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CPAC ‘09 – Coulter, Limbaugh… And Me

The schedule of events for next week’s CPAC 2009 is nearly finalized.

The agendas for Thursday the 26th and Friday the 27th can be found here and here.

Here is Saturday’s:


Jim Roberts, Radio America

Hon. Rick Santorum
Regency Ballroom
Introduction: Tim Goeglein, Focus on the Family

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (MN)
Regency Ballroom*
Introduction: TBD

Phyllis Schlafly
Ambassador Ballroom
Introduction: Sandy Rios, WYLL Chicago

Stephen H. Balch
Regency Ballroom*
Introduction: TBD

Legal Immigration: Defending the Constitution
and Assimilation
Ambassador Ballroom
Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies
Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch
Helen Krieble, Vernon K. Krieble Foundation
Moderator: Grover Norquist, Americans for Tax Reform

Hon. Elaine L. Chao
Regency Ballroom
Introduction: TBD

The Catholic Vote and the Future of Conservatism
Congressional A
Sponsored by the Catholic Family Caucus
Speaker: Dr. Kevin Roberts, Founder and Executive Director
Open to all CPAC attendees

How Many Crimes Did You Commit Today?
Regency Ballroom
Hon. Asa Hutchinson
Tim Lynch, Cato Institute*
Paul Rosenzweig, Department of Homeland Security*
Moderator: Pat Nolan, Prison Fellowship Ministries*

Jim Worthing
Exhibit Hall
CD Signing
Hang On to Your Freedom

God and Man at CPAC: The Enduring Legacy of William F. Buckley
Congressional B
Sponsored by The Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Panelists: James Panero, The New Criterion; Matthew Continetti, The Weekly Standard; Daniel McCarthy, The American Conservative;
Moderator: Mark Henrie, Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Free books and journals to those in attendance
Open to All Attendees

Chris Horner
Exhibit Hall
Book Signing
Red Hot Lies

Iain Murray
Exhibit Hall
Book Signing
Real Inconvenient Truths

David Bossie, Citizens United

William J. Bennett
Regency Ballroom*
Introduction: TBD

Threats to Our National Sovereignty
Ambassador Ballroom
Chris Horner, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Iain Murray, author of Real Inconvenient Truths
Prof. Jeremy Rabkin, George Mason University
David Rifkin, Baker & Hostetler
Moderator: Jeff Gayner, Council for America

Education at the Crossroads: Monopoly or Competition?
Regency Ballroom
Virginia Walden Ford, D.C. Parents for School Choice*
Jeanne Allen, Center for Education Reform
Kevin D. Roberts, Catholic Family Caucus
Moderator: Joe Bast, The Heartland Institute

Roger Simon
Exhibit Hall
Book Signing
Blacklisting Myself: Memoir of a Hollywood Apostate in the Age of Terror

Ann Coulter
Regency Ballroom

S.E. Cupp and Brett Joshpe
Exhibit Hall
Book Signing
Why You’re Wrong About the Right

Presentation of Conservative Blogger Award
Regency Ballroom
Presenter: David All, David All Group*
Recipient: Steve Gilbert, Sweetness & Light

Ann Coulter
Exhibit Hall
Book Signing
Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America

Woman of the Year Luncheon
Palladian Ballroom
Sponsored by the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute
Speaker: TBA
Lunch Served
Open to Pre-registered Women Students Only

Moving the Left Coast to the Right: A Call to Action for Conservatives
Regency Ballroom
Robert Davi, actor and director
Roger L. Simon, Pajamas Media
David Horowitz, David Horowitz Freedom Center
Moderator: Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart.com’s Big Hollywood

Kirby Wilbur, KVI

Regency Ballroom
Introduction: TBD

Media in the Obama Era: Is Journalism Dead?
Ambassador Ballroom
John Gizzi, Human Events
John Ziegler, How Obama Got Elected
R. Emmett Tyrrell, The American Spectator
Terry Jeffrey, CNSNews.com
Moderator: Peter Roff*

David Horowitz
Exhibit Hall
Book Signing
Indoctrinate U

Conservatism 2.0 Conference
Diplomat Ballroom
Sponsored by Pajamas Television
The conservative answer to The View hosted by Kellyanne Conway, Mary Anne Marsh, Michelle Malkin and Jeri Thompson

Panelists: John P. Avlon, Alfonzo Rachel, Glenn Reynolds,and Scott Ott

Complimentary lunch served
Open to all CPAC attendees

Driving Energy Policy for the 21st Century
Regency Ballroom
Niger Innis, Congress of Racial Equality
Rep. Tom McClintock (CA)
Myron Ebell, Competitive Enterprise Institute
Morry B. Markowitz, Edison Electric Institute
Moderator: Andrew Moylan, National Taxpayers Union

The True Cost Of Global Warming Hysteria
Regency Ballroom
Ann McElhinney, Not Evil, Just Wrong
Phelim McAleer, Not Evil, Just Wrong

Moderator: Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart.com’s Big Hollywood

David Horowitz
Ambassador Ballroom
Introduction: TBD

Sarah Palin Unplugged on the Media Video Interview
Diplomat Ballroom
Sponsored by "Media Malpractice" Movie
Speaker: John Ziegler and special guest
Open to all CPAC attendees/Tickets enclosed in CPAC registration bags

Alan Charles Kors
Ambassador Ballroom
Introduction: Mal Kline, Accuracy in Media

Ward Connerly
Regency Ballroom
Introduction: Tammy Cali, Eberle Associates

Straw Poll Results and CPAC 2010: Where Do We Stand?
Regency Ballroom
Tony Fabrizio, Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates
David A. Keene, American Conservative Union

Rush Limbaugh
Regency Ballroom
Introduction: Lisa De Pasquale, American Conservative Union

Presentation of Defender of the Constitution Award
Presenter: Brad O’Leary, PM-Direct Marketing
Recipient: Rush Limbaugh


It’s quite a line-up, is it not?

Alas, online registration is now closed. But onsite registration is still available. (I think that means you can buy tickets at the door.)

And you can always call them or email them:

CPAC Phone: (800) 752-4391

Email: cpac@conservative.org

Be there — or be square.

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39 Responses to “CPAC ‘09 – Coulter, Limbaugh… And Me”

  1. caligirl9 says:

    Steve, will you be blogging updates for us?
    I am really interested in the journalism session …

    • Steve says:

      I’m not sure, Caligirl. I might not even take a computer.

      Pretty ironic, huh? But I will be pretty pressed for time while I am down there.

      But I hope to do a write-up after the fact.

      However the whole conference, at least the speeches, should be on one of the C-SPAN channels.

      They usually broadcast CPAC.

  2. wardmama4 says:

    I am not square – I am more of a hexadecagon although somewhere there is a corner where a few things get lost once in a while.

    The schedule has presented us with a dilema – you and Ann’s book signing are at the same time. This is not good – please contact CPAC immediately.

    It appears that the daughter must stand in line for the book signing – while I watch you receive your award – and then run down hallways and stairs to get to Ann.

    I marked a few must see/do on my agenda – will give to the young one in the car – during a hideous drive through the mini-mountains of WVA and PA – to see if we can somewhat coordinate. . .

    So tell me – are you bringing some Sweetness & Light shirts for your loyal commentors?!?

    I will (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) have to bring a disposable camera – I will not lose the shots I did last year (can not remember exactly where I left the camera last year – probably with the young one who notoriously did not take a single pic). My hubby is taking a photo class and I can’t bring our real camera. Bummer, he bought a new one for the class and it is a snazzy one.

    • Steve says:

      “The schedule has presented us with a dilema – you and Ann’s book signing are at the same time. This is not good – please contact CPAC immediately.”

      I am fairly certain that Ann will attend my “ceremony.”

      So the book-signing will be delayed a couple of minutes.

      “So tell me – are you bringing some Sweetness & Light shirts for your loyal commentors?!?”

      Probably not. But I will make a list, if you give me sizes…

  3. brad says:

    I am all for the Conservative thing, but let’s face it folks, what have Conservatives done to fix ANY of the countless broken (all of them) government agencies in our country?

    Our terrible “pay-to-play” legal system?

    Our prison system that only begets more crime inside those walls?

    Social Security (ha!)

    Independence from foreign oil?

    Green technology?

    Our debt?

    I mean, come on guys, you can’t just blame Democrats for everything, there has to be some sort of proof that there has been success, not just a good shot at trying. What have Conservatives delivered? What is their success rate? What is their plan to get to that point? How can we measure changes and success?

    I have lived nearly 40 years, and I remember when you could drink a beer in public, smoke anywhere, shoot off fireworks, get in a bar-brawl without felonies being filed, own a gun and no one cared, drink when you were 18, throw a party without going to prison, say what you wanted without the Secret Service being called, no seat belt laws, no helmet laws, a doctor actually came to our house one time, people didn’t sue each other left and right, men wore ties–women wore dresses (usually always) kids hair was usually very short, never smarted off to your teachers, NOW LOOK AT OUR NANNY-STATE COUNTRY? Yech…look at it!

    What have Conservatives done other than contribute to it, and / or write books about it? –Nothing, just bystanders preaching to the choir. I am totally disgusted with just about everyone.

    • wardmama4 says:

      This is why I go (and spend oodles of money to do it) to CPAC to make my voice, my position known – it is why I come here everyday – to be in company with people who are tired of the failed programs of the Liberals and the go-along-to-get-along mentality of way too many Conservatives. Come join us – put some skin in the game. I was quite impressed last year – as the young people were amazing – very conservative, very involved and knowledgeable – they are our future. And they need our support and encouragement – which is why I take our daughter – this is her chosen field in life.
      I agree with you about alot of what you said – however – have you ever said Thank you when your guys or a conservative with guts stood up? I wrote so much last year to my Rep – but when I met him at a local town meeting – I knew it mattered. I write to those who really get my goat (and in my mind are dangerous) but I also write to those who put it on the line to do the right thing. And yes, I just sent a Thank You to my lone Senator who voted No on this Generational Theft Act.

      Complaining has it’s merits but it is like children – if all you do is correct them they tend to get a chip on their shoulder and become worse. See some of the good – and be sure to mention that too.

      Perhaps we aren’t in the EU/Socialist dust bin right now – because our conservatives stood firm in the past. You think?!?

    • U NO HOO says:

      Conservatives OR Republicans haven’t done the correct thing?

      Who the heck watches C-SPAN?

  4. proreason says:

    How Many Crimes Did You Commit Today?”

    Only 1 hour for this session?

    It must be restricted to Republican crimes.

    And Steve, be sure to wear a disguise for your ceremony.

    • Steve says:

      “And Steve, be sure to wear a disguise for your ceremony.”

      I fully intend to.

      Which is why I won’t look anything like my photos I’ve posted here.

    • canary says:

      Steve, if some radical unfriendly liberals give you any trouble, make sure you have an abaya or burque with you hidden under your clothes. Slip in a restroom and presto. Just say “wee-ooh wim-o-weh wim-o-weh, my civil rights ! my civil rights” a few times, and they will leave you alone.

      Wish I could come and stand guard for ya all.

  5. bl says:

    brad, I hear you loud and clear! I have noticed this too, over some time now. The great generation of conservatives, Buckley, Reagan, Thatcher, Jean Kirkpatrick, Sen. Helms, Rev. Falwell, Ruth Graham (late wife of Billy Graham). They had the ability to bring people towards them. They practiced what they preached. Completley, in every way. This newer generation just can’t seem to bring people towards them. I think they have turned into just laughing and poking fun at libs. As long as the celebrities they can’t stand come by to help their ratings ie. Hannity’s show. They are willing to put up with them. They have turned it into you must have blonde hair and 15 pounds of lipgloss and run around cable T.V to promote books and what have you. Don’t misunderstand, the points they make are right on. The changing of this country is impossible to bare. They do have the guts to put up with it. By the same token, there approach and technique is no good. The average American does not look the the perfect blond in mini’s (Sorry out there). You can’t preach conservatism, the all American family, and you too have teenagers screwing around. ie. S. Palin. Sorry out there. They too, in many ways, after the the 60’s, got caught up in this live like ya wanna way. Ever hear Hannity or Limbaugh say “libratarian”. What the hell is that? Hanman is married with two kids. You would never know it with the way he flirts with his female callins, blondey interns etc. This is not the memory of Reagan, Helms, Falwell, etc. They admire these folks, but can’t seem to repeat them. What to do? Ho Hum…..

    • wardmama4 says:

      You can’t preach conservatism, the all American family, and you too have teenagers screwing around. ie. S. Palin. Sorry out there

      I will say a prayer for you tonight – when one thinks themselves so high and mighty and better than someone else without all the facts – God will put you in your place – fast and hard. We all make mistakes and to pin the mistake of two teenagers onto the parent – I just hope that you don’t have children – or you are in for a world of hurt. Sooner than you think.

      I know – I held contempt for the ‘failures in parenting’ in my family – and now I’m living the pain, regret and sense of failure every, single day.

      How can you expect God to forgive you, if you can’t forgive a teenager for a mistake? And I won’t even go into the absurdity of casting that onto a political party.

      Conservatism like religion is not about perfection – and to expect it is unrealistic in the extreme.

    • caligirl9 says:

      The Bristol Palin argument doesn’t hold water.

      Anyone remember Patti Davis, Reagan’s daughter with Nancy?

      She may not have birthed a kid at 17 but God knows what she was up to otherwise.

      I never held Patti against Ronald and Nancy. They did the best they could, and hoped some of it stuck.

      To me, conservatism/moderate Republican means tolerance.

    • brad says:

      Sorry buddy, I don’t blame Conservatives for being human: Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter or here often mentioned down syndrome child.

      Or Dick Cheney’s obviously dykey daughter.

      Or photos of President Bush’s girls smoking and drinking in college, or fault the Kennedys for their many screwed up kids.

      That is part of being human, not a punishment only Conservatives should bare, and feel ashamed of.

      I like Ann Coulter a lot, but for me, her shtick doesn’t seem to be bringing people to the party, maybe it is, but she is more like the answer to Al Sharpton, and we don’t really need anyone mirroring that kind of obnoxiousness.

    • U NO HOO says:

      And Rush is approaching his fourth wife.

    • Howard Roark says:

      I think a few here miss an important point about Sarah Palin: she stepped up and did the hard thing when so many others don’t, today. The mother lived by her conservative principles by ignoring the option of abortion when, at 43, she must have been told was an understandable route to take during the pregnancy.

      And what about her daughter? That young girl easily could have followed the “girls gone wild” mentality of her generation by having an abortion, but she came from a Conservative family and a fetus was allowed to live.

      If all you can see when you look at people who don’t make their personal life decisions OUR problems to deal with [Rush, Sarah Palin, etc], is people with a fourth wife or out-of-wedlock pregnancy, I ask you all to back off a bit and remember: He who points at the moon is not the moon.

      Don’t expect perfection from those who explain Conservative thought. Ask yourself: Are their life decisions impacting on me? If the answer is ‘no’ [which it is in both Rush and Sarah’s daughter’s cases], then you need to employ a little understanding in this thing called life, don’t ya’ think?

      And another thing, Brad: Your complaint that Ann’s “schtick” isn’t “bringing people to our party” betrays your depth of conviction to Conservative principles, or lack, thereof. Conservatism isn’t a “party”. Country-club Republicans are the type who express your sentiment concerning true believers of first principles of our nation’s Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and over 200 years of respecting the rule of law. They are called Conservatives, and the country-club types are the shallow lunkheads who don’t understand those of us who live on next to nothing yet preach a Conservative message. The merchant class knows how to count members in their party, but they don’t know how they got there.

      Without the Ann Coulter’s, the Thomas Paine’s, and the Rush Limbaugh’s, the “Party” wouldn’t have a Reagan. Or a soul.

    • jobeth says:

      Being a conservative is not about being perfect.

      Its about being doing the RESPONSIBLE thing. Whether its standing by your child who does foolish things or by owning up to your own mistakes and correcting the consequences as best as you can.

      It’s all about the EFFORT to do the right thing.

      And anyway, who’s to say what the right thing is for any one person. It’s when one person’s “right thing” spills over into a demand in another’s life that we have problems.

      But hey, people have their imperfections and always will.

  6. pinandpuller says:

    Coulter and Limbaugh and Steve, oh my!

  7. Lisa22 says:

    “You can’t preach conservatism, the all American family, and you too have teenagers screwing around. ie. S. Palin. Sorry out there”

    Oh, and like Ronald Reagan was once a democrat? I guess you can’t forgive him for that either. It’s that “holier-than-thou” attitude that gives conservatives a bad name. People fail or make a mistake and they pick themselves up and change direction, redeeming themselves. Happens every day.

    • brad says:

      So true, everyone knows you can’t pick your parents, and you surly can’t pick your kids. I know Conservatives should have sterling families because they constantly complain about how families are broken in America. However, I always thought that the kids were completely off limits.

      Saturday Night Live made fun of Chelsea Clinton’s looks on “Wayne’s World” and Reagan’s stupid kids were no help, and Michael Skakel isn’t helping Ted Kennedy at all, but family is family, and to me, that is truly none of anyone’s business.

      I can’t remember how many times “Sarah Palin” was smashed side-by-side with (Psst, she has a downs syndrome child! Oh, and I think her high school daughter may be pregnant!)

  8. Lisa22 says:

    Steve, congrats on your award! Wish I was going to the CPAC conference now:)

  9. U NO HOO says:

    I don’t hold Ted Kennedy’s family against him, but “Catholics” don’t go bar hopping on Good Friday.

    We have a divorced conservative morning drive guy here. He ushers at his Catholic Church and there have been no rumors of him having a girl fling. BUT, who can he convert? Only those who listen to his show on AM talk radio.

    He will never be a legislator or government executive. If he ran he would probably be forced to give up his show. Would he win?

    Cards are stacked against us. Remember Romney?

    Conservatives are a minority. Conservatism works, like abstinence, every time it is tried.

    There is no reason to interview Bristol Palin about her mother or the teenage pregnancy. We know what causes it now.

    Interview Geithner over and over.

  10. U NO HOO says:

    “I like Ann Coulter a lot”

    But, when I watch her being interviewed, except on friendly territory, she can barely get a word out without being interrupted and ridiculed. Her foes don’t “read” her book.

    And, does it matter if she has an Adam’s apple?

    Again, ONE HALF of a Gaussian population is BELOW AVERAGE.

    • brad says:

      I still don’t know why Conservatives go on “The (liberal) View” Matt Lauer, Chris Matthews etc. It is a simple lawyer tactic to set up a long winded, carefully crafted, question, then cut-off and frustrate the person answering who had no time to prepare an answer.

      Why bother?

    • wardmama4 says:

      Because Brad there are two reasons One is to show that Conservatives aren’t cowards and will walk knowingly into the lions den and be able to come out alive and Two so that maybe one, simply just one person in the audience will see the condescention and acknowledge it or hear what Ann is saying and want to hear/read more.

      Conversions don’t come by preaching to the choir – they come by taking the risk of walking into the enemy camp or at least up to it.

    • brad says:

      If the only thing a conservative can say on a liberal talk show is, “But… I think that…..but……you are twisting what I am sayin–but……I ….hold on a minute……..Um…” —-That doesn’t show bravery, it demonstrates that conservatives are not able to articulate their point. SURE it is set up that way, so my point is that they shouldn’t willingly go there and be set up, it’s stupidity.

      2nd: The audience is stupid as well. No one is going to observe that the host asked loaded questions, or that they were rude, or any of that nonsense. All they hear is a bleeding-heart liberal question, a stumbling conservative answer, and a 15 minute follow-up briefing of the liberal talking points.

      Besides that, Ann Coulter’s body language, aggressive/combative demeanor, sarcastic answers, non-smiling composure is NOT going to change even 1 person’s mind. YES SHE IS 100% RIGHT, but the liberals have set her up to simply look like a bitch, and it is working.

      Again, why bother? Why hurt your own cause? —That seems counter-productive.

  11. U NO HOO says:


    First thing “they” mention is that we don’t want drug crazed “libratarians” running the country. Rush, you reading this? (I listen everyday, so don’t go ballistic. Go ballistic, it won’t get a conservative elected.)

    Bush is a teetotaler, and he brought us No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D, D for DRUGS!

    Have a good CPAC|2009.

  12. bl says:

    WOW!,wardmama4,callgirl and all the rest that took a hissy fit reading my comment. Look, I absolutely agree. It’s not right to point fingers here. Every point all the above make is right on. There is no perfection any place. But, the brute point here is, put each point together here. We are all frustrated. What will this country look like in 4 years. It’s nerve racking. You could always….always, rely on somebody coming along to be bold enough and say “STOP”, “I am here to just protect and serve”.

    The country could just sit back and say “Everything is gonna be O.K.” Now a days, there is no one….NO ONE! is coming a long to do that. Why? Like I stated earlier, the older generation didn’t have these social fall downs so much. Of course S. Palin’s daughter made a mistake. Of course there is a divorce rate ski high, even amongst conservs. ie. Limbaugh as I see stated above me. These things happen. Life goes on. But it is crucial to be the opposite of libs, that there is a severe difference. What drew people towards Reagan, Buckley, Falwell, and the rest who really represented conservatism? They practiced what they preached. There was 100 percent relatability amongst them and the nation.

    I like the way Reagan made it clear that he loved his daughter completly. By the same token, you didn’t see or hear him make a big deal over the fact she wanted to distance herself from him. Because that was the popular thing to do. You know those mean Republicans. He only got annoyed when the idiot press tried to try his patience. He felt sorry for her and so did everybody else. The fact that she came around at his death shows he won again. He was proof of the complete human being. So you see, when I pin point the modern day crowd, it’s not because I want to do what the libs do consistenly already. These are my people, you and everybody else at this site are my people. The concern we have for our nation is like non other. So it hurts me to see them go along and do what the other side does.

    C’mon, Greta Van Sustern looked a little foolish with this overkill interview about abstinense. Then her mom walks in to keep it going. I think they realize how it comes off looking. Every time I argue with a co-worker or anybody trying to say what you say above. You know what, I can’t stand it when they say “Yea right, your side is just as bad with these social falldowns too”. You will never see your great past again. There to busy running around cable T.V making all this mukk, mukk conversation, hakken a book, looking lovingly at all the cute blondes at 9pm on a certain radio/T.V guy show. The divorce king is worried about traditions falling down. And what are they doing about it?

    There hearts and minds are in the right place. They are truly worried, no doubt about it. But they loose by example. This is an important factor only because it was the center piece and backbone of conservatism. Coulter, believe me, the brightest chick in the room. But it stinks that she is the poster child for all that crap that came out of the 60’s. You don’t have to be married, have kids, stay home with the family. That was the libs big thing. What does she do? Sit with these Fox guys, married men, with her minis and say let’s talk politics. Gives them all a look that says “You shoulda married me you fool”. How does that come off as conservative?

    Hannity, the only one of the bunch who does live by the tradition code. Married, kids, etc. To busy flirting with his blond interns, Coulter, his co-workers over there at Fox. If I was his wife, I’d be invisable too. Limbaugh, smartest man around. Obama eats, sleeps and drinks him. That’s a good thing. He would love for these folks to disappear.

    For those of us who need these people to be the watch dogs that they are. We say Thankgod. But, it stinks that they all loose by example. Sorry again, but I would hope at this get together that they begin to realize that all there admirers see that they too got caught up in the past 30 or 40 years of slowly making the kind of social mistakes that the libs have made on purpose. They imitate the great conserv. past, but cannot equal!

    As for me personally, I am 41, raised by two WW11 generation parents, nothing more than blue collar working class. Low income people, never felt the need to use drugs, mess around before marriage, 2 great kids after the fact. You see, it can be done. Where are those conservatives??

    • Steve says:

      BL, please use paragraphs. It makes for easier reading.

      And if you could take a little more care with your spelling.


    • Colonel1961 says:

      I must have missed World War Eleven…

      p.s. congratulations again, SG, on the huge win – bravo, sir!

  13. Howard Roark says:

    BL, are you suffering from PMS or are you always like this?

    It’s nerve racking. You could always….always, rely on somebody coming along to be bold enough and say “STOP”, “I am here to just protect and serve”.

    For all of your certainty about how crucial to our side is behavior that looks like you (“Low income people, never felt the need to use drugs, mess around before marriage, 2 great kids after the fact”), let me remind you: there are thousands of men dying or ready to die for you every day who don’t live up to your ideals. Yet they are as crucial to our cause as the Ann’s, Rush’s, and whomever else you disapprove of.

    Have you ever suited up with the BEST American men in this nation? I have. I jumped out of airplanes with them and went to war with them, and let me tell ya: they don’t always look like Reagan, Buckley, and Falwell. For you to cry out that “No one on our side looks like me!!!” sounds like a petulant woman who’s had too much time on her hands over the years, and has never been asked to sacrafice and DIE the way some of us with broken marriages, out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and yes, even drug use in our past have.

    So it hurts me to see them go along and do what the other side does.

    Of course it hurts you! You’re so righteous that EVERYTHING hurts you! HERE’S A CLUE: When you’ve actually accomplished something besides raising two kids without having more hardship come your way, let us all know. Until you’ve done something a little more skilled, talented, and brilliant like address millions of people every day without fail for 20 years, let us know. When you’ve left your little comfort zone to put on a US uniform and done something that risked your life every day for years on end, come back and tell us again how let down you are in “our side”.

    Something tells me that a little more experience outside of domestic civilian life would color your perspective a bit.

    But it stinks that she is the poster child for all that crap that came out of the 60’s. You don’t have to be married, have kids, stay home with the family. That was the libs big thing. What does she do? Sit with these Fox guys, married men, with her minis and say let’s talk politics. Gives them all a look that says “You shoulda married me you fool”. How does that come off as conservative?

    This is about the biggest nonsequitor I’ve come across in some time. Frankly, BL, there’s nothing wrong with Ann and how she appears on the news shows. You’re just jealous. Whereas Ann can appear in an 8-minute segment under glaring cameras and an audience of millions while remaining beautiful, articulate, and hilarious (in other words, everything you aren’t), you only see her as making the men around her horny! You’re pathetic!

    Get over yourself, BL.

    • wardmama4 says:

      BL – one I’ve met Ann (last year at CPAC) and she is the sweetest person I’ve met in a long time. And maybe you should get a clue – she was born in ’61 – to parents who were married from 1953 until her fathers death early last year (55 years). Your description doesn’t fit – if you don’t like how she dresses – so what, it’s her choice, her life. If you don’t like her sitting with men to discuss politics – wow I really do feel sorry for you.

      You throw concepts out without thinking – that is a liberal tactic. And it was the point I was trying to make earlier – everyone can (and usually does) make a mistake – it is our ability to forgive (i.e. if you will see the humanity of it) and as that person to get up, take responsibility, dust yourself off and then try never ever to do it again.

      Reagan wasn’t perfect – he was a democrat, he was divorced, he was from California. He saw the failings in his life, set about to change them and became a much better person. And then he set about trying to help America.

      And for your own example – look at Sarah Palin – a great example of someone living what they believe and the Dems set out to annihilate her and you bought into it. She was a hypocrit to you, not a person trying to do the right thing in a world gone wrong.

      And you have to wonder why there isn’t anyone out there – Bush spent 8 years being damned if he did, damned if he didn’t and Gov Palin took shots that a lesser person would have never survived.

      And it’s because of people like you who claim to be on our side but hit out just as bad as those on the left.

    • jobeth says:

      Do you get the feeling that BL might be a steath lib, just trying to stir things up?

      She walks like a duck (lib) acts like a duck (lib) so my guess is she just might be a duck (lib)

      But maybe not. But she does have a strange way of living what she says she believes.

    • Howard Roark says:

      Kudos, Ward.

      I wonder why bl makes such a dimwitted pitch: They imitate the great conserv. past, but cannot equal! Who is their equal in the past? All of those great people she mentioned, like “Buckley, Reagan, Thatcher, Jean Kirkpatrick, Sen. Helms, Rev. Falwell, Ruth Graham (late wife of Billy Graham). ” don’t do what Ann, Rush, and Sean have to do: reveal themselves every time they speak.

      It’s easy for us to cast stones at brave people like Beck, Levin, Rush, Laura, Tammy, Michael Reagan, Sean, Neal, etc., because we have them at a disadvantage: we know a lot about them because they revealed their lives to us. You and I haven’t told them all about our failings, shortfalls, crimes, etc.

      It’s easy to criticize these Socrates of our times, but you wouldn’t be able to replace them with your sparkling clean moral record, bl. Your cleanliness wouldn’t have anything to say that could connect with us mere mortals.

      For Rush, Laura, and the rest of the talk radio hosts it’s relentless. Three hours a day of searching your mind and soul for ways to relate to an audience of millions. And Ann has to do it through books with intense content (truths, for those who can take it), plus doing news channel segments throughout the year and then more intensely in order to publicize her books.

      Buckley wrote great books, but he broke up the intensity a bit and wrote a lot of fiction. His appearances on tv were mainly confined to PBS, and didn’t have to make a living in front of hostile cameras and audiences as Ann does.

      And speaking of having to earn a living with their talent, bl, have you ever tried doing it like they have? No, I didn’t think so. If you had to make your way in this world with a skill or talent, you would know the answer to your question, Where are those conservatives??

      They aren’t people like you who’ve never tried anything but birthing babies, which isn’t a talent.

  14. Alice L. says:

    What on earth is J.P. Avlon doing at CPAC? He is not a conservative – I consider him center to left and he calls himself a “centrist”. Watch out!

  15. bl says:

    Oh my God, Please stop having a heart attack!! Stop with the God is gonna get me bit. I was a consistent part of Ann’s other site. The Get Drunk site. I also made these points there also. From time to time there were insults, like above. But for the most part, everybody got it. Look, I loved it when it started to become Palin/McCain instead of McCain/Palin. I got shook when Fox reported this about a week or so after she became his running mate. But not to much, only because the MSM abused it so badly.
    Look, I can’t apologize for missing the original generation of real politicians with backbones. She in many ways resembles R. Reagan. She pushed back corruption, didn’t care if you had R’s or D’s next to your name. She did it alone up there in her state. So did he. Magnificient! That’s all I need and you have got my vote. She is a true protector and server of the people. So stay with that, run like wild with it. This is what everybody is missing here. Let’s see two part interviews with Greta about the criminals working with Obama. Let’s see two part interviews about how and why corruption within allows the outside world to get wise and realize, America is watering down.
    Look, she shined like a diamond on these issues. Keep it going! All the MSM could do is get confused and tell me she spends to much money on shoes. Now that it’s all over with, I’m getting lessons on abstinense from her 17 year old. You see, here’s my problem. She diverted herself into what they (MSM) wanted all along.
    Some one way above me here made an excellent point about Patti Davis. Well, did Reagan ever sit and make a big deal about it? Did he sit and do extended interviews about it? Never. Why should he? He understood this woman was his daughter, loved her, and felt sorry for her. In the end he won again though. That look of regret on her face was unbearable at his funeral. It’s seared in my head. This is what I want from Palin and the rest.
    But it is so hard when the bulk of representation doesn’t have that basic family value tradition. I should have mentioned this the first time around. To drive my point home. I was truly disgusted with the whole lineup of Republicans. Thompson, Guliani, McCain. Those 3 interrupted Romney big time. I also got a partial read on Gingrich’s interview with James Dobson when the campaign was in it’s infancy. Suddenly, he is no longer considering running. I have listened to him many times on Hannity’s programs. Up until that Dobson interview, I had no idea this guy was married 3 times.
    I lost respect for him immediatley. That group of guys had like 8 or 9 marriages between them.
    Sorry, but I gotta have a whole package deal. If you are screwing up your own family, your kids from your first marriage can’t stand you. What makes you think the idea of conservatism and values come through?
    Now Palin doesn’t have any of this. But by diverting into this issue of the teenager, she gives the O.K to the enemy to say “You see, they call themselves values people. ” Do what Reagan did! Know it’s there, it will always be there. But let them keep falling into themselves by making an issue of it. Don’t help them with two part interviews and lessons on sexual behavior. Keep the kids away from those cameras. Please!
    Also, no need to defend Ann Coulter, I, believe it or not, am a fan of hers. I’m a bigger fan of her late father though. On her Get Drunk site, I made mention of his union busting days with the FBI. That’s just what I mean folks. He destroyed within. Those commies would have destroyed businesses a long time ago if not for her dad and guys like him. I just wish she could talk about Christian wives being submissive to their husbands and the nucleas of family with some experience. It would hold more water with people who share her concerns. Case Closed!

  16. Lisa22 says:

    “As for me personally, I am 41, raised by two WW11 generation parents, nothing more than blue collar working class. Low income people, never felt the need to use drugs, mess around before marriage, 2 great kids after the fact. You see, it can be done. Where are those conservatives??”

    BL, well, la-di-da! I am in your age range, single, also raised by a WWII veteran, mother was ill most of the time so my dad practically raised my brother and myself, and my brother was divorced twice. Do I pass judgment on my brother? No.

    We all can’t live perfect lives, you were super-lucky not to make mistakes – several of my friends made mistakes in their lives and relationships and are paying for them now (poor things) and no, I don’t judge them either. Yes, “it can be done” but it’s not easy, especially in this day and age where style rules over substance most of the time, and that’s how kids are brought up now. I think there’s a phrase, “you should walk a mile in my shoes before judging me” and you would be well inclined to heed it.

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