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County Judge Strikes Down WI Union Law

From a cheering (albeit, union-busting) Associated Press:

Wisconsin judge strikes down union law; state Supreme Court to hear arguments next month

May 26, 2011

MADISON, Wis. – A judge has struck down a law taking away nearly all collective bargaining rights from most Wisconsin state workers.

Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi ruled Thursday that Republican legislators violated Wisconsin’s open meetings law during the run up to passage. She says that renders the law void.

The law pushed by Gov. Scott Walker takes away all bargaining rights except over base salary for teachers and other public workers.

The decision is not the end of the legal fight. The state Supreme Court has scheduled arguments for June 6 to determine whether it will take the same case.

Lawmakers could also pass the law again in order to nullify open meeting concerns that led to the judge’s ruling Thursday.

Of course this is no surprise. But it is certainly a disgrace.

Lest we forget, Ms. Sumi is so involved with organized labor she should have recused herself. But somehow Democrat judges never do.

Oh, and by the by, there was no violation of the open meeting law. As we noted at the time of her stay on the law, the Wisconsin law was followed to the letter.

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6 Responses to “County Judge Strikes Down WI Union Law”

  1. BillK says:

    Also presenting once again the question of why a County judge somehow has jurisdiction over State legislation.

    I also can’t wait to see the reaction of the Union employees when they now have to pay their back dues as a lump sum.

  2. proreason says:

    Law? I spit on your stinking laws. I spit on the concept of your stinking laws. I spit on myself for having to interpret your stinking laws. I spit on the people who elected me to interpret your stinking laws. I spit on my children for being born in a country with your stinking laws. I spit on the country for having your stinking laws. I spit on you for daring to disagree with my view of your stinking laws.

  3. wirenut says:

    See what we have to put up with? Shameful! We really do have two Wisconsin’s. Madison & Milwaukee, then the rest of the State. Between this sham and the pretend recall elections, the price of freedom keeps going up. My own tax dollars being used by unions to nullify my vote. NICE. No border dash for this guy. I’m staying put to fight on.
    Disenfranchised? Where’s the outrage for the lawabiding now? Cue up the crickets………

  4. Rusty Shackleford says:

    If I were Walker, I would continue to enact the law, citing Hambone’s treatment of similar court activity.

    But, unlike socialists, conservatives tend to obey the law, even if we don’t like the way it’s going.

  5. wirenut says:

    Once freedom takes it’s boot from the head of this “Snake”, it will be allowed to bite again,and again. Socialism, the opressor, and the end of our liberty. Don’t have public sector union, so-called “buds” anymore, and don’t much care. Can’t drink a beer with wallet maggots anyway. This hits home, and hurts. But the truth is, find another surgar-daddy slim. I’m thinking about my grandchildren. Now, I know what our Founders feared.

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