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Shocker: Coulter’s Very Latest Plagiarism

Here’s something a reader sent me from Don Surber’s site:

Coulter caught!

Monday, July 10, 2006

The first rule of leftism is that when you cannot attack someone’s ideas, attack them personally — which means they spend a lot of time making personal attacks.

So what happens in the case of Ann Coulter, who laughs off the personal attacks?

Accuse her of plagiarism. TPMuckracker has. But of course, being lefties, they are terrible at it. Their examples are lame. So I took Coulter’s latest column to show them how you do it:

Coulter: "It was nice to see The New York Times …"
Arianna Huffington at Huffington Post July 5, 2006: "So it was nice to see the New York Times show some cojones …"

Coulter: "… commemorating Independence Day …"
Yaro Bihun, The Ukrainian Weekly, Sept. 27, 1998: "Members of Congress join Ukrainians in commemorating Independence Day"

Coulter: "… this week with …"
ABC: "This Week With George Stephanopoulos"

Coulter: "… a tribute to its favorite Revolutionary War hero …"
US Mint Fun Facts With Kids: "Which Revolutionary War hero also helped make coins?"

Coulter: "… Benedict Arnold."
His parents, Benedict Arnold III and Hannah Waterman King.

What a shameless hussy, stealing from Arianna Huffington, Yaro Bihun, ABC, the U.S. Mint and 18th century parents to write: "It was nice to see The New York Times commemorating Independence Day this week with a tribute to its favorite Revolutionary War hero, Benedict Arnold."

He’s right you know.

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