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Dine In The Dark For Energy Efficiency

From Boulder (CO) County’s Public Health News:

Dine in the Dark for Energy Efficiency

Monday, November 30, 2009 – Boulder County – Restaurants are being asked to offer a special deal and turn out the lights for lunch on December 11, 2009, to celebrate Lights Out Lunch. During the lunch, consumers would be asked to dine in the dark to emphasize the importance of energy efficiency.

Sponsored by Xcel Energy, participating restaurants will be featured on the Xcel Energy website: www.LightsOutLunch.com. Businesses and their employees that sign up to participate will be entered into a random drawing to win a lunch for up to 25 people with Chauncey Billups of the Denver Nuggets or Paul Stastny of the Colorado Avalanche.

“This is a great way for restaurateurs to demonstrate their commitment to energy efficiency,” said Mary Wiener, Boulder County Public Health Business Sustainability Specialist.

Twenty-four residential customers who sign up to participate will also be entered into a random drawing to win a lunch for two with Chauncey Billups or Paul Stastny . Participants will also have a chance to win autographed basketballs, hockey pucks, and jerseys.

“If you don’t plan on eating out that day, you can still participate at home,” said Wiener. “Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, turn the lights off for one hour.”

Restaurants statewide are providing exclusive offers to Lights Out Lunch participants; a downloadable coupon is available at www.LightsOutLunch.com after sign-up.

If you are interested in participating in Xcel Energy’s "Lights Out Lunch," please respond by emailing LightsOutLunch@vladimirjones.com with your restaurant name, website, special offer, and contact information.

Contact Mary Wiener at mwiener@bouldercounty.org or 303.441.1183 to make sure participating restaurants are advertised on the Partners for A Clean Environment (PACE) website.

We’re no health experts. But we somehow suspect that dining in the dark might not be all that healthy.

Most especially for the waiters.

In fact, we wonder that the legal departments for Boulder County (not to mention Xcel Energy) would allow this to pass muster.

But the ‘Mann Made Warming’ scare seems to rob people of their reason.

(Thanks to BillK for the heads up.)

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21 Responses to “Dine In The Dark For Energy Efficiency”

  1. BillK says:

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    From the Boulder (Colorado) County Government’s web site:

    Dine in the Dark for Energy Efficiency

    Monday, November 30, 2009 – Boulder County – Restaurants are being asked to offer a special deal and turn out the lights for lunch on December 11, 2009, to celebrate Lights Out Lunch. During the lunch, consumers would be asked to dine in the dark to emphasize the importance of energy efficiency…


    Show your commitment to energy efficiency by eating in the dark!

    Just another in the long effort to convince people that really, the best thing we can do is reduce our standard of living.

    Next up: Show how green you are by shutting off your furnace! Wear a parka for Obama!

    I’d laugh, but I’m sure something like that actually is in the planning stages…

    • caligirl9 says:

      Oh but I like Paul Stasny …

      Lights out dinner would be more meaningful. Or perhaps hockey in the dark with melting ice is much more symbolic. Though I don’t want Stasny hurt …

      It should be “drinking room-temperature beverages, eating cold soup and melted dessert in the dark.” Use no energy to prepare the meal.

      I am being sarcastic, of course.

  2. Fuzzlenutter says:

    Well, every light in my home will be ablaze at that time, that’s for sure. It’ll make me feel better knowing I’m canceling out at least one of these morons…

    • jobeth says:

      MINE TOO!

      I “call” (to borrow a favorite lib phrase…) for all conservs to emblazon the world with every bit of energy for that hour as possible. Heck I plan to even turn my pool filter on and my fridge up high and do my washing…opps…why did that breaker flip?

      Oh Well,…lets turn on all the lights anyway…:-D

  3. crosspatch says:

    Well, if we would build several dozen nuclear plants and recycle the fuel, we wouldn’t need to dine in the dark. Electricity would be dirt cheap and there would be a surplus of it.

    Read this PDF which is a reprint of a Scientific American article. In is formatted for printing and reads better printed out than it does on a computer. The original article is here:


    Read the whole thing.

  4. canary says:

    Don’t spill the coffee & watch the register.

  5. The Redneck says:

    I don’t agree with turning the lights on.

    Saving energy is a good thing–although if somebody’s dumb enough to do it by lowering their standard of living, don’t expect me to share.

    Our problem with environmentalism isn’t a matter of hatred for the environment, y’all–it’s a matter of refusing to believe that capitalism is the problem, disaster is the price, and more government is the solution.

    And Crosspatch, Europe does great with it.
    Apparently, when people in Europe stand by while muslims rape women and burn towns, nationalize industries, and screw everything that comes close enough, we need to be more like them because European equals sophisticated… but when people in Europe use nuclear power for cheap, clean energy we need to stand strong against them immoral furriner ways.

  6. wirenut says:

    Ice cold tofubeast and snow-peas, smothered in a blanket of well-being. The whine is Bush-Chaneymante,08. All under the fake skylights of our low wattage, high mercury laden compact fluorescent G.E. fixtures. To further your dining experience, we ask that you don’t, bathe, use water, breathe, or use any type of consumable. Just sit on the ground and enjoy! Volcanic dope smoking sweat lodge to follow.
    These people make my head hurt!

  7. bill says:

    Nuclear power is the most efficient, lowest cost, form of electricity generation. And if you were to get the enviro-whackos and their lawsuit machine out of it, the costs would go down further….

    And so where are we with nuclear power generation?

    Next we need to do what France does, recycle nuclear fuel. And why don’t we, the progressives in Congress made it illegal for the USA to reprocess and reuse fuel. What? Why? No one seems to recall.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    Room temperature raw chicken salad and soupy jello.

    With this kind of thinking you can see why only 10% will survive.

  9. 64dodger says:

    Liberals have been “Dining In The Dark” for the last 50 years, nothing new here.

  10. mr_bill says:

    I’m going to one of these lunches to fart repeatedly and blame everybody else for it.

  11. GetBackJack says:

    BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH — oh, Jesus, I’m hyperventilating over here — hahahahahahahah – gasp sputter — hahahahahahahahahaha — omg I wet myself — hahahahahahahahahahah — wheeze, wheeze …..

    (sound of honking a handkerchief) ….



    We live in a total sea of energy and these dimbulbs … there’s just no explicative for them. I’m with LD. Eat that room temperature sushi and day old chicken salad. PLEASE.

    Now I know the Laws of Physics is too much for their reptilian brains.

  12. GL0120 says:

    Dining without power would suck.
    Now, legislating without power, any power, would be a dream come true.

  13. sheehanjihad says:

    Keeping people in the dark is exactly what these morons have been doing for decades! Until they exhibit even a modicum of common sense, I will ignore them wholesale. The absolute utter idiocy they are constantly showing is appalling…..as though everyone will stop living a normal lifestyle so they can feel good about themselves? Not only no, but hell no!

    If they werent so blatantly hypocritical I could stomach some of their tripe. They remind me of the hucksters that made fortunes selling “comet protection” at the turn of the century when Halley’s comet was making it’s return.

    If they really wanted energy efficiency, they would allow indigenous production and nuclear power plants…..they dont want anything more than to be important, and get that elusive grant money and donations so they can be in control when the rest of us live in the dirt to keep them rich.

    Stick it, dark diners. You are doing what the liberals always do…..a feel good approach instead of a workable solution.

  14. U NO HOO says:

    Hey, didn’t easy bake ovens use a LIGHT BULB to cook?

    I’m just asking…

    • jobeth says:

      ummm…don’t think the curly bulbs will brown those buns as well as a “real” light bulb.

    • U NO HOO says:

      True, I changed my computer desk lamp from a 60 watt incandescent to a “60 watt” cfl and the difference in heat is really significant. I can touch the lamp shade with the cfl but almost burned my hand with the old 60 watt.

  15. U NO HOO says:

    I can eat with a 4 watt bulb but my cook range takes 10,000 watts.

    Exageration, I know. But will the libs get it?

  16. BigOil says:

    If I were forced to dine with a bunch of liberals – darkness would be my preference.

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