prez

From (a surely outraged) Associated Press:

Costa Rica elects 1st woman president in landslide

By Marianela Jimenez, Associated Press Writer Mon Feb 8

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Costa Ricans have elected their first woman president as the ruling party candidate won in a landslide after campaigning to continue free market policies in Central America’s most stable nation.

With most of the votes from Sunday’s election counted, Laura Chinchilla held a 22-point lead over her closest rival. Her 47 percent share of the vote was well beyond the 40 percent needed to avoid a run-off.

The 50-year-old protege of the current president, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Oscar Arias, promised to pursue the same economic policies that recently brought the country into a trade pact with the U.S. and opened commerce with China.

"Today we are making history," said Chinchilla, who will be the fifth Latin American woman to serve as president when she takes office in May. "The Costa Rican people have given me their confidence, and I will not betray it." ..

Arias’ economic policies helped insulate Costa Rica from the world economic crisis as he kept a high profile on the world stage as a negotiator in Honduras’ political crisis after a coup deposed President Manuel Zelaya in June.

Critics of the Arias government, in which Chinchilla served as vice president, contended its policies catered to big developers to boost the economy at the cost of the nation’s fragile ecosystems.

But most Costa Ricans were reluctant to shake up the status quo in a country with relatively high salaries, the longest life expectancy in Latin America, a thriving ecotourism industry and near-universal literacy.

Chinchilla, the mother of a teenage son, is a social conservative who opposes abortion and gay marriage. She appealed both to Costa Ricans seeking a fresh face and those reluctant to risk the unknown

This is wrong in so many ways. At least according to our establishment media.

A pro-capitalist candidate wins in South America — in a landslide. And she’s ‘anti-Green’? And she’s a woman?

(We thought all right-wingers were all chauvinist pigs.)

You can bet we will hear as little about this as possible from our media masters.

After all, she’s no Hillary Clinton.

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6 Responses to “Costa Rica Elects Right-Wing Woman Prez”

  1. Right of the People says:

    Do I sense a trend here? First in Europe the elections of several right-leaning candidates, the dissing of “green” policies in Australia and now a right-winger in Central America. Is the world starting to wake up?

    Liberals beware, we have seen the emperor’s new clothes and he’s butt naked!

  2. NoNeoCommies says:

    I would have voted for her purely based on her last name.
    Any coat, wrap or shawl that belongs to her is a “Chinchilla”.
    PETA won’t know how to deal with it.

  3. jobeth says:

    Is that how you say…Sarah Palin…in Spanish?

  4. Mithrandir says:

    It’s strange that when the public is urged to “make history” by voting for a liberal 1/2 black man, “wise latina,” or a woman, or _________, we are arm-twisted to do so with guilt and shame. Then lauded when we elect them and that the shadow of white racism has been slightly lifted off our shoulders….

    But when a conservative runs and makes history, it doesn’t even make page 12E of the newspaper.

  5. joeblough says:

    Sarah …

    You’re watching, yes?

  6. CKO1986 says:

    NoNeoCommies– PETA doesn’t know how to deal with much of anything.

    Right of the People– I think you may be, well, right about a trend starting to emerge.

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