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CPUSA: Biggest Realignment Since 1930s

From the CPUSA’s People’s Weekly World:

Communists call for urgent action on crisis

Author: Tim Wheeler
People’s Weekly World Newspaper, 11/20/08

NEW YORK — Communist Party USA leaders meeting here Nov. 15-16 celebrated the election of Barack Obama, the nation’s first African American president, and of stronger Democratic majorities in Congress, saying it opened the way to progressive advances for America’s working families.

They adopted a call to action to carry out the election mandate, including immediate government steps to help Americans hit by the economic crisis and bringing peace to Iraq and Afghanistan. And they said maintaining the unity of the movement that elected Obama will be vital to making gains. Anything that disrupts that unity is “the worst thing that could happen,” an Ohio steelworker retiree declared.

The election outcome represented “the biggest political realignment since the 1930s,” said CPUSA Political Action Chair Joelle Fishman. “We can think back with pride to decades of hard work toward the goal of a big enough, broad enough and united enough labor and all-people’s movement that could overcome the ultra-right blockage to all progress,” she said. “That all-people’s movement has come to life. It is dynamic and it has the potential to grow.”

“This election showed magnificently what our people are made of,” the party’s executive vice chair, Jarvis Tyner, said with tears in his eyes. “This is not just a campaign, it is a movement,” one that has updated and made a reality of the slogan, “black, brown, white, unite and fight,” he said.

CPUSA National Chair Sam Webb said, “The people have taken a necessary first step toward a new society.” Obama is bringing a “reform agenda in a reform era whose character will be decided in the years ahead,” he said. The “biggest challenge” now, he told the meeting, is to “resist efforts by reaction and some on the left” to advocate a break in the coalition that elected Obama and is now led by him. “We will have our differences but they have to be handled so as not to break the overall unity,” he said. The elections showed the possibilities for building a bigger and broader coalition to effect progressive change, based in the labor movement and among women, racial and ethnic minorities and young people, and including small businesses and people who did not vote for Obama, Webb said.

Speakers hailed the role of labor, the African American people, Latinos, women and youth in the stunning Nov. 4 victory.

Activists from battleground states emphasized the key role that trade union leaders and rank-and-file union members played there. CPUSA Labor Commission chair Scott Marshall noted the “near-total unity of labor” in backing Obama, saying it bodes well for further labor unity

Fishman stressed that the election took place in the shadow of the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression and the endless war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now, “people are angry, hopeful and ready to go,” she said. “Our program should be strong and decisive. It should call for taking the profits out of basic needs like health care and energy and explore public ownership. At the same time, we should be part of the movement that puts the wind at Obama’s back.”

Webb said the seeds of today’s economic meltdown were planted in the 1970s with a combination of bad government policies, corporate greed and the destabilizing dynamics inherent in capitalism. The result was a ballooning unregulated financial sector and an economy fueled by government and consumer debt. Along with that came the collapse of manufacturing, mass unemployment, union-busting, wage and benefit cuts, and attempts to privatize public education, Social Security and Medicare. These policies, Webb charged, produced the biggest shift in wealth from working people to the rich in our history.

What is needed to reverse this crisis, he said, “is massive fiscal expansion, large injections of federal money into the economy” to fund public works job programs, extend jobless benefits and food stamps and help Americans hold onto their homes. As immediate priorities, Webb said, “We need to single out jobs and passage of the Employee Free Choice Act, joining with others in the struggle.” The EFCA, labor’s top priority, will make it easier for workers to join unions.

The party leaders emphasized combining support for immediate and partial measures and for more advanced and longer-term reforms, along with projecting socialism as a fundamental solution, one that Americans are now open to hearing more about. The economic crisis shows that socialism is a necessity for our country, Webb said. “We need to put out our vision of socialism and how it will come about.”

Fishman cautioned against getting bogged down in disputes over Cabinet appointments. “Our energy and focus should be on building the labor and people’s broad movement at the grass roots,” she said. “That is how we can give a constructive push in a united way.”

Of course it is hard to find any discernible difference between this and almost any speech from a Democrat these days.

Especially the part about the need for “public ownership.”

And note how the CPUSA is pushing for the passage of “card check.” It’s almost as if unions have become synonymous with Communism.

But it occurs to us that instead of comparing the President Select to Abraham Lincoln, it would be more apt to compare him to Eugene Debs.

Like Obama, Debs was a community organizer. Mr. Debs was a charismatic speaker, who often employed the vocabulary of Christianity and much of the oratorical style of evangelism. (Even though he was privately disdainful of religion.)

Debs made his name by delivering a famous anti-war speech — against WWI.

Debs, too, was a champion of “social justice.” And of course they are or were both committed Socialists.

The only real differences are that Debs actually held a couple real jobs in his lifetime.

Also, try as he might — and he ran for the Presidency four times — Mr. Debs never won an election.


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15 Responses to “CPUSA: Biggest Realignment Since 1930s”

  1. Colonel1961 says:

    A new society? Whee! Will everyone have to pay federal income taxes in this new society or will it still just be the few who get screwed? I mean, can we stop sharing the wealth and start sharing the bills? Sheesh…

  2. Dlanor says:

    Now, will we get to the part about the dictatorship of the proletariat within the first 100 days?

  3. Grassy Knoll says:

    What is unsettling about the Employee Free Choice Act is that either a large portion of Americans do not understand this or they don’t care since unions are not a big part of the overall work force in this country. Well, that’s about to change when this becomes law.

    Here in Michigan this is one of the things employers feared most about an Obama victory. This would remove any rights of the employer. The unions are free to contact employees and get them to sign cards indicating an interest in a union and that would then count as a vote for a union. The secret ballot at least indicated the voice of the workers. Unions can also promise employees anything and employers have to be very careful in what they say to employees about unions.

    “The EFCA, labor’s top priority, will make it easier for workers to join unions.” Boy, is that true. It will require no effort at all. Not even a vote. The secret ballot vote – the cornerstone of our democracy – will be tossed aside in favor of making it easier for unions to take over a workplace.

    I’ve said this before, but if you want to look into the future of the USA just come to Detroit. And Obama has the governor of Michigan as one of his economic advisors on the transition team. That’s like having Bill Clinton head up an ethics committee.

  4. 1sttofight says:

    It should call for taking the profits out of basic needs like health care and energy and explore public ownership.

    Taking the profits out of the auto industry has sure worked out well hasn’t it?

  5. proreason says:

    SG: “The only real differences are that Debs actually held a couple real jobs in his lifetime.

    Also, try as he might — and he ran for the Presidency four times — Mr. Debs never won an election.”

    We shouldn’t give Obamy too much credit for winning elections. They have all been handed to him on a silver platter….this time by the Republicans in general and McCain in particular.

    And even at that, the people deserving the “credit” are his handlers of the last 20 years, not Obamy himself. Like those of the Long March, they understood the value of long-range planning. Whereas McCain, for example, seems to be incapable of planning beyond his next potty break.

  6. Anonymoose says:

    Biggest realignment since the 1930’s? I think they’re stretching it a bit too far. Yes, the first African-American……yada yada. But really it’s coming out more like the third term of Clinton and the biggest realignment since 2000 as the slighted Dems take the reigns and start looking for payback.

    I think all this goes back to the meeting George Soros and his buddies had after Bush’s re-election about why they didn’t win that time. Obama’s whole campaign had that manufactured ready-made feel of a scripted stage performance. Maybe it’s time for the right to do the same, have their own meeting of the top dawgs and plan the defeat of the Dems. Soros may have a lot of money, but his reach can’t extend forever.

  7. proreason says:

    Anonymoose: “Obama’s whole campaign had that manufactured ready-made feel of a scripted stage performance. Maybe it’s time for the right to do the same, have their own meeting of the top dawgs and plan the defeat of the Dems. Soros may have a lot of money, but his reach can’t extend forever.”

    It’s more than Soros. Obama popped from nowhere in 2004, with huge parts of his life missing (still are), 2 autobiographies written by 2 different people, a sanitized life, a multi-racial background with a built-in race card, a perfect family, clean and articulate, Harvard grad even though nobody knows how he got in, the Law Review editor even though he never wrote an article, and a skill at dissembling unmatched in modern times. Whenever something was about to go wrong, another miracle happened. The press was rock solid every step of the way. The wagon’s circled on-time, every time. Obamy never had to search long for plausible deniability, even when the issues would have tanked anybody else……as if all of the responses had been tested for years.

    The left has been preparing this guy for decades. He is a manufactured candidate, and now the manufactured leader of the free world, with carte blanche to do the left’s bidding. That took a LOT more than a billion dollars, and a LOT more than the Koz Kids. In the meanwhile, the right was waging it’s typical internecine warfare, and stumbled into a candidate with guts but politics that nobody cared for, and a keystone kops campaign team.

  8. Liberals Demise says:

    After reading what you wrote, this makes it clear that we are witnessing the rise of the Anti-Christ. You are absolutly correct that whenever things started to go wrong they circled the wagons and miracles were preformed. Issues that would have destroyed other canidates were given a blind eye by the powers of the press. Some watchdog they turned out to be! Let’s see if he loses it……will he bang his shoe on the desk in the Oval Oriface?

  9. Chinnubie says:

    I cringe in the worst kind of way when I hear any such talk. How were these people able to survive the Congressional meetings of the 1950s; why weren’t they destroyed because I am pretty sure our Founding Fathers did not envision this country to saddle its people with a bunch of government enforced programs. I was always under the impression that the Founders established this Great Country for the sake of its people to enjoy the absolute freedom the Constitution and the Bill of Rights allow.

    I do not think when Bill Gates started Microsoft or any other entrepreneur thought, “Boy I’m so glad I could start this business so everyone working here will be able to make the same amount of money as the next guy/gal and I definitely want to make sure we break even by spreading the incomes out evenly among everyone that works for me. Then when this company becomes worthless I know I can count on everyone to keep right on working even though they will not receive an income because I was able to pay them a wage that was FAIR.”

    Do these people even know of or about Joe Stalin? He killed more people than Hitler for cryin-out-loud!! Are they aware of what it would be like to live under a Communist Regime?? How do these people keep from hurting themselves when they have a thought?? I am just flabbergasted!!!!!!!

  10. mathews says:

    as the Communists control American education it’s the duty of every conservative, libertarian and any other non-commie to take teaching jobs. it’s a long haul yet the commies plan is proven with the election of NObama.

  11. sheehanjihad says:

    Do these people even know of or about Joe Stalin? Uh, no, they dont. And that isnt by accident either. Our children have been dumbed down for the past thirty years on purpose. Intelligent people wont adhere to a socialist doctrine. Ignorant masses will. so do the math. History is a dangerous subject. It makes people think.

  12. GuppyNblue says:

    I often refer people to communist sites and publications. It happens to be the only time I can call them communist (without getting the evil eye) is when the authors are clearly stating, “Yes – we’re communist”. We have politicians like Obama, Pelosi and Reid who speak the same rhetoric and push the same agendas but we’re very sensitive about how we label them. Good people are very gullible when they encounter communist. But they are here and influencing every corner of our government and communities. They’ve taken down many nations and shouldn’t be dismissed simply as a political red herring.

    Communist don’t identify themselves but focus on you identifying with them. If you understand their history and organization, everything going on right now makes perfect sense. Take for example our economic crisis. Rahm Emanual says that a crisis is an advantageous time to enact “their” agenda. In fact, it’s the communist agenda to create that crisis and expect people to act hastily. Everything our congress does leaves us weaker for the sake of some fabricated injustice or crisis. Our energy policies are the perfect example.
    Another is racism. We’re constantly told that minorities suffer discrimination in America. Communist identify victims and perpetrators to insight an eventual crisis. They take advantage of differences like race, class, gender, etc. by convincing the selfish and weak that they’re oppressed. People start to believe their problems are because of discrimination even when they’re actually universal and indiscriminate.

    If we buy the promises of utopia then everyday life does seem oppressive. Fact is we left Eden long ago and life has been a challenge since. History shows us that communism only leads to oppression and a lot of death. I urge you all to challenge it.

  13. proreason says:

    “Liberals Demise ….After reading what you wrote, this makes it clear that we are witnessing the rise of the Anti-Christ”

    I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories or age-old prophesies, but I have come to believe that Obamy isn’t just lucky.

    Another way to look at it is that until this year, all campaigns have been candidate-based. The candidates may have represented a philosophy (i.e., Lincoln, Roosevelt, Reagan, others), but the candidates emerged, they were not created (interestingly, Reagan may have been an exception to that).

    But this year, as one looks at everything that happened, it seems clear that Obamy has been manufactured by a very long-term, concerted strategy by the left. In that sense, he is more of a Manchurian candidate, than we have ever seen.

    And to combat that in the future, if we are so lucky as to have a future after a couple of years of this menace, the Republicans (or another group) are going to have to abandon the strategy of selecting a candidate via sealed-cage-wrestling matches, and get behind someone early, strongly, and with a ton of money. Romney or Jindal would both be good…..but wating until 2010 won’t make it.

    As an example, it was widely thought that Romney’s religion would eliminate him, and that is one of the main reasons he didn’t get the nod. But look at the lunatic relationships Obamy had….and the left was able to overcome them with a smart strategy (I think they had multi-step tactical plans for every contingency laid out years in advance.). Romney’s religion could have been easily overcome in any number of ways, and might actually have been turned into a strength if handled correctly. But Romney, even with all his talent and money, was just one guy and a handful of advisors. Obamy had 300 advisors on foreign policy alone. A handful of guys aren’t going to beat an army.

  14. joeblough says:

    … taking the profits out of basic needs like health care and energy …

    Or in other words, taking the incentives out of “basic needs like health care and energy” — which has proven time and time again to mean terrible shortages of “basic needs like health care and energy

    … and explore public ownership …

    Public ownership” (also known as government control) has been extensively “explored” all over the world, and has proven every time to result in shortages, degradation and suffering. No further “exploration” is really required at this point. The results have been unambiguous.

  15. Professor_Repulso says:

    Not to sound defeatist, but at some particular juncture in history, every great nation or society that preceded us reached a point where they rounded the bend and never came back. Is it the end or just the beginning of the end?

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