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CPUSA: Health Care Is A Giant First Step

From the CPUSA’s Peoples World (formerly the Daily Worker):

Health care vote greeted as giant first step

by: Tim Wheeler
March 22 2010

WASHINGTON-Fighters for health care reform, both inside and outside Congress, hailed passage by the House of Representatives late Sunday night of a reform bill that extends health insurance coverage to 32 million uninsured people, outlaws denial of coverage for preexisting conditions, and limits insurance company premium increases.

The vote was 219 to 212 with not a single Republican voting yes. The 178 Republicans were joined by 34 "Blue Dog" Democrats in voting no.

Just before the roll call vote, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., said the House was making history, "joining those who created Social Security and Medicare…" With passage of this bill, she added, "being a woman is no longer a ‘pre-existing condition.’"

We realize this is Ms. Pelosi, who, like Joe Biden, is apt to say anything. But what does it even mean?

Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and the third ranking leader of the House called the bill "the Civil Rights Act of the 21st Century."

AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka greeted the bill’s passage as a "momentous step toward comprehensive coverage." The legislation, he added, "is not a baby step or half measure, it is a solid step forward to set our country on a path to health care that actually works for working families."

The lawmakers were voting to approve the bill approved last Christmas Eve by the Senate. Moments after approving the bill, the House approved a "Reconciliation bill," a package of measures that dramatically improves the Senate version. A Senate vote on the Reconciliation package is expected Wednesday under rules that allow passage by a simple majority.

Tuesday, President Obama is scheduled to sign the bill  into law and then fly to Iowa to muster popular support even as the Republican right plans to campaign in the midterm elections on a promise to repeal the new laws. The GOP lawmakers unleashed a torrent of venomous lies to block it.

Teabaggers were outside the Capitol Building denouncing the bill as "Socialism" and "Communism."  Some goons accosted members of the Congressional Black Caucus, hurling the "n" word at them. One Black member was spat on by these Klan elements.

Notice how easily the Communist use homophobic hate speech. Notice how they happily spread already disproved lies. Notice how they accuse anyone who opposes them of being racist.

The AFL-CIO pointed out that the health care bill "survived a $100 million lie-and-distortion campaign by Big Insurance to kill it, the same kind of scare tactics these groups have aimed at health care proposals for six decades."

The labor movement made four million phone calls and one million emails in support of the bill. Working America, an AFL-CIO affiliated group went door to door talking with 210,000 people and collected 30,000 petition signatures for the bill

Please remember how closely aligned the AFL-CIO is with the Communist Party and the rest of the radical America-hating left the next time you hear about ‘card check’ and all of the other plans to give them more power and access to our money.

Health Care for America NOW media spokesperson Jacki Schechner was exultant. "This is a really tremendous first step," she told the World in a phone interview. "We still need to get the Reconciliation package through the Senate and the President needs to sign it into law.  But we’ve managed to accomplish something that has eluded us for decades which is giving the American people the security of good health care they can afford, so people will not go bankrupt when they get sick or lose their health coverage when they need it the most."

Schechner added, "We launched this drive over a year ago and the heart and soul of the campaign was in the field," she said. "We have a tremendous grassroots network that put everything they had into this and it really worked."

As we have noted several times previously, the people behind Health Care for America NOW are the same people who fought the ‘surge’ in Iraq and tried to force our immediate withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq:

They, the CPUSA, the unions and so many of the elements who rammed through ‘healthcare reform’ hate this country.

So what does that tell you about ‘healthcare reform’?

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7 Responses to “CPUSA: Health Care Is A Giant First Step”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    What Marx, communism, Saul Alinsky etc have taught me is that “the ends justify the means.”

    These people will use anybody, throw whomever they need to under the bus, rig elections, twist and bend whatever rules they need to, bend the media to do their bidding, arm-twist moderates, trick ‘crossing-the-aisle’ Republicans, get and take over organizations to become political arms of their party—ANYTHING to do their will.

    As my liberal college professor told us, “everything is political.” And in their mind, it is true. Everything that they do, must have a political component to it, nothing is neutral. They must gain political points for themselves with everything.

    That is the way it is with these people. It’s not the America way, it’s THEIR way.

  2. Yarddog1 says:

    What these intellectual idiots fail to grasp is that soon there will be NO money. Do they think it falls from the sky? All reason has been abandoned. Withdraw all cash, convert it into hard assets and hide it well. THEY will try and get what we have at all costs.

    • jobeth says:

      They have plenty of paper and plenty of ink = all the money they want. (no gold to back it up…but that’s just details…)

      I just can’t figure out why my bank frowns on my using all those checks in my check book. They keep saying something about me not having any money in the bank.

      How can that be? I have a whole box of checks…and it works so well for the government.

      “I… like…, don’t get it”. (she says as she twirls her hair)

    • proreason says:


      They don’t care about YOUR money.

      Do you think THEY will ever run out of money? Hardly. Did Stalin run out of money? Did Mao run out of money? Does Castro run out of money? Will Chavez run out of money? Au contraire. They live like kings.

      They simply don’t care about your money. Period.

      That’s why the balooning deficit, the FACT that Obamycare will cost 10 times (+) what they say it will, the fact that 6 million people have lost their jobs….just doesn’t bother them even a tiny little bit……they are tranforming your life by taking over every aspect of it…..money is the last thing they even think about.

      They will do just fine for themselves as your masters, thank you very much.

    • jobeth says:

      “They don’t care about YOUR money.
      Do you think THEY will ever run out of money? Hardly”

      Pro…Your comment reminds me of what my preacher is fond of saying…”The good news is our church has plenty of money. The bad news is that it’s in YOUR pockets”

      Seems O’Balmy has the same viewpoint

  3. proreason says:

    “Remember the immortal motto of Gen. Nathaniel Greene who led his rag-tag militia across the Carolina in 1779-1780, “lost” every battle until providing the Continentals their first major victory at Kings Mountain and cut down Cornwallis’ troops from 30,000 to 15,000 before he quit Charleston and headed to Yorktown:

    “I fight, I am defeated, I rise and fight again.”

    Via American Thinker


  4. beautyofreason says:

    “Teabaggers were outside…”
    “Klan elements…”

    Glad to know that it is A-OK for a liberal to refer to a conservative protester with a sexual expletive, even by some “moderate” newscasters, but if a person were to refer to a liberal by such childish names, such as (forgive the expletive) “fudge packers” then it would be denounced as hateful and vacuous.

    As for CPUSA, I find it chilling that their beliefs and the views of our President seem to be so close to each another. Denouncing the opposition as racists or “teabaggers” won’t stop the average working American from noticing a $40,000 debt (and growing) to the federal government.

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