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CPUSA: Move On Amnesty For Illegals!

From the CPUSA’s Peoples World (formerly the Daily Worker):

March For America to Congress: get moving on immigration reform

by: Emile Schepers
March 23 2010

WASHINGTON — On the first really warm day here in Washington D.C., March 21, after a winter of record-breaking cold and snow, the National Mall saw the largest immigrant rights demonstration since the mega marches of 2006.

The March for America, organized by the broadly based Reform Immigration for America coalition, reached and exceeded the organizers’ goal of gathering 100,000 demonstrators on the mall. Organizers placed the vast multiracial throng, which stretched from 7th street to 14th street with overflow in all directions, at 500,000.

Though most demonstrators were Latinos, there were many African Americans, Asians and others. Most people, organized by local community and ethnic organizations and churches, joined other marchers with t-shirts and signs for labor groups, including SEIU, UNITE-HERE [the AFL-CIO], United Food and Commercial Workers, Laborers International Union and the Labor Council on Latin American Advancement.  Many people waved U.S. flags, but flags from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and other countries could be seen also. Participants could be heard chatting in English and Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic and other tongues. There was a whole contingent of speakers of Quiche Maya, a language of Guatemala. Marchers came from as far away as California and New England, with at least 2,000 from Chicago alone.

The march was organized to put pressure on both the Obama administration and Congress to get moving on immigration reform. Many people in the immigrant rights movements have expressed worry and frustration that the administration has seemed to relegate immigration reform to a low level of priority. There were more deportations in the first year of the Obama administration than in the last year of the Bush administration, and the government, while modifying some of the harshest Bush policies, has continued other repressive mechanisms such as deputizing local police to do immigration enforcement work and promoting the "E Verify" system which checks up on workers’ immigration status electronically.

This is of course a blatant lie. (Cf Joe Arpaio.)

There is already a bill in Congress on comprehensive immigration reform, HR 4321, which was designed by U.S. Representative Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.,and sponsored by Representative.Solomon Ortiz, D-Texas.  Last week, Senators Charles Schuman, D-N.Y., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., announced the outlines of a "bipartisan" bill, which is well to the right of the Ortiz-Gutierrez bill.

Every year Mr. Gutierrez, D-Mex, introduces an amnesty for all illegal aliens bill. As, come to think of it, does Lindsey Graham.

President Obama, making a surprise appearance at Sunday’s rally via a video link up, promised to continue to back comprehensive reform but hinted that he prefers the Schumer-Graham approach. In spite of all doubts, when his face appeared on the gigantic screens, a tremendous cheer went up.

Gutierrez, who spoke at the rally, warned that today’s mobilization is only the beginning, but reminded the crowd of what the fight is for: "I want the light [of justice] to shine on every immigrant: On the woman on her hands and knees all day, digging onions in Salinas. On the man washing dishes, thousands of dishes, in El Paso until he can barely feel his hands anymore. On the woman in a sweatship-in the basement, with no union, no rights in New York City-for a few dollars to support her kids".

Labor was represented among the speakers by AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker among others.  Her federation has been supporting legalization and the approach taken in Mr. Gutierrez’ bill, but has voiced opposition to the inclusion of a guest worker-bill in the Schumer-Graham outline. Top African-American leadership was represented by Rev. Jesse Jackson, National Urban League President Marc Morial, and NAACP Executive Director Benjamin Jealous.  Cardinal Roger Mahoney of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles was accompanied by Protestant, Evangelical, Jewish and Muslim leaders. There was even a contingent of immigrants who were arrested in a raid against restaurant workers in Maryland days before the rally: They appeared with their ankle bracelets in place and switched on, and according to a report in the Washington Post they had to leave early because the batteries needed to be recharged.  They have to report shortly for their deportation hearings.

An important feature of the rally was that the organizers walked the participants through the techniques of using social media, such as Twitter, to organize the arduous lobbying campaign that will now follow.

As several Democrats/Communists/union thugs have already noted, the healthcare vote was just ‘kicking in the door.’

The best is yet to come.

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4 Responses to “CPUSA: Move On Amnesty For Illegals!”

  1. Mithrandir says:

    Yes, we need justice for the poor illegal immigrant picking tomatoes, because the socialist country that they came from is fraught with corruption and bankruptcy, –in which the false promise is forever ruined for the working people, they must come here and do the same thing all over again, and be disappointed all over again….

    Also, didn’t you like the fact that Obama decided to show up via video link? HE ORGANIZED THE RALLY for pete’s sake! These things aren’t accidents, they are coordinated puppet shows, timed, scripted, and choreographed like a Hollywood movie set.

  2. tranquil.night says:

    Breitbart: Global Warming is next
    Huffington: Financial Reform is next

    But as usual the CPUSA gives us the best insight to the true desires of BHO – who does not seek to bring together in consensus but divide and alienate. So sure the cabal might find a way to combine it all, but what more juicy a topic to divide than Immigration reform? Even if Grahamnesty backs out early, Barry will use his bill as a starting point to call it bipartsian and moderate, while charging Republican opposition to be racial obstructionism.

    Just another brick in the foundation with that lazer-like focus always on jobs.

    Meanwhile, the rest of the MSM is making themselves even more irrelevant by running these misdirective cover stories for the statists, which should be the new norm as this ideological war heats up. The purpose is to make the opposing media leaders look extreme and out of touch by guiding their argument towards ideas and stories that sound radical but aren’t truly relevant (think Slaughter Solution).

    This way even though independents are fleeing the Fascist party, the cheats can at least publicly claim that the right continues to be a fringe group. Meanwhile they continue to subtly shift the premises of the debate even more to the left.

    Bold, calculated steps I won’t be surprised to find out were outlined and printed on a Plouffe/Axelrod White House memo someday. And there’s still fools on our side in disbelief that this is on purpose.

  3. Right of the People says:

    This should tell every sane American whose cranium isn’t firmly up their anal cavity that if the CPUSA wants this it is a VERY, VERY BAD THING.

    I love how the reporter makes a point of saying there were other languages being spoken other than English and Spanish. Wake up people, Hispanics aren’t the only illegal aliens in this country! Here on the northern border we rarely see any Hispanics but we do see a ton of Chinese and other Asians, Pakis, Indians, and bunches of Eastern Europeans (Russians, Slavs, Chechs, Poles, etc, etc).

    This is at least as bad as the health care crap, maybe potentially worse.

  4. MinnesotaRush says:

    What do they teach the kids .. that “Danger – Stranger” thing.


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